Chapter 36

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“What? Chu Luo got second place in the entire level? You must be kidding!”

When Chu Ting received a call from her close friend, she didn’t believe it at all.

“Hmph! I think she must have cheated or used some unorthodox method to be ranked second.”

Recalling the missing master, Chu Ting got angry. She didn’t want Chu Luo to live well at all. “Chu Luo, how dare you cheat and use unorthodox methods. See if I don’t tell Mom to teach you a lesson.”

After hanging up the phone, she went straight to look for Wei Wei.

At this moment, Wei Wei was chatting with her sisters-in-law in a pavilion in the backyard. Upon seeing Chu Ting, she asked with concern, “Tingting, are you tired from studying?”

First?Madam1, who was sitting next to her, said to her, “Tingting is such a good student. She should take some time off to rest.”

Third?Madam1?agreed. “That’s right. Tingting is working so hard. She will definitely be able to get into Imperial University.”

Chu Ting herself was also very confident, but at this moment, she purposely put on a sad expression. “Master said that someone had cast Gu poison on me, and I have to find the perpetrator to cure it. I’m worried that it will suddenly act up during the examination. If I don’t get into Imperial U, I won’t be able to face anyone.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Wei Wei didn’t want to hear this, so she pulled her over to sit beside her and comforted her. “Your cousin has already sent people to look for the master you mentioned. They will definitely find him soon.”

“That’s right. Tingting, you just need to focus on your revision. Zihan has been working in the south all this time. The Gu poison originates from Miaojiang. It’s easy to find someone who can cure the Gu poison.”

The three of them took turns to comfort Chu Ting. At this moment, two people walked into the pavilion.

One of them was Wei Zihan.

Wei Zihan was accompanied by a middle-aged man dressed in Miao clothing. The middle-aged man had been raising Gu worms all year round and had a dangerous aura that made people not want to get close to him. He also had two bells on his waist. As he walked, the sound of the bells made people’s scalps numb.

As soon as Chu Ting saw Wei Zihan walking over, she immediately went over to hold his arm and asked anxiously, “Eldest Cousin, have you found Master?”

Wei Zihan patted her hand. “I didn’t find that person you mentioned, but I did find a real Gu Master.”

Then, he introduced the middle-aged man to them. “This is Master Xiang, whom I have specially invited from Miaojiang. Master Xiang has been studying Gu worms since he was young. He is an expert in this field.”

When they heard this, their faces revealed a pleasant surprise.

First Madam sat in her seat and gestured at the seat next to her like a noble lady. “Master Xiang, please take a seat.”

Master Xiang nodded at First Madam, but his gaze was on Chu Ting.

Chu Ting hurriedly stood up and asked anxiously, “Master Xiang, can you really cure me of the Gu poison?”

Master Xiang walked to the stool and sat down before saying, “Miss, you can sit down first and let me see what Gu you’ve been poisoned with.”

Chu Ting hurriedly sat down beside him.

Master Xiang observed her carefully for a while. His expression became serious as he took off a bell from his waist and shook it.

“Ah… it hurts…”

With that shake, Chu Ting’s face turned pale and her body trembled. She bent her waist and clutched her stomach, looking like she was about to fall.

Wei Zihan quickly steadied her from the back.

Wei Wei, who was sitting at the side, was just about to panic when she saw the bell in Master Xiang’s hand ring again. Seeing that Chu Ting was no longer in so much pain, he said, “This young lady is under the influence of the Mother-Child Gu.”

Wei Wei rushed over to hug Chu Ting, who was still pale, and asked anxiously, “Master, can you help my daughter remove the Gu poison?”

The others looked at him anxiously.

Master Xiang thought for a moment and shook his head. “The Gu in the young lady is a child Gu. The child Gu must be cured by the mother Gu. Even if the elders of Miaojiang came, they wouldn’t be able to cure this type of Gu poison.”

When they heard this, their expressions turned ugly.

Chu Ting even started crying.

Wei Wei also hugged her and cried.

Wei Zihan asked with a dark face, “Master, don’t you have any other way to help my cousin get the Gu out? As long as you can cure my cousin, the Wei family will definitely compensate you well.”

“Er…” Master Xiang hesitated for a moment before saying, “There’s actually a way, but it’s a little evil. ”

“What way?” they hurriedly asked.

They didn’t care if it was evil or not.

Master Xiang hesitated for a long while before saying, “Transfer the child Gu in her body to another person.”

Wei Wei said in a delighted tone, “Really? Then transfer the Gu from Tingting’s body now.”

First Madam chimed in, “I’ll send someone over right away.” She then called for the butler.

Master Xiang quickly stopped her. “Madam, we can’t do that for now… It will take time to transfer the Gu in Miss’s body. Moreover, the child Gu is sucking blood essence from Miss’s body. After transferring the child Gu away, Miss’s body will need to recuperate.

“I heard that you are about to take the college entrance examination. If you remove the Gu, your body won’t be able to withstand the intensity of revision.”

Hearing those words, Chu Ting didn’t even hesitate to object. “No, I must take the college entrance examination.”

The others looked at her disapprovingly.

Chu Ting hurriedly pulled Wei Wei’s arm and said anxiously, “Mommy, I want to get into Imperial University. If I don’t get into Imperial U, do you know how others will laugh at me? And Chu Luo… oh right, my friend called today and said that Chu Luo got second place in the whole batch.

“She couldn’t compare to me in all aspects since we were young. I won’t let her surpass me this time as well!”

“How could that wretched girl be ranked second in the batch?!” Wei Wei didn’t believe it at all. However, thinking about how she couldn’t let Chu Ting take the college entrance examination properly, she didn’t feel good either.

She asked Master Xiang, “Master Xiang, do you have a way to let Tingting take the college entrance examination, then transfer the Gu away after that?”

“Yes,” Master Xiang said confidently. “I’ve studied Gu worms for so many years. It’s fine to wait for a few months.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s great.”