Chapter 1189 - Resentment ?

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When Mo Lingzi looked around, his eyes were shining with a golden light, and his face was filled with disbelief.

“Is taking in disciples so lucrative?” Mo Lingzi cried out in surprise and picked up a white porcelain jar. This jar was white and flawless, it was extremely beautiful. When he held it in his hand, it was ice-cold and felt extremely good.

Back then, when he took in a disciple…

It was terrible. Not only did the bandit give him a tiny bit of silver, he asked him to raise her from a baby!

When Xie Qiao was young, he was so worried about that little bit of silver that his hair turned white!

Fortunately, this child was lucky. Every time he was at the end of his rope, there would always be a fool who would come to him for a fortune-telling. They would give him a large sum of money so that he could continue raising the child.

Xie Qiao’s life was difficult, but she was also blessed.

She was almost unable to withstand so many gifts. She wanted Meng Jifang to kneel immediately and call her master.

“If this kid can really lower his head, it’s not too bad. After entering the sect, I’ll watch over him for a few more years for you. I’ll hone all of his bad habits and become a great man.” It was rare that Mo Lingzi did not continue to speak ill of him.

Xie Qiao could not help but sigh. This master of hers was… a master who was lustful for women and money.

Xie Qiao had people move the things to the backyard and store them temporarily.

On the other side, Marquis Meng brought Meng Jifang home and called the errand boy over.

He asked Meng Jifang and errand boy to think carefully about who they had done bad things to over the years.

However, the errand boy was also used to being arrogant and did not know anything. He only felt that the students in the academy were not sensible and never thought that his young master was at fault. There was no other way. Marquis Meng found someone else to come forward, he invited some ordinary students of the academy to have a drink and chat. Only then did he manage to obtain many things.

There were hundreds of them.

Meng Jifang was cold to some of them, he said unpleasant things to some, and the others did not dare to refute them. There were also some that he robbed of their books or items, or used his power to make others kneel or bear the punishment from the dean of the academy for him.

The most serious ones were about ten or so who he had made people beat and scold.

One of them had almost formed a monstrous resentment toward his son.

This person was called Wang Duo, a child of a poor family. He was really talented. With his own ability, he became a scholar at a young age, and was enrolled in the Royal Academy.

He was talented, but he was also proud. He had never been willing to go along with the crowd. He had once watched others bow and kneel to Meng Jifang, and he secretly despised him.

Meng Jifang was once punished by the dean of the academy to copy an article. It was when he was unhappy when Wang Duo saw him.

One showed his edge, while the other refused to bow. For some reason, the two of them became enemies.

There were many people around Meng Jifang, so he forced this person to copy the article for him. However, he refused to comply and said a lot of rebellious words, which made this hedonistic young master even more arrogant. They thought of taking him outside the academy and beat him up several times.

Every time, they beat him until he could not get out of bed for half a month.

This man’s family was poor. Even if he passed the imperial examinations, his family could not afford his studies. In order to recover from his injuries, they even spent a lot of money.

If that was the case, it would be fine.

Wang Duo had a future wife, who he would marry after passing the imperial examinations. His?future wife’s family was not bad. She was from a scholarly family and not from a prestigious family. However, she had some property and was somewhat famous. This family was interested in Wang Duo’s future, they did not mind that he was poor.

However, after the news that Wang Duo had offended Meng Jifang spread, the family hesitated.

They wanted to persuade Wang Duo to lower his head and beg Meng Jifang for mercy, but Wang Duo refused. The marriage… was called off!