Chapter 48 - Adults Don't Lie

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Chapter 48: Adults Don’t Lie

This man appeared casual and relaxed, and his gaze even showed signs of compassion.

But the danger he posed was beyond their imagination.

Huo Yunque appeared to nod as he turned and returned to his car. “It’s cold outside. Go in.”

Song Wenchuan froze for a bit. Did Huo Yunque agree or not?

He opened his mouth to say something, but before any words came out, he saw his sister chase after the man and grab onto his sleeve.

His eyelids twitched.?Oh my,?“Song Yaoyao—”?do you still want to live?

The average person couldn’t come in contact with a person of this level, so they didn’t know of his existence. As for the Songs, their impression of the man only came from what they had heard from others.

But this didn’t prevent Song Wenchuan from knowing that this man was dangerous, powerful, and he hated when people got close to him.

He anxiously tried to pull back his sister, but he was one step too late when he heard his sister’s whining voice.

“Gege, are you angry? His thoughts don’t represent mine. I don’t think we are from two different worlds at all.”

Huo Yunque glanced down and saw the girl’s watery eyes.

Stretching his hand to pat her on the head, he commanded in a deep voice, “Song Yaoyao, go inside.”

It was already late at night and the temperature was cold.

Song Yaoyao pouted and did not let go. “Gege, tell me if you’re angry first!”

Song Wenchuan watched their interaction in shock. His heart felt a little sour and uncomfortable.

It was like growing a wombok in the garden and not being able to enjoy it before a pig came along and ate it up.

“No, I’m not angry.”

Huo Yunque didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. At his position, his EQ had long surpassed that of an average person; a few words was not enough to stir up his anger.

“Go inside. Remember to eat dinner.”

As he boarded his car, Song Yaoyao asked, “When will we meet again? How about this Saturday? I’ll treat you to a meal!”

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Huo Qi was already in the car, so Huo Yunque was ready to leave at any moment.

He looked at Song Yaoyao. If he didn’t agree, it appeared as though the young woman was ready to cry at any moment.

Seeing that he wasn’t answering, her big eyes were already a little watery as disappointment crept onto her face.

Huo Yunque knitted his brows and replied, “Okay.”

“Pinky promise!!”

Song Yaoyao was immediately overcome with joy. Blinking back her tears, she lifted her pinky finger excitedly.

Huo Yunque: “…”

Good job, Little Swindler.

Letting out a laugh, he calmly ordered his driver to start driving. “Adults don’t lie to kids.”

Unlike a certain young lady who uses her cute whining to take advantage of others.

“Adults are full of lies!” Song Yaoyao said as she carried her backpack and watched the black car drive away.

In the darkness, a few other cars drove out, wedging it in the middle, and protecting it.

Song Wenchuan shoved his hands in his pockets and crept up on Song Yaoyao. “Song Yaoyao, what did you just call him? You’re not planning to get close to Huo Ningxi by using Mr. Huo, right?” he asked in seriousness as he pursed his lips.

Personally, he didn’t think much of Huo Ningxi. His parents were the ones that had a death wish. Not only did they give away a daughter, they even encouraged Song Jingwan to seduce Huo Ningxi.

Two sisters fighting over one man; was that something to be proud of?

Did they really think he was that impressive? Or did they simply have their eyes on his family background?

Yet, next to the high and mighty Huo Yunque, how did he compare? Selfishly, Song Wenchuan didn’t want Song Rui and Zhou Manli to know about what happened.

The brat was so silly. If they found out, they would probably sell her off.