Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Watching a Show, Vicious Man

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Chu Luo’s face darkened at the housekeeper’s attitude. “Since you don’t want to stay here, get lost.”

“Second Miss, why do you say that? I was called here by Madam.”

“Hur! You mean my mom told you to treat me like this?”

After saying that, she took out her phone. “In that case, I’ll make a call and check with them.”

The servant didn’t expect Chu Luo to say that. She was shocked and wanted to snatch her phone away. “Second Miss, how could you misunderstand me? Didn’t I say that I forgot that this place is near your school and didn’t have time to cook? Ahhh…”

With her phone in hand, Chu Luo speedily dodged to the side and kicked the servant’s knee hard.

The servant fell face-down to the ground.

“My family pays you your salary, but not only did you not do your job well, you even dared to watch TV after I came back. Who gave you the right?”

After Chu Luo finished speaking, she bent down and quickly tapped the servant’s body.

The servant, who wanted to get up, immediately stopped moving. Her face turned pale. “Second Miss, what… what did you do to me?”

“Didn’t you want to watch TV? I’ll let you watch it leisurely.”

After saying that, Chu Luo took the money bag and walked out of the door. How could she possibly call back to complain? She had no need to do that anyway. She had plenty of ways to deal with her.

As soon as she closed the door, the housekeeper’s yelling could be heard from inside. Chu Luo thought for a while. In order not to attract the attention of other residents, she set up a small soundproofing array outside the door before heading downstairs.

After dinner, Chu Luo strolled along the streets. It was still early, so she went to the school library.

The school library would be open to the Grade 12 students until 10:30 pm. When Chu Luo arrived, she realized that there was a sea of knowledge inside. If she wanted to learn English, she could directly put on earphones and learn through the learning machine.

When Chu Luo came out of the library at half-past ten, her mind was still filled with English words.

At this moment, the road back to her apartment was very quiet. A gust of evening wind blew past and a figure suddenly appeared in an alley.

Chu Luo originally intended to pretend that she didn’t notice it, but at this moment, she smelled a faint fragrance.

“It’s Purple Rose Incense!”

Purple Rose Incense was the most overbearing bewitching medicine. Even in the Phoenix Skies Nation, it was an extremely rare bewitching medicine. Once this medicine was used, even experts would be bewitched by it in minutes.

Chu Luo suddenly became interested and quickly followed the fragrance.

After running for god knew how long, she reached a forest. Chu Luo really couldn’t run anymore and stopped to hold on to a tree to catch her breath.

“Huff… This body’s physical fitness is too poor. This won’t do. I’ll wake up early tomorrow to run. Otherwise, even when I recover, I’ll be at a disadvantage if my physical fitness isn’t good.”

By the time she managed to catch her breath, she realized that she couldn’t detect the fragrance anymore.

She was a little disappointed, but it was already past eleven, so she decided to head back first.

As she walked, she realized that something was wrong because she had returned to her original spot.

“They actually set up a formation in this forest.”

Array formations weren’t difficult for Chu Luo. Especially since these array formations evolved from ancient times, the difficulty had already decreased greatly.

It only took her a few minutes to find a way to break the array, but she didn’t do so.

“Since you dare to trap me, I’ll let you have a taste of being trapped by an even more powerful array.”

That’s right, she changed the formation.

After changing the formation, she walked out. The exit of this formation wasn’t the direction she had come from. It was at the bottom of a hill.

Coincidentally, there were two groups of people confronting each other in the open space below the hill.

Under the moonlight, Chu Luo realized that there was someone familiar there. She suddenly became interested and stood there to watch the show.

It was obvious that the two sides had been at each other’s throats for a long time. At this time, Li Yan and his men were already surrounded in the middle. Furthermore, Li Yan’s bodyguards seemed to have been poisoned and were all holding on to their bodies.

Even so, Chu Luo didn’t see any other expression on Li Yan’s face besides indifference.

At this moment, one of them said in a low voice, “Your bodyguards have been poisoned. If you know what’s good for you, hand over that jade pendant. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being rude.”

Chu Luo frowned when she heard this.

Did these people ask for her opinion before they made demands for her things?

To think they’d actually snatch it just like that.

At the same time, Li Yan spoke in an extremely cold voice. “That depends on whether you can spare the life to take it.”

“Eh, he’s not a mute?”

While Chu Luo was mumbling, the other party was clearly angered by Li Yan’s words. Two of them quickly approached Li Yan.

In the next moment, two shots were fired and the two men were killed.

Everyone else started attacking Li Yan.

Chu Luo looked at the man who was supposed to be in a disadvantageous position as he was in a wheelchair. At this moment, he was filled with killing intent and gave people the impression that he was a high and mighty man. Chu Luo suddenly felt a little admiration for him.

But when she thought of her jade pendant, she shouted, “Hey, cooperate with me. I’ll help you deal with them.”

The crisp and tender voice made everyone look over subconsciously.

When everyone saw the girl standing ten meters away, they were stunned.

Li Yan fired at this moment.

His shooting skills were extremely fast and ruthless. He didn’t give anyone a chance to react or give them a way out. Even Chu Luo was suppressed by his speed.

This man was really ruthless!

Looking at the group of people lying in a pool of blood at his feet, as well as at the man who was covered in dark aura, Chu Luo took a long time to close her widened mouth and asked blankly, “What weapon did you use?”

“Gun.” Li Yan looked at her and said simply, “Come here.”

Chu Luo frowned, thinking about how high her chances of survival would be if the weapon in his hand was suddenly pointed at her.

She reached into her pocket at the same time, which contained all of her belongings, including the medicine she had confiscated yesterday.

Li Yan seemed to have read her mind and suddenly asked in a cold tone, “Are you afraid of me?”

“I… I’m not afraid of you.”

Li Yan glanced at where her hand was placed and put his gun away.

Only then did Chu Luo walked towards him.

A few steps away from him, Chu Luo stopped and asked, “Hey, are you planning to do the exchange with me?”

Li Yan said at the same time, “Neutralize their poison.”

Chu Luo frowned. “Who knows if you will go back on your words? I won’t do such a loss-making business.”

“What do you want?”

“Jade pendant.”

“It’s mine to begin with!”

After saying that, Chu Luo walked up to him and quickly extended her hand.

At the same time, a gun was pressed against her waist.

Chu Luo said angrily, “I knew you were a big baddie who would go back on his words!”

“Unlock my acupoints.” Li Yan’s gaze seemed to be able to shoot out icicles.

Chu Luo wasn’t afraid of him at all. “You actually know that I have tapped on your acupoints! But it’s useless even if you know. I won’t undo it for you.”

After saying that, she raised her hand and reached for the jade pendant on his neck.

Li Yan threatened in a low voice, “Think carefully. If you dare to take the jade pendant away, I’ll make you pay a price you can’t afford.”

Chu Luo paused and replied, displeased, “In that case, I can only kill you first.”

“I have a locator on me. If anything happens to me, not only you but everyone related to you will be finished.”

“I’m no stranger to being threatened.” The infuriated Chu Luo grabbed the jade pendant by his neck.

When her slightly chilly fingers touched his warm neck, both of them were stunned for a moment.