Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Here Comes the Person Seeking to Be Abused

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Chu Zhengyang asked the chauffeur to find a breakfast shop near the school.

The two of them walked into the restaurant and were led into a small private room by a waiter.

Before the food was served, Chu Zhengyang showed a fatherly look and asked about Chu Luo’s recent learning status.

Chu Luo answered him casually.

When the food was served, Chu Zhengyang first picked up a custard bun for Chu Luo. He looked at the breakfast and said to Chu Luo with a troubled look:

“It’s just the two of us in Ocean City now. Dad has been busy recently and doesn’t have time to take care of you. If you don’t have money to spend, just give me a call. I’ll get my secretary to transfer it to you.”

Chu Luo looked at the custard bun in her bowl and only picked it up to eat after responding with an “Mm.”

Chu Zhengyang continued to say earnestly, “Once your mother and sister go to the capital, they will definitely not return before your college entrance examination.

“Your mother has been in a bad mood recently because of your uncle’s family and your sister. Try not to call her.

“Even if you live alone outside, you have to be obedient. Even if you really can’t study, don’t go to those shady places.

“You can think about where you want to study in the future. Daddy will spend money to get you a place there.”

When Chu Luo heard this, she frowned slightly and looked up at him.

Chu Zhengyang didn’t notice Chu Luo’s gaze. After saying all this, he felt a little better and started eating his breakfast.

Chu Luo glanced at him and continued eating.

She knew that Chu Zhengyang wasn’t done speaking.

She was in no hurry and waited for him to continue.

After breakfast, Chu Zhengyang didn’t send her back immediately.

He said, “Tingting keeps saying that you have something to do with her illness… Luoluo, tell me honestly, did you have any contact with that kind of person?”

Chu Luo looked into Chu Zhengyang’s eyes, tilted her head slightly, and deliberately asked, “What kind of person are you talking about, Daddy?”

After saying that, she seemed to have thought of something and asked, “Are you talking about the time at Zhang Tianyi’s house when Sister said that you asked us to go into the car to get something, and then she handed me over to a person who looked very scary?”

Chu Zhengyang frowned when he heard this.

That day, he didn’t at all ask Chu Ting to get Chu Luo to go to the car to retrieve anything.

However, when he thought about his elder daughter’s current situation, he couldn’t bear to pursue the matter. He avoided the main point and said, “Luoluo, do you know where that scary person went afterward?”

Perhaps if she knew where that person went, his elder daughter’s illness could be cured.

Chu Zhengyang felt uneasy about letting his wife and daughter stay at her maiden home for two months.

Chu Luo looked at Chu Zhengyang’s expression, lowered her eyes, and said lightly, “I don’t know.”

She then stood up. “Daddy, it’s almost time for our morning reading.”

Chu Zhengyang looked at her and nodded. He stood up and said, “Let’s go. I’ll send you to school.”

Chu Luo didn’t refuse. After Chu Zhengyang sent her to school, she walked straight inside.

Chu Zhengyang didn’t ask the chauffeur to drive the car away immediately. Instead, he looked at Chu Luo’s back and asked the chauffeur, “Old Qian, do you think Xiao Luo has changed a lot recently?”

The chauffeur, Old Qian, glanced at Chu Zhengyang through the rearview mirror. He deliberated for a moment before answering, “Boss, I think Second Miss is still as quiet as before.”

Chu Zhengyang fell silent.

Old Qian looked at him again and advised, “CEO Chu, you haven’t slept for two days. Why don’t I send you back to rest?”

Chu Zhengyang waved at him. “No need. You can send me to the office directly.”

Old Qian acknowledged him and drove off.

Suddenly, Chu Zhengyang’s phone rang.

Startled, he abruptly sat up straight and quickly took out his phone.

Looking at the caller ID, he pressed the answer button and greeted, “Big Brother.”

No one knew what the other party said, but Chu Zhengyang’s hand that was holding the phone trembled. His expression changed drastically as he hurriedly replied, “Okay, I’ll rush over immediately.”

After that, he hung up the phone and said to the chauffeur, “Let’s go to Hanqing Temple.”

Then, he quickly dialed another number. Once the other party picked up, he immediately said, “Immediately summon people to Hanqing Temple.”

After the call, Chu Zhengyang’s hand was still trembling.

When Chu Luo arrived at the classroom, it was already morning reading time. She had just sat down when Old Gao walked in.

Old Gao stood on the podium and looked at everyone. He clapped his hands. “Students, please stop for a moment.”

Everyone stopped reading and looked at him in confusion.

Old Gao said, “The science class organized a student pairing activity. As the result is not bad, the school has decided to let the humanities and arts classes implement this as well. I’m here to ask for everyone’s opinion. Are you willing to participate in the pairing?”

There was a loud hum in the classroom. Everyone started discussing. Those with average results would definitely be willing, but those with good results were silent.

After a moment, the class monitor, He Jiang, asked directly, “How does the pairing work? Are we going to let the strong students pair up with the weak students? Time is so tight now. Who has the time to guide the weak students?”

These words were immediately echoed by those with good results.

“That’s right. I think the school has nothing better to do. Why did they do this at such a critical juncture?”

“I don’t even have enough time to do the test papers. How would I have the time to guide other people?”


Old Gao didn’t get angry when he heard them say that. Instead, he smiled and said, “This is just a suggestion from the school. We’ll only implement this if everyone is willing. The science students started doing the pairing last month. Their overall efficiency is quite good.”

“Old Gao, how can we humanities students compare to science students? Science students only need to do questions. Whereas we need to memorize a lot of stuff. What if pairing up with someone affects our memorization efficiency?”

Those with good results were against it, and those with bad results were definitely not interested in teaming up with others with bad results.

Thus, Old Gao didn’t mention this matter again and let everyone continue with their morning reading.

A few people sitting behind Chu Luo started complaining.

“So what if they have good results? They don’t want to pair up with us? Fine. It’s not like we care for it.”

“Exactly. Even if I can’t get into university, my old man would pay for me to get in.”

The day passed quickly.

After school in the afternoon, Chu Luo was about to leave the classroom when Li Tao suddenly stopped her.

“Chu Luo, why didn’t you come to me yesterday when I asked you to ask me questions that you didn’t understand?”

Everyone stopped and looked at the two of them.

Chu Luo frowned slightly. “There’s nothing I don’t understand.”

With that, she turned to leave.

“Hey!” Li Tao was unhappy with Chu Luo’s attitude and directly walked over to stop her.

“If it weren’t for Old Gao’s instructions, do you think I would ask you? You better know what’s good for you.”

Chu Luo narrowed her eyes and gave him a bewildered look.

This made Li Tao inexplicably frustrated. He looked away and said with a tense expression, “It’s fine if your results are bad, but your learning attitude is also bad… I don’t know what Old Gao is thinking, insisting that I study with you! I don’t have as much time as you do. You better cooperate with me.”

“What if I don’t cooperate?” Chu Luo frowned. Wasn’t this person too self-righteous?

“Since you want to teach me, you can… It depends on whether you have the ability.”