Chapter 669 - Side Story Fifteen (2) ?

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Beibei and Momo looked at each other and nodded at him.

This was indeed a pirate’s lair. The three of them turned invisible and walked around in two directions. Finally, they met in a concealed place.

Sun Tianhao took out something wrapped in wide leaves and said to them, “I brought some food from the big kitchen here. Eat quickly. It’s getting dark. I’ll find a place for you guys to spend the night later.”

“What about you?”

The two of them asked at the same time.

Sun Tianhao was prepared to deal with all the pirates here tonight, but he definitely wouldn’t let the two children know about such a bloody matter. He said, “I’ll rest too.”

Beibei and Momo looked at each other. The two children were very smart. They knew that he was lying, but they didn’t expose him.

The three of them quickly finished eating.

Sun Tianhao brought the two of them to the cell here.

Beibei and Momo nodded at the same time.

There were no electric lights in the pirate nest to begin with, and every family used a kind of glowing bead to illuminate their surroundings.

There was definitely no light over at the cells.

After the three of them walked into the cell door, Sun Tianhao said, “There’s no one inside. I’ll send you in first. I’ll see if I can bring you some blankets and clothes later.”

After saying that, he pushed open the door and led the two of them in.

Beibei took out a bead from her Heaven-and-Earth pouch. The bead emitted a gentle glow in the dark.

Sun Tianhao was a little surprised. “Beibei, where did you get the Night-Luminescent Pearls?”

“Brother Momo got it from a family.”

Sun Tianhao gave Momo a thumbs up. “Momo is so thoughtful.”

The cell environment here definitely wasn’t great. Other than the fact that it was dry and could block the wind, there was nothing inside.

There wasn’t even a bed board inside.

Sun Tianhao took off his coat which had turned dry and placed it on the ground. He said to the two of them, “Sit down. Third Uncle will be back soon. Don’t come out again.”

“Got it, Third Uncle.”

Only then did Sun Tianhao turn around and leave.

After Sun Tianhao left, Beibei said to Momo, “Brother Momo, do you think Third Uncle will do something tonight?”

Momo nodded, but he didn’t want to talk about this matter. Worried that Beibei was afraid, he asked, “Are you cold?”

Beibei handed him her hand.

Momo held her hand and, realizing that it was a little cold, said, “Lean on me. I can drape my coat over you if you’re cold.”

“No. Third Uncle said that he went to look for blankets.”

After saying that, Beibei leaned her head on his shoulder.

Initially, she didn’t want to sleep. As soon as she sat down, she actually started to doze.

Momo wrapped his arm around her shoulder and made her comfortable.

Beibei said, “Brother Momo, I’ll sleep for a while. Wake me up when Third Uncle comes back.”

After Momo answered, Beibei fell asleep.

Sun Tianhao returned after more than half an hour. Indeed, he had brought back two blankets.

Seeing that Beibei was asleep, he spread one of the blankets on the ground and gently carried Beibei to the blanket before covering her with another.

Since Momo wasn’t asleep, Sun Tianhao gestured to him. “Momo, sleep too.”

After saying that, he walked to the wall and sat down, leaning against it to rest.

Momo looked at him for a while, then lay down beside Beibei.

At midnight, Sun Tianhao opened his eyes.

Momo opened his eyes at the same time.

Seeing that Sun Tianhao had woken up, he was about to follow him. Sun Tianhao quickly stopped him. “Don’t get up, or Beibei will be woken up by you.”

Then, he didn’t hide it from him and said, “Momo, take good care of Beibei. I’ll deal with all those pirates.”

Momo was a little worried. “Third Uncle, I’ll go with you.”

“No need. With the Invisibility Talisman, I can easily deal with those pirates. You just have to take good care of Beibei.”

Momo thought for a moment and nodded.

Beibei, who was sleeping like a little pig, had no idea what was happening outside.

Until, she felt something and suddenly opened her eyes. Seeing the darkness in front of her, she touched the side fearfully.

Then came Momo’s voice. “Beibei, what’s wrong?”

Beibei first heaved a sigh of relief, then whispered to him, “Brother Momo, I feel like someone is here.”