Chapter 52 - See How I Take Care of That Bitch

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Chapter 52: See How I Take Care of That Bitch

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Nan Yao saw that the sports car was following Nan Zhi at a distance. There was a trace of doubt in her eyes. “Does the owner of the sports car know Nan Zhi?”

Bo Sijing exploded in mock laughter and pouted red her lips in disdain. “Yaoyao, are you serious? You’re thinking too much. There is absolutely no way someone ofthat caliber would have any connection or interest in her. Nan Zhi has already lost her chastity, how could a Lykan Hypersport owner like her? Even a middle-aged uncle would not like her!”

Nan Yao pursed her lips thoughtfully, turning her eyes away from the Lykan Hypersport sports car and looked sideways at Bo Sijing with a soft smile. “I guess you’re right. I am thinking too much. Sijing, as far as I know, the broadcasting station is only recruiting four anchors and I was already accepted directly. You were ranked third during the first interview, so as long as you there’s no issues in the second interview, you will definitely get in.”

Bo Sijing smiled proudly. “Although my level of expertise and experience is not yet at your level, I am confident that I’m good enough to be accepted.”

“That may have been the case, except…” Nan Yao sighed and looked a little flustered. “I asked someone to look at the results from two days ago. Nan Zhi was late, but it seems that because of her beauty, Director Han Mo still allowed her to go through the interview. Other than deducting some points for not meeting punctuality, her results were better than yours and she ended up with rank just above you.”

Bo Sijing’s eyes widened in disbelief . “Isn’t Han Mo well known for hating people who are not punctual? She had never given anyone a second chance before! You’re saying that Nan Zhi was late but still got to attend the interview?” Bo Sijing gritted her teeth furiously. “That pretentious b*tch, she must have acted coquettishly again.”

“Director Han is a woman.” Nan Yao interjected.

“Because she is such a slut she even tries to seduce a woman,” Bo Sijing insisted. There was absolutely no way Nan Zhi would have gotten scores higher than her if she did not use despicable methods.

Nan Yao looked at Bo Sijing who despised Nan Zhi down to her bones. She added lightly, “Who asked her to have a face that’s attractive to both men and women? When she becomes an anchor, I’m afraid the audience will like her too!”

Not only was Nan Zhi’s beauty unique, it was also not outlandish or aggressive. She had an inexplicable charm that made one want to get close to her, whether they were male or female. That kind of charm would definitely attract a large proportion of the audience.

Nan Yao’s words reminded Bo Sijing of the class monitor she had secretly loved. If her beloved class monitor had not been hurt by Nan Zhi, he would not have left Ning City! It was all her fault!

All the old memories were dredged from the depths of her memory and a new hatred fired up from within Bo Sijing, igniting her jealousy. She snorted in contempt, “Yaoyao, just you wait, see how I’m going to take care of that evil b*tch!”

Nan Zhi reached the entrance of the broadcasting station when she suddenly she heard the jarring sound of a car horn. She turned her head on reflex and saw that the sports car had followed her and shuddered, pretending not to notice him.

The man was wearing black sunglasses that obscured most of his face. He raised a careless hand that was resting on the car window, putting his index finger and middle finger close together, then placed them upon his sexy thin lips. He blew lightly, giving her a frivolous flying kiss.

That look was the epitome of both handsome and arrogant!?Narcissist!

Nan Zhi was afraid of being seen and quickly looked away, pretending not to know man and quickly made her way to the door.

The man twitched his lips, stepped on the accelerator and the sports car sped off.

Nan Zhi breathed a sigh of relief and was about to walk into the lobby of the broadcasting station, when she suddenly felt a wet heat that was rapidly spreading across her chest. She looked down in dismay to see a coffee-colored liquid spreading down her light blue suit.?Sh*t!

“Oh, I’m sorry. It seems I’ve just sprained my foot and was not holding my coffee steadily. I didn’t spill it on you intentionally.” Although she was apologizing, Bo Sijing’s pretty face did not look at all apologetic. On the contrary, her face was one similar to the cat that had eaten the canary, smug and pleased with her ‘accidental’ mishap.

There were only ten minutes left before the second interview. Even if Nan Zhi had asked someone to bring a change of clothes for her, it would be too late.

She was left with two choices, one was to wear the coffee-stained clothing to the interview, the second option was for her to leave and find a set of clothes to change into, which would leave her late for the second time.

No matter which option she chose, both situations were extremely unfavourable and would definitely lead to a negative impression of her. It was her last chance, especially since she had been late the for the first round.

After Bo Sijing apologized to Nan Zhi, she did not wait for Nan Zhi to say anything and flounced into the elevator, holding onto Nan Yao with her nose up in a self-important manner.

Just as the elevator door was about to close, a hand suddenly shot in. Nan Zhi squeezed into the elevator and her body fell forward.

There was a hiss and a long tear appeared on Bo Sijing’s white satin dress after being pulled by Nan Zhi, exposing her snow white skin underneath.

Nan Zhi imitated the mocking tone Bo Sijing had used previously, “Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve just sprained my foot while rushing for the lift and accidentally pulled at your skirt.”