Chapter 971 - An Feiran, Work Hard

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Although he was his father’s only official son, it was hard to say how many half-brothers he had.

He was not the only heir.

“Miss Song is really a busy person,” Li Sinian smiled and teased to ease the awkwardness.

Shen Xun leaned against the chair and played a game lazily.

And Song Yaoyao, who was called a busy person, was actually…

Yaoyao: [PattingStomach.jpg] “Has Gege gotten off work?”

Yaoyao: “Today is another day that I miss Gege so much. Chuu~!”

Yaoyao: “Did you have a good dinner? I’m having a meal outside!”

Gege: “Are you coming back to stay tonight?”

Song Yaoyao paused for a moment.

Gege: “I’m sick.”

Song Yaoyao instantly became worried: “Is it serious? You have to be good, did you take your medicine? I’ll come back tonight, wait for me!”

Yaoyao: [BearHug.jpg]

Someone in the company conference room put down his phone and silently curved his lips.

All the executives in the conference room shivered.

The boss couldn’t be angry, right? Could it be that their proposal wasn’t good? Or could it be that the boss didn’t like anyone?

Just as they were trembling in fear, Huo Qi, who was taking notes on the side had already put on a posture of, “I know everything, but I won’t say anything.”

Huo Yunque suddenly stood up, picked up his coat, and strode out of the meeting room.

“Meeting dismissed.”

It ended just like that?

Huo Yunque strode with his long legs and quickly disappeared from the meeting room.

Everyone quickly grabbed Huo Qi and asked, “Huo Qi, Huo Qi, what’s going on? The boss smiled so gently just now. I thought he would tell us to scram the next second!”

Huo Qi rolled his eyes. “In your hearts, is the boss such a scary person?”

“Isn’t he?”

Huo Qi was at a loss for words. He was in a hurry to leave and exclaimed, “Can’t you use your brains to think? At this time, who else could cause the boss to be absent-minded during the meeting?”

After saying that, he quickly chased after Huo Yunque.

Those present were not fools. They knew that their boss was already taken.

Upon hearing Huo Qi’s words, they came to a sudden realization.

“So, the boss’s smile was actually because he thought of the Madam?”

The dishes were quickly served.

Song Yaoyao put down her phone, but she could not enjoy the food.

Tang Xinrou sensitively noticed this and asked, “Yaoyao, what’s wrong?”

“Eh? Nothing.”

Song Yaoyao shook her head and curved her eyes. “Let’s eat.”

Li Sinian and Yu Sitian were also present. Song Yaoyao did not like to talk about her personal matters.

Shen Xun’s eyes darkened. He picked up a boiled shrimp with his chopsticks and placed it on Song Yaoyao’s plate.

“Please, Big Bro.”

Song Yaoyao was amused by him and was speechless. “Why are you still doing this?”

Shen Xun curled his lips. “This is called Big Bro for life. Do you understand?”

“Tch… Suckup!” Tang Xinrou rolled her eyes.

“Even food can’t shut you up? An Feiran, you’ve got your work cut out for you.” Shen Xun raised his chin and smiled faintly.

Suddenly, there was a series of coughs on the table.

Tang Xinrou almost exploded. “Shen Xun, shut up!”

An Feiran cleared his throat and picked up some food for Tang Xinrou. “Eat more.”

Song Yaoyao: “What are you all talking about?”

“Nothing—” Tang Xinrou blushed.

Shen Xun was amused. “It’s clearly your thoughts that aren’t healthy. I’m just asking An Feiran to feed you so you don’t talk so much nonsense.”

Tang Xinrou: “Shut the f*ck up!”

Song Yaoyao: “…”

So, how did he offend the almighty Miss Tang?

It was difficult to understand…