Chapter 69 - What Impression Is Needed in Front of an Idiot?

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Chapter 69: What Impression Is Needed in Front of an Idiot?

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Nan Zhi was pulled forcefully into the garden of the private restaurant by someone. She shook off the man that had grabbed her wrist the moment she stabilized herself.

The man was dressed immaculately in a striped blue suit. He was tall and handsome while his aura was faint. His amber brown eyes gazed at Nan Zhi with a penetrating coldness.

Nan Zhi rubbed her wrist and she looked away from the man’s face. Her lips tugged as she spoke coldly, “Bo Shaoxiu, you’re Nan Yao’s fiancé now. Isn’t it not appropriate to be seen by others with your ex-fiancée?”

Bo Shaoxiu took the chance to look Nan Zhi up and down. His eyebrows furrowed together at what he saw. It was his first time looking at her so closely after she had returned to the country.

She looked like a completely different person when compared to the Nan Zhi in the past. The immaturity that she used to have was gone. This woman had light makeup on that made her look both innocent yet charming. She did not seem as proud and willful as she was four years ago and seemed more gentle and elegant instead.

The long dress that she wore highlighted her figure in the best ways possible. Her skin was as fair as a peeled chicken egg. It was smooth and flawless, so moist that it seemed like water would drip from her skin. There was an aristocratic aura exuding from her and Bo Shaoxiu almost thought that he had mistaken someone else for her.

How could someone change so much?

The Nan Zhi in the past loved heavy makeup, smoking, drinking, skipping school and fighting. She was a spoiled young girl and even her father, Nan Weiye, thought that this daughter had been raised to be completely useless.

Even if she was not that good at her studies, the pursuers around her never stopped coming. He too had used two years before he successfully convinced her to give him a chance. Despite her arrogant nature, there was a wildness to her that was highly attractive.

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However, she was promiscuous and shameless in the end and had cheated on him. He would never forgive her.

All this time, he had never understood why she had accepted his pursuit when she did not even like him that much back then. He didn’t know why she did not let him touch her after they got together. It was only two days ago when Nan Yao passed him something that he finally understood why.

Bo Shaoxiu held both his hands into a fist. He tried hard to control his simmering emotions as he glared at Nan Zhi with intense hatred. “Do you think I want to be here with you? Tell me truthfully, Nan Zhi. Are you in dire need of money right now?”

Nan Zhi smirked coldly, “What does it have to do with you if I’m in need of money?”

“I can lend you a sum of money based on our relationship in the past if you’re in need of money. You should love yourself more. You’re still a daughter of the Nan family, even though you were tainted by someone else four years ago. Do you have no shame? How can you sell yourself and let yourself be supported financially by an old man? Think about your background and your family.”

He looked at her again and scoffed in disgust before continuing. “I know that old men nowadays like women who dress young, innocent and charming like the way you’re dressed now, but don’t you think that it’s disgusting? If your father knew, he would break your legs!”

Financially supported by an old man?

Nan Zhi knew it was definitely Nan Yao who had jumped to the conclusion that only an old man would be able to drive a Lykan Hypersport, after seeing her getting onto Mu Sihan’s sports car.

“Unbelievable. You’ve definitely gotten more stupid after getting together with Nan Yao!” Nan Zhi smirked without a care.

Bo Shaoxiu was extremely angry at Nan Zhi’s words.

“Nan Zhi, I thought that you’d changed since your appearance changed so drastically. I guess some things will always stay the same. A leopard will never change its spots.”

Nan Zhi raised her head, her skin fair and lips hooked into a smirk before she laughed lightly, “Do I need to have an good impression in front of a fool?”

Bo Shaoxiu held his rage back behind gritted teeth and nodded sarcastically. “It’s no wonder that you’ve become so eloquent. I can see that those lessons in hosting have worked wonders. Anyway, I didn’t come here to argue with you. Let me ask you, did you spout out any nonsense to the old man who is supporting you financially?”

Nan Zhi raised her eyebrows. She was not in a hurry to answer Bo Shaoxiu, she could tell he had more to say.