Chapter 1193

The Princess Consort Has A Lethal Destiny Celestial River God 2022/10/13 16:46:42

Looking at what Great Consort Hui had done, she should be a person who loved her son and would take the initiative to bear the responsibility and give up her life.

Such a person wanted her son to be the emperor, but she did not want to give her son the fortune that she had taken from the imperial family. Instead, she kept it for herself?

Xie Qiao could not figure it out.

In the evening, Xie Qiao returned to the Crown Prince’s residence and told Zhao Xuanjing about the formation.

Zhao Xuanjing thought for a moment and held her hand. “You don’t have to worry about these small matters. She’s just a consort. I’m investigating it.”

Xie Qiao looked at him suspiciously. “What you mean is… you also suspect that this Great Consort Hui is still alive?”

Xie Qiao immediately sat up straight and listened carefully.

Seeing that she was interested, Zhao Xuanjing explained in detail, “Prince Rong has raised many death warriors, and some of them have been working for him for nearly twenty years. How old is Prince Rong? He already knows this at the age of ten? In addition, now that his master has been captured, these death warriors have not made any movements. The people around Prince Rong have also confessed. There are many death warriors who have entered the capital, and now they are all hiding.

“When Prince Rong was in the fief, the residence often had some strange things bought in. For instance, blood jade, cat bones, and hair were taken out from all kinds of ancient tombs. There is a side courtyard in the residence. Every once in a while, people would clean up the trash. Every time, it was extremely smelly. I wonder what the people inside are doing.”

Hearing what Zhao Xuanjing said, Xie Qiao felt her whole body ooze with panic.

“This Great Consort Hui is at least 50 years old this year, but it is said that she is as young as a woman in her 20s. You should know better than me about beauty cultivation techniques. Such an exaggerated effect, I’m afraid she is not on the right path,” Zhao Xuanjing added.

Xie Qiao nodded. “In her 50s, it is possible for her to be more than 10 years younger if she uses pearls and herbs to maintain her appearance. If… her skin condition completely matches the appearance of a young girl in her 20s, it is indeed abnormal…”

She also knew some cosmetic techniques, but it was similar to what the imperial physicians in the palace knew.

It was nothing more than combining food with feelings, as well as adding flowers, plants, pearls, and milk.

Just like the empress and Imperial Concubine Meng, they were both in their forties. They looked like women in their thirties, and there were not many wrinkles on their faces.

“This Great Consort Hui seems to be unconcerned with the affairs of the world in the residence, but even her confidants around Prince Rong were arranged by her. Simply put, Prince Rong may look powerful, but he’s actually a puppet. Did he die for a puppet? It doesn’t look like it. It’s just that this trick of hers was very straightforward. No one was able to react in time.” Zhao Xuanjing could not help but admire the ruthlessness of this Great Consort Hui.

Xie Qiao understood what he meant and was almost certain that Great Consort Hui was not dead.

“It won’t be easy to find this person, right?” Xie Qiao frowned slightly.

Great Consort Hui had almost never shown her face. Xie Qiao did not even know what this person looked like!

Moreover, Great Consort Hui and the others had just arrived in the capital not long ago. Even the ghouls were not familiar with them. Although Xie Qiao could ask the ghouls to help her, they really could not help much now.

“She spent so much effort trying to escape. There is something she wants that hasn’t been completed. Since she has ambition, she will definitely show her face.”