Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: The Phoenix in the Jade Pendant

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When Chu Luo returned to the apartment, it was already past midnight. The television in the living room was still on and the housekeeper was still lying on the floor.

As soon as the housekeeper saw Chu Luo return, her face, which was originally filled with despair, instantly lit up with hope.

She hurriedly pleaded in a hoarse voice, “Second Miss, I know I was wrong. Please let me go. I will do whatever you ask me to from now on.”

But in her heart, she gritted her teeth and thought:?‘As soon as you let me off, I will complain to Madam and see how she will deal with you!’

Chu Luo saw through the nanny’s thoughts and said coldly, “No.”

With that, she walked straight to the bedroom right before the housekeeper’s shocked expression.

The housekeeper only reacted after a while and started shouting.

“Second Miss, you can’t do this to me! I was brought here by Madam from the Wei household. If Madam were to find out that you treated me like this, she would definitely…”

Chu Luo paused when she opened the bedroom door. She turned around and walked to the housekeeper.

The housekeeper’s eyes lit up.

Chu Luo squatted in front of her and asked, “You’re just a servant, yet you keep threatening me for no reason. Who gave you this right?”

After saying that, she quickly hit her mute acupoint and said coldly, “Then let’s see if you still have the strength to complain by the time my mom remembers you.”

With that said, she stood up and returned to the bedroom with the housekeeper’s eyes wide open in horror.

Once she entered the bedroom, Chu Luo took out the jade pendant and called out softly, “Phoenix.”

As soon as she did that, the entire jade pendant began to glow red.

At the same time, an excited voice sounded in her mind: “Mistress, I’ve finally found you.”

Chu Luo rubbed the jade pendant with her thumb and asked, “How did you get here?”

Phoenix said, “Before Sacred Lake Palace disappeared, the old priest used all his power to seal it. I was placed where you disappeared.

“Later on, the king used the entire Priest Hall as the imperial tomb. I don’t know how long I waited inside until 18 years ago, someone suddenly barged in and brought me out.”

“Eighteen years ago?” When Chu Luo heard that, she felt a strange and indescribable excitement. “Our dynasty doesn’t even exist in the history books. The ‘Phoenix Skies’ dynasty actually really exists? Then… where is the imperial mausoleum now?”

Phoenix actually remained silent for a while before saying, “The Imperial Mausoleum was built with the blood, sweat, and tears of all the priests in the entire imperial court. By right, no one can find it. There are also many mechanisms and formations inside. Once the formations are activated, their positions will change.”

When Chu Luo heard this, her mood suddenly became very complicated. After a while, she asked, “Can you come out of this jade pendant?”

“The spiritual power in the outside world can’t support me. I can only come onto your wrist.”

As soon as Phoenix finished speaking, a red light flashed from the jade pendant. In the next instant, a phoenix mark appeared on Chu Luo’s wrist and the jade pendant became an ordinary jade pendant.

A red glow emitted from Chu Luo’s body. She touched the phoenix mark on her wrist and muttered, “I will think of a way to make you look like before.”

The next morning, when Chu Luo opened her eyes, she felt much lighter.

Chu Luo got off the bed and walked towards the mirror. She looked at herself in the mirror and subconsciously touched her rosy cheeks.

When she lifted her fringe, the scar on her forehead was gone. She smiled in satisfaction.

“Much more pleasing to the eyes now.”

She put down her bangs and was about to wash up when her phone rang.

She walked over and picked up her phone. The caller ID showed “Sister.”

Chu Luo didn’t need to guess to know the purpose of Chu Ting’s call. After she pressed the “Answer” button, Chu Ting’s painful and incoherent voice could be heard.

“Chu Luo, where did you hide that master? Tell me, I’m feeling terrible right now. Ah… I’m going to die… Boohoo… Please save me…”

Chu Luo replied coldly, “I don’t know.” Then, she hung up.

Just as she put down her phone, Chu Ting called again.

Chu Luo decided not to look and went to wash up.

After she was done washing up, her phone was still ringing. Chu Luo pretended not to hear it.

It was only 5:30 in the morning. She planned to run for half an hour before eating. If the nearby shops opened their doors, she would be able to buy a portable audio player.

After she had planned everything, she walked towards the door. However, the moment she opened the bedroom door, a pungent smell of urine rushed into her nose.

When the housekeeper, who was lying on the ground, saw Chu Luo come out, she was so agitated that her face turned red. Her eyes were filled with tears, and her mouth was wide open. She was obviously begging for mercy.

“That’s disgusting.”

Chu Luo frowned in displeasure and thought about how to deal with this nanny and the smell of urine in the living room. It was such an awful stench that she had an urge to move elsewhere.

She strode out of the apartment, jogged, ate, and after that, bought a portable audio player.

As Chu Luo walked towards the apartment, she fiddled with her cell phone. Just now, the boss had taught her how to download English audio. She planned to go back and try it out.

But when she reached the apartment door, she suddenly stopped.

At the same time, Phoenix’s voice rang out in her mind. “Mistress, there are several people with very strong auras in your residence!”