Chapter 71 - Pulling Her to His Chest

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Chapter 71: Pulling Her to His Chest

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After Bo Shaoxiu left, Nan Zhi leaned against a big tree, looking up at the sky that was darkening gradually.

Her fan-like long eyelashes was slightly drooping, hiding the fluctuating emotions within her eyes.

When she was 13 years old, she had been severely ill and had to have an operation. After the operation, she took hormone drugs which caused her small, egg-shaped face to swell like a bun, her long black hair to wither and bleach to a straw-like yellow and her body to become bloated. She did not recognize herself at all. Where did her beautiful face silky hair go?

After she became ugly and fat, she was ridiculed and teased by her classmates and neighbors. Her mother allowed her to stop school for half a year, knowing that she had a strong self esteem and that the hateful comments would only upset her.

Her mother brought her to a resort to recuperate, where she was kidnapped and almost lost her life. When she thought she would not be able to survive that ordeal, someone had rushed in and saved her.

At that time she was so heavy and ugly but the boy did not find her repulsive. He carried her home and took care of her for several days.

When her mother found her and brought her back, she only knew his name was Gu Sheng.

The boy with the sunny smile was only a year older than her.

A clear and melodious ringtone of the cell phone pulled Nan Zhi out of her memory.

Seeing the caller’s name, she took a breath and adjusted her mood. She pressed the answer button, a sweet smile on her lips. “Darling, Mommy won’t be back for dinner tonight. You have to behave and listen to Grandma Zhou, okay?”

The excited chattering of Xiaojie could be heard on the other end of the phone, evoking a tender smile on Nan Zhi’s face.

“Mmm, yes darling, Mommy passed the second interview… Of course, there’s nothing your Mommy can’t do once she’s on the field! Okay, let’s call your two godmas and celebrate for Mommy this weekend, okay?”

She continued to smile as she heard Xiaojie burbling happily.

“Okay, Mommy will be back later. I know, I will be careful, mwah.”

After answering the phone, Nan Zhi’s low mood improved. In front of her little darling, she would be the most fearless woman warrior.

She kept her phone and walked towards the private room. As she turned the corridor, a tall figure leaned against the wall a short distance away.

He stood under an intricate palace lantern, an unlit cigar in his mouth, his fingers playing with a small lighter. From time to time, he would flip open the lid and blue flames would burst out, but he did not light up his cigar.

He did not look at her, his expression cold and the corners of his mouth playful.

Nan Zhi’s heart jumped.

Did he hear the conversation she had with Bo Shaoxiu?

But whether he did or not, she couldn’t bring herself to care. She had nothing to do with him and did not need to care about what he thought.

Nan Zhi took a deep breath and walked towards him.

Hearing her footsteps, the imposing man raised his head to look up at her. His dark eyes were gloomy and pitch black, so deep it was hard to see where they ended.

When he was as cold as ice, his aura would also turn cold. With just one glance, he would be able to make people lose their thoughts.

Nan Zhi came up to him and said apologetically, “Sorry to have kept you and Alvis waiting. Let’s go into the room now!”

Nan Zhi turned, wanting to leave first, but she had just stepped forward when her wrist was grasped firmly by the man.

He pulled her towards him roughly.

Nan Zhi was unprepared for the sudden jolt and the tip of her nose hit against his firm chest. She flinched and felt a pain that made her eyes water.

She closed her eyes and forced herself to endure the pain before glaring at the man.

Almost at the same moment, the man had lowered his head, staring balefully at her.

He was wearing his black shirt in an unruly manner, three buttons were unbuttoned, revealing his exquisite and sexy collarbone. His handsome face was clouded over, his deep dark eyes cold. “You have nothing else to say to me?”

Had he overheard that man asking her to beg the ‘old man’ who was financially supporting her to release Bo Sijing? That would mean he would also have heard him asking her to go to Kaiyue Hotel tonight!