Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Alright, I’ll Go to Imperial University

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Ocean City’s elite high school.

This was a private high school. It was also an elite school that the whole of Ocean City dreamt of sending their children to.

Not only because entering this high school was a symbol of wealth and good grades, but also because the teaching quality and environment here were the best in the entire Ocean City.

Grade 12, Class 4, before the morning reading.

The gossipy ones began gossiping while preparing their textbooks.

“Hey… have you guys heard?”

“What, what?”

“Didn’t Chu Luo get rejected by the school hunk Zhang Tianyi the day before yesterday? I heard that she wanted to commit suicide and wanted to jump off a building after school that day.”

“Huh? Is she dead?”

“She was discovered. Do you think a coward like her would really jump down after being discovered?”

“Of course not. But… did you notice that Jiang Siyi isn’t here today?”

“I know that. Last night, Zhang Tianyi’s brother turned 20 and his family held a birthday party. Jiang Siyi went too. Maybe she and the school hunk had too much fun last night… Hehe… You guys get what I mean.”

“Hehe, that’s possible.”

Chu Luo happened to hear this when she walked to the door.

When she walked in, everyone looked towards her.

As she sat in her seat, someone whispered:

“I thought she would be too ashamed to come today.”

“Say, if she knew that Jiang Siyi and the school beau did this and that, would she jump off a building because she couldn’t take the blow?”

“I guess Old Gao already knows. Maybe he’ll talk to her later.”

At this moment, the morning reading bell rang and everyone began their morning reading.

Chu Luo took out all the English books throughout senior high. For an “ancient” like her, English was a rather difficult subject. She intended to spend more time on it.

The form teacher, Teacher Gao, walked in at this moment and approached Chu Luo under everyone’s watchful eyes.

“Chu Luo, please come out with me.”

Chu Luo looked up at him from her textbook.

Teacher Gao’s name was Gao Jiuyun. He was 47 years old this year and taught their class mathematics.

Chu Luo nodded at him, closed the book, stood up, and followed him out.

The moment the two of them left the classroom, the entire classroom erupted.

Chu Luo followed Teacher Gao to the office.

There were many teachers in the office right now.

Teacher Gao went to his cubicle, sat down, and said to her amiably, “Chu Luo, don’t be nervous. I’m just having a casual chat with you.”

Chu Luo looked at him and nodded.

“Have you encountered something that you can’t resolve recently?”

“Indeed, I have.” She had no idea how to begin learning English.

Teacher Gao’s heart skipped a beat. He quickly said earnestly, “You’re still young. You may think you like him now, but it might not be real. When you go to university in the future, you’ll meet guys who are more outstanding, and you’ll have more choices…

“The college entrance examination is in two months. You should focus on the college entrance examination now. The college entrance examination is a huge threshold in life. Once you cross it, your life will become more vibrant and interesting. If you can’t cross it, then you can only blah blah blah…”

Teacher Gao went on for more than ten minutes. In the middle, he got thirsty and he even drank a few mouthfuls of the tea that he had prepared beforehand.

After he was done, he suddenly felt a little stifled when he saw Chu Luo’s dazed look.

Did this student hear him or not!

The teacher sitting in the cubicle next to Teacher Gao couldn’t stand it anymore. “Old Gao, you’re really something. Since the student doesn’t appreciate it, what’s the use of saying so much?”

Coincidentally, the form teacher of Chu Ting’s class, Teacher Li, was also present. She immediately chimed in, “Since you have so much free time, why don’t you pay more attention to the students with better results in your class?”

After Teacher Li finished speaking, she added, “This time, Chu Ting got ninth place in the entire batch. If she works a little harder in the next two months, she will be able to get into Imperial University.”

The other teachers all stopped and looked at them.

When Chu Luo heard this, she tilted her head and glanced at the stern and rigid female teacher who was about 40 years old.

Although Teacher Gao had expected better from Chu Luo, he was still not used to hearing these words that deliberately compared the two sisters. He said to Chu Luo:

“Don’t listen to what the outside world says. In the last two months, you just have to focus on learning more. Also… if you have any questions, you can come and ask me anytime.”

Teacher Li voiced her disagreement. “Old Gao, who would believe you? People with poor grades don’t care about learning. They simply can’t absorb the knowledge.”

Teacher Gao was annoyed to hear that. Why was Teacher Li poking her nose into how he taught his students?

“Chu Luo, don’t listen to Teacher Li. As long as you focus on your studies, you will definitely learn something.”

Teacher Li wasn’t only Chu Ting’s teacher-in-charge but also Zhang Tianyi’s teacher-in-charge. She couldn’t stand Chu Luo’s actions to begin with, and after hearing Teacher Gao’s words, she immediately retorted at Teacher Gao.

“I say, Old Gao, do you know how to educate students? Your students are affecting my students now, and the ones affected are the students in my class who can definitely get into Imperial University. Can you take them in hand properly?”

“Teacher Li, you…”

“Teacher Gao.” Chu Luo interrupted him and asked with a calm face, “Is it only good students who get into Imperial University?”

Teacher Gao was about to speak when Teacher Li raised her voice and replied, “Of course!”

Chu Luo nodded and said seriously, “Alright, I’ll go to Imperial University, then.”

All the teachers looked at Chu Luo strangely.

Chu Luo smiled. “You don’t believe I can get in?”

“Isn’t it obvious?”

All the teachers turned to look at Teacher Li. Although they shared the same thoughts, it would be inappropriate to say it in front of a student.

Teacher Gao couldn’t stand it anymore and said to Chu Luo, “A person must have aspirations. In the future, you can come and ask me if there’s anything you don’t know.”

Chu Luo nodded and asked, “Can I ask you about English?”

Teacher Gao: “…”

This brat must be here to cause trouble!

Teacher Gao took a deep breath. “You can ask the English teacher directly.”

Chu Luo nodded. “Okay.” Then, she tilted her head and looked around. Coincidentally, the English teacher who taught them was also there. She looked at her expectantly.

The English teacher couldn’t say no to a gaze like that. “Sure.”

Chu Luo only returned to the classroom after the morning reading class had ended.

Everyone was used to Chu Luo’s coldness. After talking about her for a while, they changed the topic to other people.

On this day, not only did Jiang Siyi not come, but Zhang Tianyi also didn’t come. Rumors about the duo spread throughout the entire high school.

After the evening self-study session, Chu Luo packed her books and walked towards her apartment.

When she arrived at the apartment, there was no steaming hot food waiting for her. The housekeeper was sitting on the sofa, watching the television like she was the owner of the house.

When she saw Chu Luo enter, she only gave her a glance before turning her gaze back to the television.

Chu Luo frowned. After putting her books away, she asked, “Is dinner ready?”

The housekeeper patted her head without any sincerity. “Second Miss, look at my memory. I forgot that you come back earlier now that we live near the school. Don’t be angry. I’ll cook for you immediately.”

Despite her words, she didn’t stand up. Instead, she turned her gaze back to the television.