Chapter 32 - The Match Between the Big and the Small

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Chapter 32: The Match Between the Big and the Small

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“My goddess is the greatest beauty in the world. It’s your loss if you don’t want to see.” Xiaojie lifted his children’s phone high with the screen facing Mu Sihan.

Mu Sihan was not interested, “How old is your goddess?”

“She’s 22 years old, 168cm tall and her three body dimensions are… Um, I don’t know them, but her figure is really good. Besides, her skin is fair and she’s really pretty.”

Mu Sihan scoffed coldly in his heart. Women would do anything to get him nowadays. He couldn’t believe this woman had actually gotten such a small boy to promote herself to him.

“Go back and tell your goddess that I’m not interested in a woman who has such a devious mind.” Mu Sihan turned to leave.

He had not even taken a few steps when a small silhouette ran in front of him and blocked his way.

Mu Sihan felt he had already been too nice to this mischievous kid, despite his impatience. He lifted his straight brow as darkness glinted in his black orbs. “Move out of my way, kid.”

If it was any other person, they would have long been scared away by Mu Sihan’s domineering aura. However, this mischievous kid in front of him was not at all afraid or surprised. He merely looked back at him with his pair of big black eyes.

The stubborn and fearless attitude of the boy reminded him of the woman that had made him unhappy yesterday.

At the thought of that woman, Mu Sihan could not help but to glance at the mischievous kid once again.

Were his eyes playing a trick on him?

Why did the mischievous brat look a little like that woman?

He bent down slightly. His deep orbs moved towards the screen of the phone the kid was holding up.

The photo that Xiaojie had opened was a photo that he had secretly copied over from Nan Zhi’s phone. It was a private photo that Nan Zhi had, and was not shared anywhere.

The Nan Zhi in the photo was wearing a bikini, with a white shirt covering her upper body. Her hair and body were wet from seawater as she had just walked out of the ocean. She did not have makeup on and her lips were set in a wide, natural smile. Her pretty dimples could be seen while her eyes shone and her eyebrows were neat. The thin shirt clung tightly to her body, revealing every part of her figure. Under the shirt, there were a pair of long and fair legs that did not fail to steal anyone’s attention.

At first glance, Mu Sihan had thought that it was a racy photo that the kid had downloaded from an unknown magazine. Upon closer inspection, he realized that the female was more than a little familiar looking.

“What is your relationship with her?”

Xiaojie looked at Mu Sihan as if he was an idiot. He raised his eyebrows, “Didn’t I already say that she’s my goddess?”

“Is she your mommy or older sister?” Mu Sihan asked directly.

Xiaojie blinked his big eyes as his mind raced. If he said that she was his mother, would the man despise her for getting pregnant before getting married? To be safe, Xiaojie replied, “Of course she’s my older sister!”

“What about your parents?”

“I have never met my father ever since I was born. He’s probably gone to drink tea with Hades! It’s not like I’m concerned about him anyway, I’m fine as long as I have my Pretty Zhizhi.”

Mu Sihan’s black orbs squinted. “Who is Pretty Zhizhi?”

“Sigh, why are you so stupid? Pretty Zhizhi is naturally my… older sister.”

Mu Sihan raised his big hand, picking Xiaojie up by lifting the back of his shirt. “Young lad, you’re quite courageous. Try talking to me in such a disrespectful manner again?”

Xiaojie pouted, “Those who use violence to settle their problems are all mean men. Ah, I’m a little hesitant if I should introduce my Pretty Zhizhi to you after all.”

Mu Sihan watched at the kid’s pair of black and deep eyes was filled with traces of confusion. He placed him down on the floor with a cold expression. His words were stony and cold, “Give me her contact details.”

He had just warned her off yesterday and her younger brother was already finding him today.

Was this woman courting death or playing hard to get?

Xiaojie could not read what Mu Sihan was thinking. However, he did not know why but he felt this man was different from all the other uncles he had seen from the moment he first saw him at the airport.

“You can add Pretty Zhizhi’s Weixin*! She will add you if you put in a comment that you’ve been introduced by Brother Jie, after you’ve requested to add her.”

*Weixin is a messaging app that is very famous in China, similar to Whatsapp.

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