Chapter 41 - The Naughty Kid Is Her Son

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Chapter 41: The Naughty Kid Is Her Son

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Qin Yubing went to the shopping mall after she sent her mother home from the hospital. It turned out she had a slight fracture on her arm.

She bought a toy robot, then a basket of fruits and she left for the hospital once more.

She had only walked a few steps after she parked when she saw an extremely cool sports car parked not too far away.

It was the Lykan Hypersport.

With an extremely limited number of only seven models in the entire world, it was the car of one’s dreams. It was a special edition luxurious sports car that the young heir of the entertainment company that she was signed to wanted to buy, but could not afford. The price tag was astronomical and even sourcing one was unheard of.

Surprise appeared in Qin Yubing’s eyes.

What made her even more surprised and stopped her in her tracks, was the man who stepped out of the car.

He was dressed in black pants and a pair of trendy sunglasses covered his eyes. His extremely handsome face looked like he had been carved out from the world’s finest piece of marble. He had a well-defined nose while his thin lips were tightly pursed together. He exuded a coldness that had an ability to push away everyone around him a thousand miles.

There were several girls who passed by that stood still to stare at him with shy, furtive glances. However, no one dared to approach him as they were scared off by his frosty demeanour.

Mu Sihan took off his sunglasses as he pulled his phone out from his pocket. He slender fingers slid across the face of the phone as he called while walking towards the main hospital building.

Qin Yubing’s heart thumped a few times. She followed him unconsciously.

The two of them ended up in the same lift.

Qin Yubing stood in the corner, observing him as inconspicuously as she could. Her heart jumped in her throat as she stared at the man’s stylish hair and her eyes roamed over his wide, masculine back.

She remembered this man. She saw him in the clubhouse and he was hard to forget.

There were a few bodyguards following behind and listening to him respectfully when he walked out of the private room that time.

Qin Yubing heard him speaking on the phone, his voice impassive and eyes cold. “Old man, did you find out the hospital room of the kid that I told you about?”

“Nan Xiaojie? 608? I got it.”

Qin Yubing’s heart skipped a beat when she heard Xiaojie’s name and room number.

This man that looked handsome, wild and had an aura that was both terrifying and cold was here to look for Xiaojie?

How was he related to Xiaojie?

Why had she not heard Nan Zhi mention him before?

The man stepped out as soon as the lift reached the sixth floor, his strides tall and confident as he breezed through the corridor with his long legs.

Qin Yubing chased after the tall man hurriedly. She took a deep breath and pushed down the panic in her heart. She spoke softly, “Sir, are you looking for Xiaojie?”

The man in front of her did not seem to have heard her. He was arrogant and cold, and did not seem like he had any intention to even pause to give her a glance.

Although Qin Yubing could not be considered a big-shot in the entertainment industry, she was still considered rather popular and had gained a solid reputation. It was the first time she was actively ignored by someone in this way.

However, she did not dare to offend this person who was able to drive a Lykan Hypersport.

She spoke once more in a sweeter and gentler voice, “Sir, I’m Xiaojie’s godmother and Nan Zhi’s best friend. Since I’m going to see them as well, how about we go together!”

At the sound of Nan Zhi’s name, the man stopped walking and his aristocratic and handsome face looked towards Qin Yubing.

Although they were a few steps apart, it was Qin Yubing’s first time to get such a clear view of him.

His facial features were clear and well-defined. Angular brows were a firm sketch across his forehead and he had sharp and distinct black eyes that penetrated into her very soul. His scarlet lips were devilish and seemed forever pursed. The final picture worked together to form a perfect and charmingly handsome face that was unforgettable.

His eyebrow was slightly lifted, though it also gave him an appearance that was a little sexy and untamed.

Qin Yubing felt that he was just like a lion, the king of all animals that stood proudly above the grass plains. There was a sense of self-superiority and exceptional arrogance exuding from within him. It drew all attention to him like moths to a flame. He was not a person that any random woman could tie down.

Qin Yubing, especially, felt like she would be swallowed and could not breath under his oppressive aura, particularly when her eyes met his and was sucked into a deep and dark well of nothingness. He made her feel shy and foolish in his presence.

She moved her gaze and looked away. Her voice was slightly unstable, “I-I can bring you to Xiaojie’s hospital ward.”

Mu Sihan squinted his cold black eyes, “You’re Nan Xiaojie’s godmother?”

“How is he related to Nan Zhi?”

Qin Yubing did not know why would ask something like this, but she answered truthfully, “Zhizhi is Xiaojie’s mommy. Do you know her?”

Mu Sihan’s clearly defined lips pressed into a firm line and he turned to leave without answering Qin Yubing.