Chapter 37 - Tsk, So Sweet (1)

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Chapter 37: Tsk, So Sweet (1)

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Mu Sihan looked down at the petite woman who kept struggling in his embrace. She had dense, curled eyelashes that were unbelievably long. Every blink of her eye fluttered like gentle butterflies that seemed to be able to scratch the tip of one’s heart.

He smirked as his adam’s apple moved slightly. His body had a reaction.

It was a strange feeling. He had always thought that he was slightly more unreactive than most when it came to sex. It was not that no woman had ever gotten into his bed, but it was rare to find someone that could stir up his lust.

A tinge of interest surfaced in Mu Sihan’s deep orbs.

He watched as her earlobes became red from anger. She seemed beside herself and it only amused him further. He lifted his other hand and caressed her earlobes with an uncharacteristic gentleness.

The temperature of his fingers was lower than normal and Nan Zhi shivered slightly when the cool touch brushed over her boiling hot earlobes. They danced over the tender skin, exploring and sending chills down her back.

She did not know what this narcissist was trying to do. No matter how she explained, he never believed her and continued to believe that she was trying to seduce him on purpose.

The soft approach did not work. Neither did the hard approach.

What could she do to make him believe that she really did not have that kind of intention towards him?!

“Is Sihan back?”

“Yes, Old Madam.”

The conversation between the old madam and the housekeeper trailed faintly into Nan Zhi’s ears as their footsteps slowly approached. She started to struggle even harder. “Let go of me, quickly!”

Elderly people tended to be more conservative in their thinking and she had no idea what the old madam would think if she were to see the two of them hugging in the kitchen!

Although Nan Zhi knee she would never come back here again, she did not want to embarrass herself.

Mu Sihan lifted Nan Zhi’s completely red face with a firm hand. His black orbs were as dark as concentrated ink. “I’m interested in you. Be my woman.”

He was not asking her, nor was he asking for her opinion. It was exactly the type of presumptuous order that would come out of his mouth. It was clear he would not tolerate any form of rejection.

One would think he was an emperor that was above everyone else.

He was so overbearing and arrogant that it made one’s hair stand on end as no one else on earth could beat him. He would most likely strike them down if they even tried.

Nan Zhi had never met a man who could act like it was normal to be such a gangster.

Nan Zhi took a deep breath. She was about to reject him when the man’s lips attacked her suddenly.

One of his hands were clasped over both her wrists and the other was pinching her chin, forcing her to lift her head up and accept his kiss.

He pressed against her lips forcefully, wild and savage with all the arrogance she had come to associate with his presence.

Her mouth was slightly opened from the shock and his scorching tongue swept across her trembling teeth. Right after, his tongue caught and twirled around her tongue, keeping it in place. He sucked it hard, capturing her lips and bearing down on her as if he wanted to devour her whole.

Nan Zhi’s eyes widened, still frozen in shock that he had even kissed her again.

She struggled with all her might.?She didn’t want this!?However, his kiss deepened as she struggled.

The temperature between the two’s lips increased by the second, the heat becoming a scorching blaze that wouldn’t stop.

As she could not push him away, both of her hands on his shoulders started to pound uselessly at him and occasional sounds of betrayal left her mouth.

She was about to lose her breath from his intense entanglement. She had just gotten a fresh breath after he let go of her when he pressed against her lips once more.

He forced her to open her mouth, spreading apart her teeth. His venomous tongue invaded her entrance and twirled against her tongue like a vicious serpent. He licked every inch in her mouth expertly, as he enjoyed the sweetness that filled his tongue as he explored.

“Where did Sihan go?”

“I think Young Master went into the kitchen.”

Nan Zhi’s angry expression had an additional layer of panic at the sound of the old lady and housekeeper’s footsteps now approaching the kitchen.

However, the man that was kissing her ferociously was obviously not finished with her as he did not seem to have any intention to let go.

Nan Zhi was almost hysterical. Uneasiness and fear was laced in her eyes from the prospect of being seen by the old lady and housekeeper in such a licentious state. Not to mention it was with the young master, she couldn’t bear to even think of the consequences.

Her heart jumped to her throat at the sound of the footsteps. They were too close.

“Young Master Mu, please let go of me.” she lowered her voice into an urgent whisper.

The man stared at her red and swollen wet lips that were caused by him. He wanted to kiss her again. He raised his straight eyebrows and gave her an evil smirk, “What did you eat? It’s so sweet.”

At his question, Nan Zhi immediately felt around in the pockets in her sweater and took something out.