Chapter 82 - Defeated Opponent

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Chapter 82: Defeated Opponent

The two of them stood facing each other. Zhang Ning was shocked by Chu Luo’s aura and took two small steps back.

Chu Luo’s lips curled up into a mocking smile. “You obviously know that Cousin doesn’t like you, but you still feign ignorance and keep pestering him. What you’re doing amounts to harassment. Say, if I beat you up today, will anyone pity you?”

“How dare you!” Zhang Ning’s voice was raised, but it was trembling.

Chu Luo sneered. “Then see if I dare.”

“You… you… you’re too much!”

Zhang Ning was already frightened by Chu Luo’s aura, and her heart was twisted by Chu Luo’s words. Seeing that no one came forward to help her, she couldn’t do anything no matter how indignant she was. In the end, she stomped her feet, turned around, and ran away crying.

She hadn’t even made a move.

After a few seconds of silence, Chu Luo turned around to look at the three boys who were still unable to snap back to reality from her extreme insults. She opened her big, innocent eyes and asked, “Problem taken care of. Can we go and eat now?”

Xie Minghai snapped out of his trance and bumped into Tang Zhiyun beside him in disbelief. “Brother Tang, is that junior really your cousin?”

Tang Zhiyun glanced at him as if he was looking at an idiot and said to Chu Luo, “Thank you.”

Chu Luo nodded. “It’s fine. To deal with such people, we have to attack their weaknesses.”

“Weakness? Sister Chu, do you mean the fact that she’s not as pretty as you?”

“Isn’t it the truth?”

Wang Mingtao immediately sucked up to her. “Sister Chu is the most beautiful girl. She’s even prettier than those famous celebrities.”

With sparkling eyes, Tang Zhiyun and Xie Minghai looked at Wang Mingtao, who was sucking up to her, and nodded in agreement.

The four of them walked towards the canteen.

While walking, Xie Minghai asked in a confused tone, “How old are you guys?”

Wang Mingtao kept calling Chu Luo “Sister Chu.” Xie Minghai felt that it sounded strange.

Wang Mingtao grinned and replied, “Sister Chu and I are both 18 years old this year.”

“Which one of you was born earlier?”

“Me? I was born in May while Sister Chu was born in July.”

Xie Minghai and Tang Zhiyun looked at Wang Mingtao, confused.

“Then why do you address her like she’s your older sister?”

Wang Mingtao said matter-of-factly, “Because she’s brilliant.”

Chu Luo glanced at Tang Zhiyun and Xie Minghai, who were at a loss for words. She had no intention of explaining and just smiled.

The Imperial University cafeteria was as luxurious as a star restaurant. As the four of them went there early, not many people were there to eat.

However, Chu Luo still became the focus of everyone’s attention when she entered.

Xie Minghai couldn’t help but laugh. “I can already imagine how big of a commotion this junior will cause when she comes to Imperial University to study. With your looks, I think you would become the school belle of Imperial University.”

Wang Mingtao immediately replied proudly, “Of course. Not only is Sister Chu beautiful, but she’s also very impressive.”

Tang Zhiyun and Xie Minghai were both amused by Wang Mingtao’s proud expression.

After the meal, Tang Zhiyun picked up a call. After he hung up the phone, he said to Chu Luo and Wang Mingtao excitedly:

“We’re in luck. A professor who’s just returned from working overseas is bringing a group of technicians to the technology building to test their data in the simulation chamber this afternoon. We can listen in.”

“That’s great.” Xie Minghai slapped his thigh and quickly took out his phone to make a call. “I’ll call Leizi and Qingfeng over too. How can they miss such a good opportunity?”

When Chu Luo and Wang Mingtao heard this, their eyes were filled with surprise.

The four of them quickly walked towards the technology building.

The technology building was a circular building with bulletproof glass structures that could block all interference and attacks. It covered a wide area. Looking from the outside, it appeared like a huge semicircular egg, the kind that flickered with a faint blue light.

From the moment they entered through the door, they were faced with electronic gadgets: 5G broadcasting screens, robot scanners, all-purpose automatic screening machine.

Tang Zhiyun and Xie Minghai stopped when they reached the gate.

Tang Zhiyun said to Chu Luo and Wang Mingtao, “You must submit your cell phone and all electronic products when you enter. Nothing inside must be leaked.”

After saying that, he and Xie Minghai took out their phones and removed their watches.

Chu Luo only had her phone. Wang Mingtao had also brought his watch and game console. He took them out at the same time.

Tang Zhiyun took their things to a locker outside the door and put them inside using his school card.

Just then, two other people rushed over.

When they saw Chu Luo and Wang Mingtao, they were a little surprised.

“Come, come, come. Let me introduce you. These are our future juniors Chu Luo and Wang Mingtao. Boss brought them here.” It was Xie Minghai who’d introduced Chu Luo and Wang Mingtao enthusiastically.

