Chapter 57 - Pick A Place To Fight

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Chapter 57: Pick A Place To Fight

Song Yaoyao was dumbfounded by his laughing. As tears stirred in her eyes, she lifted her head and stared at him.

Seeing this expression, Shen Xun laughed even harder.

Xu Yue secretly smiled smugly.

Song Yaoyao, let’s see if you can still be arrogant.

A punch fell upon Shen Xun’s face…

Shen Xun’s head was knocked to the side. Before he managed to make a sound, Han Jun pounced toward him and held onto him.

“Brother Xun! Calm down! We don’t hit women!”

The youth licked the inside of his cheek and tasted blood. The hostility between his eyes could not be diffused. As he tried not to laugh, he stared at Song Yaoyao.

She hit him, but she looked aggrieved like she had been bullied.

Song Yaoyao’s fist and eyes were red. Unable to endure the pain she blew on her hand.

She wanted to cry even harder and hit someone!

Tang Xinrou opened her mouth in shock. “F*ck babe, you’re a bit fierce!”

As she grabbed onto Song Yaoyao, she glared at Shen Xun.

“Shen Xun, you provoked Yaoyao first. Besides, she’s not very strong. I assume her hit was just like a tickle to you. Why don’t we let this pass? You’re classmates, after all…”

Shen Xun found this ridiculous. He leaned forward and pointed to the side of his face. The corner of his lips was bruised.

“Do you really think she’s not very strong?”

Tang Xinrou’s gaze fell upon his bruise and her eyes darted.

“Well…” She looked at her friend speechlessly as her heart raced.

Who knew she was a violent girl!

“What do you want then?” Song Yaoyao wiped her tears as she lifted her head and asked dully.

Her red eyes and nose tempted one to hold onto her and dote her.

Han Jun held onto Shen Xun and continued to persuade him, “Brother Xun, forget it. It’s not necessary!” As he spoke, he gestured to Song Yaoyao with his eyes. “Song Yaoyao, just apologize. You’re too tiny to handle Brother Xun’s fist!”

“En, let’s see what she does.” Shen Xun wasn’t actually that angry, he simply found the girl quite amusing. She looked weak and delicate, but why did she have such a bad temper? He deliberately looked at her with a sullen expression and produced a murderous vibe.

“Yaoyao, you—” Tang Xinrou also suggested a peaceful outcome.

But Song Yaoyao was stubborn. She had never been aggrieved like this.

Besides, this was all Shen Xun’s fault. She was just sitting there when Shen Xun almost caused her to break her bones.

She sniffed and glared at him.

“I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m not apologizing! If you’re that great, let’s fight. I’m not scared!”

If worse came to worst, her hands would just hurt a little; she wouldn’t die.

Shen Xun looked at Song Yaoyao and calmly sat back in his seat. Her little shoulders were still shaking.

She thought her tone was fierce, but she was too cute, like a kitten baring its claws before it even grew up.

Shen Xun glanced at him coldly with a sense of warning.

Han Jun shut his mouth, pretended to zip it up, and raised his hands in surrender.

“Fine, let’s fight then. You pick a place.”

Tang Xinrou’s mouth twitched a little and rolled her eyes.

“Shen Xun, are you being serious? If you hit a girl, I will no longer respect you!”

“Do you think I care?” Shen Xun also rolled his eyes.