Chapter 74 - Go Head-to-Head

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Chapter 74: Go Head-to-Head

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“Don’t think that because you’re beautiful, you can seduce Miss Nan Yao’s fiancé. I’ve seen a lot of women who are vain, materialistic and use their body to stand out like you. I can see that some people really are only fair on the outside and rotten to the core inside!”

The cashier spoke louder and louder, making the people walking about looking their way.

“You failed in seducing Young Master Bo, now you wanted to seduce the two men who went in the room with you right? Pft, you treat them to a meal and they didn’t even help to pay. You’re so pathetic! To tell you the truth, I have been working here for more than half a year, and I’ve never seen a woman treating before!”

There was a sharp pain in Nan Zhi’s temple. She knew that there were many strange things in the world, but she seems to be meeting them a lot today.

“Miss Nan Yao is the young lady of the Nan family, she will also be a broadcasting station anchor! Who do you think you are, her status is not one you can match! You use your body to be prominent but you don’t even have enough money to afford the meal, you really are an embarrassment to all women.”

Nan Zhi raised her eyebrows, her voice cold. “Are you done? You’re so good at imagining things, why don’t you go and become a screenwriter? Or are you jealous of me seducing Bo Shaoxiu? If Nan Yao knew that a small cashier like you is coveting her man, what do you think she’ll do?”

The cashier widened her eyes in shock, staring at Nan Zhi with a pale face. “W-what are you talking about?”

Miss Nan Yao did not find out about this, how could this woman have known?

Nan Zhi knew Nan Yao, before her mom married Nan Weiye, both mother and daughter did not live in luxury. After she flew up to a branch and became a phoenix, she had always looked down upon those who were of lower status than her. How could she possibly have a good relationship with this cashier?

The cashier would not speak up for Nan Yao for no reason, so there was only one possibility.

The cashier liked Bo Shaoxiu.

The waiter who passed by overheard that the cashier liked Bo Shaoxiu, and gave her a strange look.

The cashier was embarrassed but thinking that Nan Zhi could not even afford a meal, her words became more harsh. “Don’t think that just because you have a glib tongue, I will be afraid of you. If you are so capable, pay for the meal! Don’t you think you have a pretty face? Then call the man you are with to come out and pay for you!”

The cashier smirked in derision, “This bottle of wine can’t be returned, if you have the guts, go into the room now, take off your clothes and sleep with the two men. Then maybe you will have the money to pay the bill.”

Nan Zhi could not take it anymore. She took a cup of tea from an attendant passing by and splashed it over the cashier’s face, her face expressionless. “Your mouth smells so bad, I think it needs a rinse.”

The cashier glared at Nan Zhi angrily, gritting her teeth as she wiped the tea off her face. “Just you wait.” She picked up the phone and dialed a number.

Not long after, three tall security officers came.

“She wants to have a free meal here and can’t afford to pay. This woman threw water all over me. Please see to it that she never comes back. We do not welcome people like her.”

One of the security officers was probably interested in the cashier. As soon as he came over, he pushed Nan Zhi fiercely.

Nan Zhi took a few steps back and almost fell. Suddenly, her back crashed into a broad and warm chest, her slender shoulders held on tightly by a pair of large palms.

There was a warm breath near her neck as the man lowered his head. His thin lips were close to her ears and his voice dark. “Are you okay?”

Before Nan Zhi could say anything, the man had straightened up and kicked the security officer who had pushed Nan Zhi. The man fell back onto the ground and groaned.

The other two security officers immediately attacked, but soon, a dozen bodyguards in black rushed in from outside, surrounding the other two security officers.

Nan Zhi only heard brutal sounds of punching, kicking and cries for mercy.