Chapter 14 - Oddly Intimate Pose

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Chapter 14: Oddly Intimate Pose

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After finishing her cigarette, Nan Zhi washed her hands thoroughly and headed back towards the private room that Yanran had booked.

The private room was at the end of the corridor.

There were two private rooms in the clubhouse and Nan Zhi could not tell which one was the room that Yanran had booked.

She took out her phone and was about to call Yanran, when the door to one of the private rooms opened.

The lights were dim inside and she could faintly make out a group of people inside. Smoke lingered in the room and the clinking sounds of glasses being exchanged and resounding laughter could be heard.

“There is a beauty in this clubhouse that is way better than the current most popular female celebrities. Fourth Brother, I’ve already spoken to the manager. The beauty will be sent to us as soon as she arrives.”

“Fourth Brother, your sex life has been uneventful for far too long! It’s about time you got laid. Do you know how ridiculous the rumors and gossiping have become outside? They’re saying that you don’t like women and that you’re gay!”

Nan Zhi noticed that the one who spoke was a man who was handsome in a devilish manner and had a cigarette dangling out of his mouth.

As for the man who was called ‘Fourth Brother’, he was hidden in the darkness, away from the glow of the dancing lights and she could not get a clear glimpse of what he looked like.

Nan Zhi realized that she had entered the wrong room. She was about to turn and leave the room when an arm rested on her shoulders suddenly.

Her eyebrows furrowed together slightly. She wanted to push the arm away, but that person was full of strength as he pulled her into the room. “Everyone, look. Fourth Brother’s beauty is here.”

Nan Zhi’s red lips pursed together slowly. This was the the first sign of her getting angry.

She wanted to throw the other party over her shoulder and give them a thorough beating, when she she realized that there were several faces in the room that she had seen before on newspapers and on the television.

They were all respectable people who she could not offend at this point.

As she seems to be dazed and did not move, the man who had his arm around her shoulders led her to a sofa and pushed her forward forcefully.

Nan Zhi broke out of her daze at the push and stumbled, flailing her arms out to try to stabilize herself, though it was already too late.

She was suddenly kneeling on the floor after she had fallen. Her hands had reached reached forward unconsciously to find something to grasp onto as she fell.

The man sitting on the sofa had his legs opened wide. His tall body was leaning against the sofa lazily and a cigar rested between his fair and slender fingers. He did not have the chance to react to the woman who was falling towards him when the woman’s head fell into his crotch.

They were in a very strange position. One of them was sitting while the other was kneeling with her face in his crotch. Not to mention that one of them was Mu Sihan!

The room that was still noisy with loud chattering a moment ago fell silent in an instant, as though someone had turned off the sound like a tap. Everyone was looking at the scene before them with stunned expressions.

There were even several woman present who were secretly in love with Mu Sihan. They were delighted at what had happened and waited in anticipation for him to kick the woman away for even daring to be so close to him, let alone with her face buried in his groin.

The atmosphere was quiet, filled with a tense stiffness and weird.

Nan Zhi felt as if both her knee caps were almost shattered in pieces from the force she had landed on the ground. She cursed silently in her heart as she took in a deep breath instinctively and shifted herself to alleviate the pain.

The man on the sofa, who originally had a cold expression, visibly darkened when he felt Nan Zhi’s heavy breath on him. His dark orbs flashed light, then dark again, and his fingers tightened their grip on the cigar between them.

His other hand was resting under his chin, watching the spread-out long hair of the woman below him calmly. There was a vague tinge of anger floating deep within his eyes.

The floor was so hard she had trouble moving away. The pain was agonising. She was certain that the fall was more than a mere scrape. Nan Zhi tightened her jaw, blurting out unconsciously, “Shit, it’s so hard.”

The expressions of the others in the room became even more weirded out.

Several people looked at the direction of the male in question.

As for the women who had been eyeing Mu Sihan for a very long time, they all stared in blatant disbelief and the scene playing out in front of them. They had not been able to even get close to him in all these years and their hearts twisted at the audacity of this woman.

They had long heard that Young Master Mu never touched woman even though he was rich and had power, because he had erectile dysfunction!

The clubhouse was filled with pretty girls, however, he would only drink with the other men whenever he came. That was why everyone had assumed that he was bent the other way!

If that was the case, how could he have gotten an erection for a woman who had her face buried in his crotch?!

They could not believe it. They definitely could not believe it!