One of the two who came had the cheerful face of a northerner. He immediately revealed a toothy grin and greeted them, “Hello, I’m Yu Lei. You can call me Brother Lei.”

The other boy wasn’t tall and was relatively thin. He was wearing large black-framed glasses and a loose Pop shirt. He only pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and said the words “Xu Qingfeng” before closing his mouth. It was obvious that he had no intention of saying anything else.

Xie Minghai was worried that the two of them wouldn’t be able to accept Xu Qingfeng’s aloofness, so he explained, “Don’t mind him. Qingfeng has never been a talkative person.”

Chu Luo didn’t mind. Wang Mingtao also shrugged his shoulders.

After the two of them put their electronics into the locker, the six of them walked in together.

After a few rounds of inspection, they arrived at the hall inside.

“Wow, this place looks so posh and classy.” The moment Wang Mingtao entered, he was shocked by the various high-tech gadgets inside.

Chu Luo also sized up the place curiously.

This wasn’t the most shocking thing. The most shocking thing was that on a large circular platform in front of them, there was something that looked like a sleep capsule. There was no display above, but various complicated data was rolling in the air. In the middle was an exquisite image.

At this moment, there were a few people dressed in specialized clothes standing inside.

One of them pointed at the data and said something while the others quickly recorded it on their tablets.

Chu Luo was surprised to see the person who spoke.

“That’s the simulation chamber.”

Chu Luo retracted her gaze when she heard someone talking.

She pointed at the person standing inside and asked, “Is that the person you mentioned, the professor who just returned from working overseas?”

“That’s right. Professor Wu was invited by Imperial University from XX University in Germany at a high price. He’s also one of the developers of the simulation chamber.”

When Chu Luo heard this, the corners of her lips curled up involuntarily.

Tang Zhiyun noticed and asked subconsciously, “Do you know that professor?”

“No.” Chu Luo walked over.

At this moment, people gradually walked over. Soon, a large group of people surrounded the glass wall.

They could hear the voices inside. Everyone walked over and held their breaths, listening intently.

The professional jargon that Professor Wu spoke was complicated and difficult to understand. Moreover, he spoke very quickly. Soon, some people revealed confused expressions.

Chu Luo listened for a while and realized that she hadn’t learned some of it yet. She decided to go back and continue reading and consult Professor Wu from time to time.

Professor Wu led the debuggers to debug for almost an hour before it ended. After it ended, they discussed things and left.

After those people left, everyone couldn’t help but discuss.

“Professor Wu is too amazing. He can actually accurately find and perfect such a complicated database.”

“Of course. Professor Wu was a top professor at XX University of Technology in Germany. He’s also one of the developers of the ‘Blazing Glory’ and ‘Battle of Lightyears’ simulators.”

“I wonder if Professor Wu will teach a class next semester. I really want to attend his class.”

“I wonder if Professor Wu will accept students next semester. I really want to become his student.”

The group of people echoed each other as they left.

When the crowd had mostly dispersed, Chu Luo felt someone staring at them with an unfriendly gaze.

At this moment, a few boys standing on the other side of the glass wall walked over angrily.

The person in the lead had an outstanding appearance. He was tall and had long legs. He also carried an indescribable sense of superiority.

Walking beside that person was Xue Hui, who Chu Luo and the others had seen before.

As soon as Xue Hui saw them, now that he had a backing, he immediately started mocking them sarcastically. “Yo! Isn’t this Brother Yu’s defeated opponent?”

“Xue Hui, you are itching for a beating, aren’t you?” Before Tang Zhiyun could speak, Xie Minghai and Yu Lei clenched their fists so hard that they were cracking, making it clear that they would beat up Xue Hui if he said anything more.

Xue Hui subconsciously shrunk his neck. Suddenly, it occurred to him that with so many people on their side, there was nothing to be afraid of. He extended his neck and said in a boastful tone:

“Am I wrong? Tang Zhiyun is worse than our Brother Yu in all aspects. You may not know this, but Brother Yu’s tutor has recommended him to Professor Wu. Soon, Brother Yu will be Professor Wu’s first student.

“Also, the selection rounds for ‘Battle of Lightyears’ are about to start. Last time, you people framed Brother Yu and made him lose his title. You have to be careful this time. I heard that those whose accounts have been banned don’t even have the right to compete. Haha…”

Tang Zhiyun pressed down on Xie Minghai’s shoulder and turned around to indicate to Yu Lei and Xu Qingfeng not to be impulsive.

Only then did he turn to Ouyang Yu.

Ouyang Yu didn’t seem to notice that Xue Hui had angered the people opposite him to the point of wanting to beat them up. He looked at them and his lips curled up. He said as though he was speaking to old friends, “Long time no see. I didn’t expect to meet you guys here.”

The surroundings suddenly fell silent.

There was suddenly a smell of gunpowder in the air…