Chapter 63 - Young Master Wu’s Beauty

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Chapter 63: Young Master Wu’s Beauty

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Within ten minutes, Wei Lin exited the broadcasting and headed back to the car. He had never been one to waste time and was always efficient in his work.

Wei Lin’s heart could not help but jump at the sight of the handsome man wearing sunglasses and exhaling smoke in his sports car.

After all this time, he was still amazed by Young Master Mu’s face occasionally, even though he had been working for him for several years.

It was fortunate that he was not gay. If not, it would be bad to be smitten by Young Master Mu’s face. He would be setting him up for something impossibly out of reach and he would be doomed for life.

Mu Sihan’s cold and black eyes glanced at Wei Lin under his sunglasses. His sexy defined lips said coldly, “You don’t want your eyes anymore?”

Wei Lin coughed lightly into his right hand, covering his mouth in a fist and smiled sheepishly. “I’m thinking that there probably isn’t any woman who would be immune to Young Master Mu’s beauty.”

Mu Sihan’s gaze turned colder. “I’m not a woman. Save your unnecessary flattery and just say what you need to.”

Wei Lin straightened and quickly explained the situation in the broadcasting company to Mu Sihan.

Mu Sihan took off his sunglasses when he finished listening. He narrowed his dark eyes and smirked, his entire demeanour was arrogant and dangerous. “Go to Mayor Wen and tell him that if he heeds my advice, I will increase my investment in Ning City.”

Wei Lin school his expression as he tried to figure out what Mu Sihan meant. “Young Master Mu intends to keep Miss Bo in the police station for a longer period?”

“I naturally won’t let her off since she dared to bully my woman.”

Wei Lin felt a chill creep up his spine and he looked away purposely. Who was the one who had acted arrogant and ignored Miss Nan when they had first met?!

Mu Sihan threw the document on his lap at Wei Lin, probably knowing what Wei Lin was thinking about. “It was that woman who bothered me first!”

Wei Lin wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. It really was not easy to work for a CEO who had a bad temper!

Nan Yao reentered the broadcasting company after Bo Shaoxiu went to the police station to bail Bo Sijing out.

Together with Nan Zhi, and two other new colleagues that had been accepted had already finished touring the broadcasting company. Nan Yao followed them closely, going down the stairs behind Nan Zhi.

Nan Yao could not endure it any further once they reached the main hall. She said coldly, “Sijing will be bailed out of jail very quickly by Brother Shaoxiu. Nan Zhi, in this society, there is nothing that cannot be done if you have the money and status.”

Nan Zhi did not want to pay attention to Nan Yao as she did ignored her and continued to walk ahead with a calm and cold expression.

“Nan Zhi, just wait. I’m going to tell father about you bullying my sister-in-law. Once he finds out, father will definitely not let you come to work, even if you passed the interview.”

Nan Zhi scoffed, “When the water is crystal clear, there won’t be any fish. When a person is too perceptive and strict, even if they may be invincible, there will be no?followers.”?1

Nan Yao’s expression instantly became green. She suddenly recalled something as she stared at Nan Zhi’s slender and tall silhouette. In retaliation, she smirked and said, “Father gave me a Maserati for my birthday. I don’t think you have a car. Do you want to take my car and come back to visit the Nan family with me?”

Nan Zhi pursed her lips tightly as her chest suddenly ached with a stinging pain.

Back when she was still the young and arrogantly willful version of herself that had been raised by Nan Weiye, the car that she had wanted the most was a Maserati. She had dreamt for one, pined for one and longed so much for one. Nan Weiye had finally promised to buy her one when she became an adult.

In the end, he had colluded with Nan Yao and her mother to ruin her innocence.

“Thank you, but there’s really no need. My ride’s already here to fetch me.”

Nan Zhi saw the Lykan Hypersport sports car parked not too far away and she walked over on impulse.

Nan Yao looked around, but did not see any car around to fetch Nan Zhi. She scoffed at Nan Zhi coldly for acting strong. What a pretentious b*tch! Her jaw dropped when she saw Nan Zhi opening the door to the extremely luxurious sports car they had spotted earlier in the day. The one that was the exclusive limited edition where there were only a few models in the world. She didn’t want to admit it, but it made her Maserati look like cheap trash next to it.

Was Nan Zhi really being financially supported by the owner of the sports car?

Nan Yao ran forward to take a look at what the old man looked like. However, the sports car zoomed away, leaving only a stream of combustion in her face.