Chapter 76 - A Domineering Man

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Chapter 76: A Domineering Man

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Inside the private restaurant.

The person having a meal with Bo Shaoxiu was the head of the project engineering department of a listed company in the capital. Bo Shaoxiu wanted to work with the other company to build a large-scale tourism and leisure resort in Ning City.

He had made a few appointments with the person in charge, before the other party finally agreed to come to Ning City for an inspection.

Bo Shaoxiu let his assistant prepare the contract. He had another two drinks with the person in charge and placed the contract in front of the other party.

“Young Master Bo, we are just having drinks today, let’s not talk about business matters.” The person in charge patted Bo Shaoxiu’s shoulder with a smile.

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Bo Shaoxiu cursed impatiently in his heart. During the few days they were here in Ning City, he had accompanied him every day and spent a lot of money on him, but the other party still refused to relent.

“CEO Jiang, take a look at the contract first. If you work with Bo Corporation, we can give you a return that will give you six times the profit…”

CEO Jiang took the contract in Bo Shaoxiu’s hands and just when he was about to read it, the door to the room was pushed opened suddenly.

Bo Shaoxiu’s face darkened and he wanted to reprimand the person who came in without knocking. He looked up and saw that it was the manager of the restaurant.

“Young Master Bo, I am really sorry, but you and your guest cannot have your meal here.” The manger was smiling apologetically but his attitude was firm.

Bo Shaoxiu frowned and looked at the manager unhappily. “I am a member here. Don’t you know how much membership fee I pay every year? Or do you think I can’t afford to dine here?”

What a joke. He was the young master of the Bo family, if he could not afford to eat here, then this restaurant would not have the capability to entertain anybody else.

“I am very sorry, Young Master Bo, you have been blacklisted in our restaurant. We will pay back double your membership fee and we will not charge anything for your meal today.”

To put it bluntly, the owner of this restaurant was not short of money. On the contrary, he had so much money that he was able to make such an exclusive establishment, where only the upper class were welcome to spend their money.

Bo Shaoxiu’s expression changed. In Ning City, it was his first time being blacklisted.

And it was in front of CEO Jiang. This was like a slap to his face.

“You’re just a small manager, where did you get the rights to blacklist me? Where’s your boss?”

“Sorry but our boss is at the capital.” The manger was neither overbearing or self-effacing, he was not afraid, even after seeing how Bo Shaoxiu’s expression changed. “If Young Master Bo does not want to walk out yourself, then I would have to ask the security officers to escort you and your guest.”

Bo Shaoxiu really could not imagine who he had offended. Could it be Nan Zhi? Did she complain to that old man who was financially supporting her?

Impossible. Nan Zhi cared a lot about that diary, she would not possibly complain.

CEO Jiang felt that he was not respected and stood up immediately, his expression highly affronted. He did not even looked at the contract Bo Shaoxiu had passed to him and left, carrying his briefcase.

“CEO Jiang, it must be a misunderstanding…” Before Bo Shaoxiu ran out of the room, he glared at the manager with a dark expression. “Just you wait!”

The sports car was speeding down the road. After the third time Nan Zhi refused Mu Sihan’s request to cook for him, he started to drive the car at a reckless speed.

Nan Zhi could not stand it anymore. Her face was pale, her stomach was swirling uncontrollably and she felt nauseous. She raised her hands in surrender. “Will you not bother me anymore if I cook for you?”

Mu Sihan raised his eyebrows and looked at Nan Zhi. “Cook first, then we can discuss conditions.”

“Alright, Donghua Garden District.” Since she had returned to Ning City, she had not stayed over in the apartment Yanran had rented for her.

When they reached the district, Nan Zhi remembered that there was nothing in the apartment and said to the insufferable man, “There is only noodles at home. Can I cook noodles for you?”

There was a devilish smile on the man’s handsome face when he heard the words. “Oh, I didn’t know you were that open. You’re asking me to eat?noodles1??”