Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: Crushing with True Abilities

Chu Luo directly ignored Chu Ting, who was glaring at her, and said to Chu Zhengyang, “I’m going to a gathering with my classmates tonight.”

Chu Ting glared at Chu Luo with a look that said, “I’m this sad, yet you still dare to go to a gathering?” She mocked, “You’re at the bottom of the pack, yet you still have the gall to go to a gathering. Aren’t you afraid…”

“My classmates are still waiting for me over there. I’ll get going now.”

Chu Luo left after saying that.

Chu Ting was so angry that her chest heaved up and down heavily. She wished she could run over and tear Chu Luo apart. She felt that Chu Luo had been purposely ignoring her.

She turned around and cried to Wei Wei. “Mommy, I feel terrible~”

Wei Wei hugged her shoulder and patted her back with a pained expression. “Don’t be upset. You should go to school and compare your answers with the top students in your class. You have to believe in yourself.

“Your form teacher and the top tutors we hired for you in the capital said that you would definitely be able to get into Imperial University. Would they lie to you?”

“Really?” Chu Ting just wanted to be comforted. Hearing those words, she felt much better.

Wei Wei nodded and took out a card from her bag. “There’s 100,000 yuan inside. Tonight, you can invite all your classmates to have fun and relax. The day after tomorrow, we’ll go to the capital to have you treated.”

At the thought that she would be able to remove her Gu soon, Chu Ting’s mood finally brightened.

When they returned to school, Old Gao glanced at the entire class. Other than Jiang Siyi, everyone was there. Thinking of Jiang Siyi’s behavior after the exam ended, he could only shake his head in his heart.

Upon thinking about the college entrance examination, Old Gao couldn’t help but smile again. The teachers who taught other subjects also came to their class at the same time.

All the teachers were smiling.

“Chu Luo is incredible. Her guesses were more accurate than ours.”

“That’s right. If we had known that Chu Luo was so good at guessing questions, we would have given the time to her on the last few days.”

“Students, you can estimate your marks now. The questions this year were very difficult. The admission cutoff for the top-tier universities will definitely drop.”

When the teachers said that, everyone became even more excited.

After everyone surrounded Chu Luo and asked her the answers, everyone had epiphanies.

“It’s better than I expected. I think I have a chance to get into the second-tier universities.”

“Hehe, I was thinking about getting my old man to buy me an undergraduate degree if I couldn’t get in. There’s no need for that now. I should have no problem getting into a third-tier university.”

“Heavens! I think I can get into a first-tier one. Boohoo… I’m so happy!”

“Haha! Other than this year’s Chinese essay question, which was a little crazy, I should be able to score 100% for the other papers’ major questions.”

Everyone spoke and laughed and cried. The atmosphere in Grade 12, Class 4 was extremely good.

However, most of the students in the other classes had gloomy expressions on their faces, especially those who had stood outside the window of Grade 12, Class 4 to watch the show. They were simply pounding their chests and stamping their feet in pain.

“Back then, Chu Luo from Grade 12, Class 4 correctly guessed most of the questions. Why did I only care about watching the show? If I had known, I would have revised that type of question properly. Boohoo, I regret it so much…”

“Me too. When I saw those similar questions, I had an urge to slap myself. Why didn’t I memorize them back then?”

The entire Grade 12 building was filled with wailing and howling.

When Teacher Li, who was standing on the podium of Grade 12, Class 1, learned that Chu Luo had spotted all the questions correctly, her heart was twisted with jealousy and pain. Yet she had to put on a gentle expression to comfort her students.

“The college entrance examination questions in the entire empire this year were difficult. When the time comes, the critical admission score will definitely drop. Our class is the elite class. As long as everyone had performed normally, it won’t be a problem for you to get into the key universities.”

“Will the cutoff score for Imperial University drop?” This was what Xu Yanqing was most concerned about. He was so anxious that his face turned pale. “I’ve checked all the college entrance examination records since Imperial University was founded. The cutoff score for Imperial University has always been above 700 points. The questions for the year XX were also difficult, but even then, Imperial University didn’t lower the cutoff score.

“I estimated my score. I got 680 at most this time. Am I not getting into Imperial anymore?”

After Xu Yanqing finished speaking, he suddenly let out a loud cry. A grown man lay there and started crying.

Xu Yanqing’s words immediately sent the class into a state of distress.

Teacher Li’s face instantly turned ashen, then instantly changed back. She hurriedly looked at Zhang Tianyi and asked, “Tianyi, what’s your estimated score?”

Zhang Tianyi’s face was also ashen.

“Between 680 and 690.”

When Teacher Li heard this score, her heart froze and her vision darkened. She grabbed the edge of the desk to prevent herself from falling.

It was unknown if she was consoling herself, but she quickly said, “Your estimates are all conservative. Maybe your real results will be 700 points.”

After saying that, she turned her gaze to Chu Ting, whose eyes were red. It was obvious that she had just cried.

“Chu Ting, your sister guessed most of the questions for Grade 12, Class 4 correctly. You are her sister. Did she tell you about the questions she spotted? Do you have a high estimated score?”

Chu Ting was stunned for a long time by this question.

When she reacted, shock and disbelief flashed across her face, followed by anger and exasperation, until finally, her heart, liver, and spleen twisted. Her voice even changed. “What? Chu Luo spotted all the major questions?”

She had lost all her marks this time because of the last major question.

And the major questions accounted for 25% of the marks for every subject.

“Impossible. She’s at the bottom of the rankings. How could she possibly have this ability?!”

Chu Ting’s vision darkened and she almost fainted from anger.

Old Gao talked about the dates of the release and of the submission of the application for the colleges, then he announced to everyone with tears in his eyes, “Students, your high school life is over. School is dismissed.”

With that, he turned his head away, and tears almost flowed from his eyes.

He couldn’t bear to leave these children.

The entire class was stirred up by him, and a few girls even started sobbing.

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At this moment, a clear voice sounded. “Teacher Gao, you should save your worked-up emotions until our college entrance examination results are out. It won’t be too late to cry from joy then.”

The reluctance to part that Old Gao felt in his heart was immediately dispelled by these words. He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand, turned around, and scolded jokingly, “Little Miss Chu, if you can’t get first place in the country this time, Teacher will definitely hit your palm with a ruler.”

Chu Luo raised her chin slightly and said confidently, “Teacher Gao, I won’t give you that chance.”

“Haha! Okay! I’ll wait for you to make Teacher proud.”

Once Old Gao finished speaking, Ji Cheng stood up and gritted his teeth, asking, “Since we’ve graduated, can we say goodbye to these books?”

Without waiting for Old Gao to speak, he turned around, opened the back door, and ran out.

A few classmates sitting behind him also ran out with their textbooks.

Then, he heard a few people standing in the corridor shouting, “Screw the college entrance examination. Screw the textbooks. Today is the day I can hold my head high.”

Then, there was the sound of running and shouting coming from the corridor.

Chu Luo turned her head to look and saw many people leaning on the railing, tearing books and throwing them downstairs.

Then, the entire Grade 12 building erupted.

Footsteps. The sound of running feet. The ripping sound of books being torn off.

Pieces of paper fluttered down like snowflakes.