Chapter 73 - You Can Take off Your Dress

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Chapter 73: You Can Take off Your Dress

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@#$%! He’s not here have to a meal, he’s here to eat gold!

Although she had lived a luxurious life when she was growing up, times were very different now. Her life savings totalled somewhere between $500,000 and $600,000. It was nothing to sniff at, but she was far from the rich and affluent.

And that was all for Nan Xiaojie’s treatment.

Nan Zhi looked down at the beautiful dress she was wearing. When Alvis let her wear it at the broadcasting station, he had repeatedly stated that once she wear the dress, it belonged to her and he would not take it back.

If this meal ate up all her savings, could she sell this dress to get some money back? It was definitely something she could consider.

Thinking of this, Nan Zhi’s flurried mood of being soon bankrupt and unable to take care of her son subsided.

During the meal, only Alvis and Nan Zhi spoke. Mu Sihan had one hand on the back of the chair and the other holding his cigar. Other than puffing his cigar, he did not move his chopsticks at all.

A bottle of red wine was opened and Nan Zhi and Alvis drank three glasses.

During the meal, Mu Sihan did not look at Nan Zhi at all. His cold countenance made the atmosphere in the room rather stifling.

After the meal, Nan Zhi took the unopened bottle of red wine to the cashier to pay the bill.

The cashier printed out the receipt and passed it to Nan Zhi. “After giving you a 2% discount, the total comes to $488,000. Will you be paying by card or cheque?”

“By card.” Nan Zhi took out her only bank card with from her bag. It contained her life savings.

A few seconds later, the cashier looked at Nan Zhi strangely. “Is there insufficient balance in it?”

Nan Zhi pursed her lips and suddenly remembered that she had paid the hospital more than $100,000 for Xiaojie’s hospitalization fees not long ago.

Nan Zhi looked at the receipt and found that the cashier had counted one more bottle of red wine and said hurriedly, “We only opened one bottle of wine. If this bottle is returned, there should be enough balance to settle the amount.”

“I’m sorry, we have a rule here that all drinks ordered by our guests are not allowed to be returned.”

It was the first time Nan Zhi had heard of such a ludicrous rule. She frowned. “This bottle was not opened and it’s still new, why can’t I return it?”

“We are an upscale restaurant for the upper class and have a reputation to maintain. We only serve eight tables a day, so the rules here are different from that of other restaurants.”

“Miss, do you have any other cards?”

“No, can you ask your manager if I can return this bottle of wine?”

The cashier looked at Nan Zhi with a small smile and said sarcastically, “Miss, is this is your first time here? If you do not have enough money, there are still many other places to eat, why puff yourself up at your own cost?”

Nan Zhi raised her eyebrows.

A woman’s hostility to another woman was at times quiet and unassuming, often simmering below in pulsing undercurrents. Nan Zhi knew it wasn’t her imagination. She felt the cashier’s hostility towards her.

Nan Zhi smiled lightly, the dimples at the corner of her lips could be seen faintly. “This is how you treat your guest? Did I say I wouldn’t be paying? Is it that difficult for you to call your manager here?”

“Our manager is very busy, he has no time to deal with poor people like you.” The speed the cashier became openly hostile was as sudden as turning the pages of a book. She looked scornfully at Nan Zhi’s elegant dress, then said in a contemptuous voice, “Or you can take off your dress to settle the bill.”

Nan Zhi was ticked off by the cashier’s attitude. “Are you the manager’s wife or his mistress? Do you have the right to make decisions for him?”

The cashier stood up from the chair. “Don’t look down on people, I have done nothing wrong! Unlike you, seducing Young Master Bo when he already has a fiancée.”

Nan Zhi instantly understood why the cashier was so hostile to her. She knew Bo Shaoxiu and Nan Yao. But, thinking about it, Bo Shaoxiu must have brought Nan Yao to this type of place before.