Chapter 82 - : I’m Not That Easy To Bribe

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Chapter 82: I’m Not That Easy To Bribe

Song Yaoyao furrowed her brows and stepped out sullenly. The first thing she said was, “Let me make it clear, I’m not going back with you.”

“Who wants you to come back with me?” Song Wenchuan scoffed and glanced at her. “Since they aren’t in a panic, why should I be?”

That morning, Song Jingwan’s words had hit the Song Family like a bomb and completely messed it up.

For Song Rui, who had not yet completely given up on his desires, the information he received was bound to make him upset.

But how upset depended on how ambitious he was.

Song Yaoyao opened her mouth. She did not expect Song Wenchuan to say this.

She lowered her head with a cute and dopey expression.

When Song Wenchuan saw this, he immediately felt angered and rubbed her head. “Song Yaoyao, I really need to take my hat off to you!

“Not only did you run away from home, you even switched your phone off!

“Do you know I searched all night for you?”

Song Yaoyao noticed the darkness in Song Wenchuan’s eyes and began to panic.

At a loss, she asked, “Wh-why were you searching for me…?”

She never intended on getting involved with anyone from the Song Family. In her heart, she still missed her parents and her beloved brother from her previous life.

But Song Wenchuan’s actions kept chipping away at the layers of her tightly sealed heart.

Song Wenchuan’s heart ached when he saw the disbelief and panic in Song Yaoyao’s eyes.

With a bitter laugh, he asked, “Did you think we’d all forget your existence after you ran away and we’d leave you to fend for yourself?”

The girl lowered her head.

A hand suddenly patted her on the head. The man’s voice sounded slightly exhausted but extremely gentle, “No matter what they think, just remember that I am your brother. I will never abandon you.”

Song Yaoyao’s head rang. She furrowed her brows, wondering where things went wrong.

From what she read, the original Song Yaoyao was eventually kicked out of the Song Family, after which she died a pitiful death.

Where was Song Wenchuan then?

“Where’s your backpack?” Song Wenchuan stretched out his hand as he looked at the silent girl.

Song Yaoyao realized that she didn’t have it with her and quickly turned around to grab it from the car.

Without saying anything, Song Wenchuan pulled out a stack of money from his pocket and shoved it into her backpack. He also placed some snacks that he had bought inside and returned the bag to her.

“Go to class. You need money to eat well at school. Don’t starve yourself until you’re thin and haggard. It’s embarrassing…”

Song Yaoyao puffed up her cheeks. Originally, she was quite moved until he said these words.

“Pfff…” Song Wenchuan chuckled as he pinched her cheeks. “So cute.”

Song Yaoyao brushed his hand away. “Don’t get all handsy!” she warned unhappily as she glared at him.

Just as she finished speaking, Song Wenchuan grabbed onto her collar with one hand and forcefully turned her around to face the school.

“Hurry and get to class.”

This stupid man was taking things too far!

“Don’t call me ‘Hey’!

“No way!” Song Yaoyao said as she ran toward the school without looking back. “Don’t think that you can buy my affection with a bag of snacks. I’m not that easy to bribe!”

Song Wenchuan chuckled again. He shoved his hands in his pockets and asked casually, “What about two bags?

Song Yaoyao waved her hand in disgust, “Hurry home and get some rest. Your eyebags are almost drooping down to the floor!

Song Wenchuan touched his face, feeling a little hurt. Was he really that ugly?