Chapter 85 - The Legendary God Y

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Chapter 85: The Legendary God Y

Chu Luo went to Professor Wu’s house to study computer science during the morning and Mrs. Wu insisted she stayed for lunch.

Before eating, Mrs. Wu served Wu Yiyao a bowl of extremely bitter-looking medicine.

Seeing her face turn pale after she finished the medicine while pinching her nose, Chu Luo asked, “Sister Wu, do you want me to put some herbs in the medicine to remove the bitter taste?”

She knew how bitter the medicine she had given Wu Yiyao was.

Unexpectedly, Wu Yiyao shook her head at her with a smile after wiping her mouth. “It’s okay. Drinking bitter medicine proves that I’ve recovered. Only then will it be real.”

When Wu Yiyao finished speaking, Professor Wu and Mrs. Wu looked at her sympathetically.

On the other hand, Wu Yiyao took it easy. She said, “Dad, Mom, don’t look at me like that. I had encountered a calamity in the past. Now that I’ve overcome it, anything major that I encounter in the future won’t be a problem anymore.”

After saying that, she picked up a piece of food for each of them and said, “Let’s eat. Dad still has to go to school in the afternoon.”

After saying that, she looked at Chu Luo and asked, “What is Sister Chu doing at home now?”

“Really? What game is Sister Chu playing?”

“Battle of Lightyears.”

Wu Yiyao chuckled when she heard the name of the game.

Professor Wu and Mrs. Wu looked at her in surprise.

Wu Yiyao said, “What a coincidence. My father and I are both developers of ‘Battle of Lightyears.’ Sister Chu, you can ask me if there’s anything you don’t understand.”

Chu Luo was a little surprised.

Wu Yiyao said, “I’m not in good health, so I can only stay at home usually. Dad’s study is full of books on computers and games. I’ve been influenced by them since I was young, so I fell in love with this line of work later.”

Chu Luo smiled until her eyes curved when she heard this.

“I plan to participate in the upcoming competition and level up my account to the max today.”

Wu Yiyao didn’t show any distrust. Instead, she asked curiously, “Really? What level is Sister Chu’s account at?”

These words made Wu Yiyao and Professor Wu look at each other.

Wu Yiyao said, “Sister Chu, if you want to play games in the afternoon, you can play here.”

Wu Yiyao actually wanted to help Chu Luo, but she was afraid that Chu Luo would let her imagination run wild, so she didn’t dare to say it.

Chu Luo obviously knew what she was thinking. She smiled and nodded. “Okay.”

With a computer expert here, she would definitely be willing to ask questions anytime.

After lunch, Chu Luo stayed at the Wu residence.

In the afternoon, she logged into the game with Wu Yiyao.

Chu Luo looked at the NPC in front of her and looked up at Wu Yiyao awkwardly from her computer.

Wu Yiyao pursed her lips and smiled. “I usually do maintenance in the game. I’ve logged into an NPC account. Why don’t we team up?”

Chu Luo looked at her suspiciously.

Wu Yiyao still had that gentle smile on her face. “Don’t worry, I’ll block out our information. No one will be able to see you.”

Chu Luo thought about it and nodded. The two of them formed a team.

When Wu Yiyao started a full-level mission and the two of them killed their way into the galaxy, Chu Luo realized the benefits of teaming up with an NPC.

When the two of them entered the interstellar storm circle, Wu Yiyao said to her:

“This is one of the missions where you can level up the fastest. Since you want to level up fully today, I can only open a back door for you. However, when the time comes, I won’t attack. When the NPCs attack, the monsters will automatically surrender. Letting you level up like this won’t be beneficial in your competition.”

Chu Luo responded with an “Mm.”

Wu Yiyao added, “But… the only bad thing about leveling up like this is that you’ll drop levels if you’re killed by monsters. I’ll protect your current level when that happens.”

This kind of backdoor no longer conformed to the company’s rules. If she was discovered, Wu Yiyao would be punished severely.

Chu Luo didn’t know about Wu Yiyao’s good intentions. She said to her confidently, “I won’t drop a level.”

Wu Yiyao nodded and led her to fight monsters.

To Wu Yiyao’s surprise, Chu Luo’s techniques were simply perfect. Every movement and skill output had reached perfection.

Interstellar missions were much more difficult than land missions. In the galaxy, not only did they have to deal with all kinds of monsters, but they also had to pay attention to the meteorites brought by the interstellar black holes and various interstellar storms. Once players were sucked into the interstellar black holes, they would directly fall back into the Novice Village. Also, if they were hit by the meteorites, their health points would drop.

Chu Luo had chosen a phoenix to be [Bai Ling]’s guardian beast. [Bai Ling] was wearing silver equipment as she stood on the phoenix that was emitting red flames. The visual effect was extremely shocking.

Especially when she encountered the Big Boss, all kinds of gorgeous techniques were calmly utilized by [Bai Ling]. As she countered the Big Boss’ ultimate move, this galactic field instantly became a hair-raising color.

Wu Yiyao had rarely seen such a gorgeous fight, so she stood to the side and watched.

But soon, she realized that something was wrong.

“Sister Chu, this Big Boss has the ability to absorb energy. Be careful.”

Chu Luo also realized that. Moreover, this kind of Boss tended to become even stronger when up against a strong player.

