Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: The Truth Behind Her Parentage

Chu Zhengyang hadn’t planned to hit Wei Wei. He was stunned at first, but after hearing what she said, his face turned ashen.

“So that’s what you’ve thought of me all these years?”

Wei Wei was so angry that she had lost her senses. “Isn’t that the case? If it weren’t for…”

The sudden reprimand made Wei Wei’s body tremble and she immediately shut up.

Wei Yongchang strode over from the end of the corridor.

He first glanced at Chu Luo, who was standing in the corner, with a powerful gaze before looking at Chu Zhengyang and Wei Wei.

His expression instantly became stern. “As parents, what are you saying in front of the child?”

Chu Zhengyang and Wei Wei then realized that Chu Luo was standing there.

Chu Zhengyang’s expression changed and he quickly called out, “Luoluo.”

Chu Luo looked at him coldly.

Chu Zhengyang felt a pain in his heart. His lips trembled, but he didn’t know what to say. He looked at Wei Yongchang with red eyes and said in a pleading tone, “Big Brother, the Gu worm in Luoluo’s body…”

Wei Yongchang obviously knew about this too. “Master Xiang left this morning. I’ll send someone to invite him over immediately.”

Chu Zhengyang heaved a sigh of relief. “Thank you, Big Brother.”

“Big Brother!” Wei Wei’s expression turned even uglier, and her voice suddenly rose. “Tingting is so weak. What if she finds out that the Gu worm in Chu Luo’s body has been transferred and she gets injured due to anger?”

“Shut up!” Wei Yongchang snapped. “You’re getting worse by the day. Both of them are your children. Do you really not want this family anymore?”

Wei Yongchang’s face darkened. “Go back to your room and reflect on yourself. You’re already in your forties, but you’re still so stubborn.”

Wei Wei shrunk her neck and glared at Chu Luo before leaving unwillingly.

After Wei Wei left, Wei Yongchang glanced at Chu Luo, then at Chu Zhengyang. “It’s already very late. Rest early. I’ll get someone to invite Master Xiang over as soon as possible.”

Wei Yongchang nodded at him and left.

After everyone had left, Chu Zhengyang called out tentatively, “Luoluo.”

Chu Luo walked out from the corner and looked into his eyes. “What exactly is going on? You aren’t my biological parents, are you?”

“Tell me.” Chu Luo deliberately raised her hand to cover her chest.

“Luoluo, calm down.” Chu Zhengyang panicked and walked towards her.

“Stop right there,” Chu Luo threatened. “If you don’t tell me, I’ll leave this place. She wants me dead anyway, and I don’t want to see either of you.”

When Chu Zhengyang heard this, he stopped in his tracks and revealed a pained expression. After a while, he closed his eyes and said in a helpless tone, “Luoluo, I’ll tell you, as long as you don’t get agitated… Xiao Wei and I are indeed not your biological parents. We are your uncle and auntie.”

“Hur hur! I see.” Chu Luo continued to ask, “Where are my biological parents?”

“They… they’ve already passed away.” It was obvious that Chu Zhengyang didn’t want to talk about this matter. His face was filled with pain. In the end, he covered his face with both hands and said in a pained voice, “Luoluo, I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you all these years because I was afraid you would think too much.”

Chu Luo looked at him coldly and thought of the indignation and self-withdrawal that this body’s owner felt towards the end.

“I often wonder why she would give me such a cold face no matter what I do. I was clearly more obedient and sensible than Chu Ting when I was young, but you guys have always ignored me.”

“It’s not like that… It’s not like that… You’re still young, you don’t understand.” At this point, Chu Zhengyang’s shoulders slumped. “Luoluo, if you want to hate someone, then hate Dad… Uncle. It’s Uncle’s incompetence that made you suffer so much.”

At this point, Chu Zhengyang finally put down his hands. His eyes were even redder than before. “Go back and rest. When Master Xiang comes, we’ll have him transfer away the Gu worm in your body.”

After saying that, he turned around and left, covered in exhaustion and sadness.

Chu Luo narrowed her eyes and looked at Chu Zhengyang’s back. Her lips curled into a mocking smile. “You deliberately turned a blind eye because you wanted to rely on the Wei family.”

Chu Zhengyang staggered, but he didn’t stop to explain. Instead, he continued walking.

The sneer on Chu Luo’s face deepened.

She turned around and returned to her room. With a tap of her finger, the Phoenix Zither appeared in front of her.

Phoenix’s excited voice rang out in her mind. “Mistress.”

Chu Luo said, “Set up a barrier outside this room. I’ll let you return to your original form.”

A red light quickly flew out from her wrist and the entire room was surrounded by a barrier.

Chu Luo sat cross-legged on the bed, placed the zither on her legs, and quickly started playing.

As soon as the zither melody came out, the entire space started moving despite the absence of wind. White mist curled up around the area. After a while, a phoenix cry sounded.

The white mist was dispelled by a ball of golden flames.

The golden flames turned the entire space red. After a while, the flames gradually weakened. A phoenix circled above Chu Luo.

Chu Luo put away the Phoenix Zither and looked up at Phoenix.

Phoenix immediately retracted the flames on her body and flew to Chu Luo’s shoulder before stopping. She rubbed her head against Chu Luo’s face and sent her an intimate voice transmission. “Mistress, if you have any instructions from now on, just tell me.”

Chu Luo raised her hand to stroke Phoenix’s head and said, “This world is a little different from the world we lived in. At present, we haven’t encountered anyone particularly strong. If we can use the rules of this world to resolve an issue, then we’ll use the rules of this world.”