Chapter 61 - I Am Particularly Good At Enduring Hits

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Chapter 61: I Am Particularly Good At Enduring Hits

Tang Xinrou’s lips twitched awkwardly. “Ahem…first from the back.”

Song Yaoyao nodded her head. “In the next exam, I will come first”—she turned her head and looked at Tang Xinrou with her dark pupils—”Both our names will appear on the ranking list. I will be first, and you will be last.”

Clearly, Song Yaoyao was just analyzing the situation and her voice was soft as usual; coupled with her serious expression, she looked dopily cute. But in Tang Xinrou’s eyes, she was no longer an adorable angel. She was now a little devil with horns and a pitchfork.

“Huhuhu, Yaoyao, what are you trying to say?!” Tang Xinrou lay on Song Yaoyao’s body. She had a domineering face, yet she acted like a delicate little woman.

Song Yaoyao stretched out her hand, patted Tang Xinrou on the head, and said temptingly, “If we’re good friends, let’s study together…”

“What? Don’t you want to experience the joys of studying with a friend?” Song Yaoyao blinked and looked at her innocently as she pouted her lips.

She looked so pitiful.

Too cute!?Tang Xinrou was so overwhelmed by the cuteness that she thought her nose might bleed.

Tang Xinrou: “Yes! I will study!”

“I take that as a promise!”

Song Yaoyao’s cute expression turned serious in an instant. With a slight smile, she patted on her question paper. “Let’s start with some simple exercises…”

Tang Xinrou wanted to cry, but she picked up her pen and looked at the messy combination of symbols in front of her. Her eyes were a blur.

If she could turn back time, she would rush back to the previous day, and shake away the thoughts in her mind.

But would this prevent her from getting close to Song Yaoyao?

Tang Xinrou thought about it in detail. It shouldn’t…

Shen Xun and Han Jun returned for the last class of the day.

The youth that was walking in front had his hands in his pockets and an unruly smile on his face. His back was straight as he strode into the room, sweeping past like the wind.

Meanwhile, Han Jun followed behind, covering his face like he had been pitifully trampled over. It was hard for him not to draw attention.

As he passed by Song Yaoyao’s desk, Shen Xun curled his finger and knocked on it. “Classmate, about the fight, there’s no better day than today. Let’s settle today’s matter today. What do you think?”

Song Yaoyao thought about it seriously. “Let’s do it after school then and get it over and done with.”

“Babe, forget about it. Don’t fight! If you have the time, why don’t you just do another question paper instead?” Tang Xinrou said awkwardly.

“Yes, I will allow you to give up, but from today onward, you are my girlf—”

Song Yaoyao twirled the pen in her hand and asked, “Classmate Shen, can you endure it?”

Shen Xun licked his lips in amusement, “Yes, I am very hardy and I can last a long time. Do you want to try?”

Han Jun covered his eyes and pretended not to understand the underlying meaning in Shen Xun’s words.

Tang Xinrou reacted quickly and covered Song Yaoyao’s ears as she glared at Shen Xun.

“Shen Xun, why do you have such a dirty mind? Yaoyao’s still young, you can’t say stuff like that to her!”

Song Yaoyao removed Tang Xinrou’s hands in confusion and analyzed the two people in front of her.

“Why are your words so strange? Isn’t Classmate Shen simply saying that he can endure being hit?” As she said this, she patted herself on the chest. “I feel relieved to hear that.”

If she beat him to death, then that would be no fun!

Shen Xun took a deep breath and felt his teeth hurt.

Nodding, he replied, “Yes, I am particularly good at enduring hits!”