Most importantly, the Boss deployed attrition warfare. While the Boss was at the maximum level, [Bai Ling] was only at level 75. [Bai Ling] couldn’t afford to engage in such warfare with the Boss.

After an hour, the cool-down time[1] of [Bai Ling] became slower and slower.

Wu Yiyao panicked. “Sister Chu, why don’t I forcefully transfer you back? This Boss is too formidable.”

Chu Luo stared at the Boss opposite her seriously and asked, “What’s his fatal weakness?”

Wu Yiyao quickly typed on the keyboard for a while and said, “The crystal at his heart. He’ll die if you hit it.”

Chu Luo didn’t stop. She controlled [Bai Ling] to hide and defend, but her lips curled into a confident smile.

“Sister Chu, what do you want to do?”

Chu Luo didn’t answer her. She quickly controlled [Bai Ling] to counterattack. Suddenly, she deliberately made a skill mistake and saw that the Big Boss was about to use a sure-kill technique on her.

The corners of Chu Luo’s lips curled up. Her fingers moved faster on the keyboard. Phoenix was like a shooting star, charging straight at that skill.

Before Wu Yiyao could finish gasping, she saw Phoenix’s body turn to the side a second before she was hit by the skill then continue moving towards the Big Boss.

With a loud bang, Phoenix and the Big Boss perished together. [Bai Ling] was hit by the Big Boss’s sure-kill technique, and its health bar fell to the critical point.

Wu Yiyao widened her eyes and stared at the god-like [Bai Ling] on the computer. After a while, she recovered and looked at Chu Luo.

The corners of Chu Luo’s lips curled up. She was about to give [Bai Ling] the Blood Recovery Pill.

At this moment, a player in a black robe suddenly appeared in front of her.

Black Robe exuded a powerful aura that actually shattered the meteors coming towards her. However, Chu Luo had never seen this game character before. He was handsome and cold.

Most importantly, the player’s name above his head was Y, and it was unclear if it was an English letter or a pinyin.

[Y]: “You’d asked the NPC to open the back door for you. If they are discovered, the player will be banned and the person controlling the NPC will be fired.”

Chu Luo blinked at his dialog box and typed with a straight face.

[Bai Ling]: “What does that have to do with you?”

[Y]: “Nothing. I just can’t stand it.”

[Bai Ling]: “Are you trying to be righteous?”

[Y]: “You only have a little bit of health left. I can send you back to the Novice Village anytime.”

Chu Luo looked at the typed words and puffed up her cheeks in dissatisfaction. However, Wu Yiyao’s voice came from the side.

“Heavens, the legendary God Y of ‘Battle of Lightyears’! We actually met him here.”

Chu Luo tilted her head and looked at Wu Yiyao, who was a little excited when she said this. She suddenly remembered that Wang Mingtao had mentioned the top ten experts in ‘Battle of Lightyears’ to her before, and he had particularly emphasized God Y.

However, she didn’t feel excited at all. Instead, she felt that this person looked annoying. She thought to herself that when she reached Level 100, she must challenge this person.

[Bai Ling]: “I heard that you’re an unbeatable legend in ‘Battle of Lightyears’?”

[Bai Ling]: “Coincidentally, I like to challenge those at the top. When I reach the maximum level, I want to PK with you.”

[Y]: “Very good. Follow.”

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

[Y]: “I’ll help you rise to level 100. I accept your PK.”

As Chu Luo typed this, a soft light flashed and the health bar above [Bai Ling]’s head recovered to 100%.

It was [Y] who had filled her health bar.

[Bai Ling] followed [Y].

Wu Yiyao, who came back to her senses only after a long time had passed, tilted her head to look at the unusually serious Chu Luo with a complicated gaze. She suppressed her excitement and asked, “Sister Chu, are you really going to PK with God Y?”

“Why not? He’s a player too, not the boss of this game. As long as it’s a player, there’s no one that can’t be beaten.”

She actually couldn’t refute that.

When [Bai Ling] and [Y] did missions together, the speed of leveling up was as fast as a rocket.

By five o’clock, [Bai Ling] had reached Level 99.

[Y] suddenly said: “Time for dinner.”

With that, he got off the game.

Chu Luo looked at the vanished [Y], thinking that she would be maxed out in one more level. Coincidentally, she could reach the max level tonight after doing a mission with Tang Zhiyun and the others, so she quit the game.

Wu Yiyao had nothing to do after [Bai Ling] left with [Y], so she sat beside Chu Luo and read. Chu Luo said to her, “Sister Wu, I’ll take my leave now.”

Wu Yiyao put down her book and said, “Why don’t you stay for dinner tonight?”

Chu Luo was about to nod when her phone rang.

It was a message from the person who was helping her to retrieve the herbs and poisons from her Ocean City apartment.

After reading the message, Chu Luo smiled and said to Wu Yiyao, “The herbs that I’ve sent someone to retrieve are here. I have to go back and take a look.”

Wu Yiyao didn’t insist she stay after hearing that.

When Chu Luo returned to the residence, the first thing she saw wasn’t her herbs, but Li Yan, who was drinking tea in the living room.

[1] The minimum length of time that the player needs to wait after using an ability or item before it can be used again