Chapter 6 - I Want To Be Your Auntie

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Chapter 6: I Want To Be Your Auntie

Not only had Huo Yunque been patient with the girl, but he also didn't lose his temper when she told him to apologize to her.

Now, he was even telling him to show Song Yaoyao to the restaurant.

Master Huo likes the crybaby type?

Who would have thought?

Huo Qi arrived at the bottom of the stairs and located Song Yaoyao who was still walking around in circles. "Miss Song, the Master told me to show you to the restaurant. Do you want to eat Chinese food or western food?"

"Wow! Gege told you to come? I want to eat Chinese food." Song Yaoyao's eyes lit up. As soon as she lifted her head, she spotted a figure on the second floor that wasn't too clear, but her instincts told her it was the man she had met not long ago.

Waving her hand, she smiled and said, "See you next time, Gege!"

As Huo Qi led the way, he asked in confusion, "Miss Song, why do you keep calling the Master, Gege?"

"Why do you keep calling him Master?" Song Yaoyao asked back.

Huo Qi: "That's because he's the master of the house!"

Song Yaoyao: "Oh, I call him Gege because I want to."

Huo Qi rolled his eyes to the back of his head. He couldn't continue with this conversation!

The place where Chinese food was served was located inside a traditional-style building. As they entered through a wooden bridge, they could hear the trickling sound of spring water.

Arriving at the entrance without a word, Huo Qi smiled. "Miss Song, we've arrived at the restaurant."

"So this is where the restaurant's located. Did I walk the opposite way?" Song Yaoyao finally understood what had happened as she knocked herself on the head. Her bad sense of direction was getting worse.

Huo Qi scoffed on the inside,?Ha, you finally realized?

Just as he turned to leave, he was suddenly called back.

"Huo Qi? What are you doing here? Does Small Uncle want to eat something?"

The person that was speaking was a handsome young man. Dressed in a casual well-tailored suit, he began to walk toward him.

"Eldest Young Master," Huo Qi greeted with a smile as he shook his head and pointed at Song Yaoyao, "Master Huo doesn't want any food, but I was under his instruction to bring Miss Song here."

"Miss Song?" Huo Ningxi paused for a second before he looked to the side and said in surprise, "Yaoyao? Did you meet my Small Uncle?"

Objectively speaking, Huo Ningxi did not hate Song Yaoyao, but, he didn't like her either. Song Yaoyao was weak and introverted, so they never interacted.

Song Yaoyao's eyes lit up. Ignoring Huo Ningxi, she turned and asked Huo Qi, "So Gege's surname is Huo?"

Huo Qi looked at Huo Ningxi's strange expression and refused to answer.

"Miss Song, I've completed my task, so I should return. If fate allows, we shall meet again. Goodbye!"

After speaking, he left without turning back.

Song Yaoyao blinked and finally placed her gaze on Huo Ningxi. To be honest, he wasn't bad looking and he had a slight resemblance to Huo Yunque, but after seeing the best specimen, it was impossible for Huo Ningxi to make her heart flutter at all.

Huo Ningxi looked at her questioningly: "Gege? Did you just call my uncle, Gege?"

Song Yaoyao smiled slightly, "Yes, can't I? My Gege is handsome, sexy, and he looks young. So what if I call him Gege?"

Huo Ningxi, "If you call him Gege, then what should I call you?"

Huo Yunque had seniority over them. If Song Yaoyao greeted him in this way, wasn't she skipping a generation?

But, Song Yaoyao replied with an air of confidence, "You can call me Auntie."

"What?" Huo Ningxi thought he was hearing things.

Changing her response, Song Yaoyao said, "What I said was, you can call me whatever you want."

After that, she left Huo Ningxi behind and walked proudly into the restaurant. She then picked a spot with a good view and began to order food.