Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: An Auspicious Land

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Since Xie Qiao dug the bones of this ghoul, this ghoul would naturally not continue to wander in the forest, but followed her all the way here.

At that moment, he was afraid that someone would stain his “body”. He gazed around with his eyes, and his gloomy face looked terrifying.

It was a pity that Pei Wanyue could not see this side of him.

Otherwise, she would definitely sense his hostile gaze.

After Ms. Lu was reminded by Pei Wanyue, he also glanced at the package.

The package was quite large, and it looked like it contained hard objects.

As there were so many people watching, she was hesitant to let people open the package, so she just softly said, “See what kind of weird stuff she got. This girl grew up in the countryside, has a strange temper and uses strange things.”

It was the first time she ever saw people offering worms as gifts.

When she looked at that sack of dried insects, she knew it must be food for the huge rooster.

Pei Wanyue sighed. When she entered the house with Ms. Lu, she felt a little uncomfortable and asked, “Mum, Uncle Xie must be sending her gifts frequently, right?”

“Sending gifts?” Ms. Lu was stunned, “No, her father never cares about her. When I first got married to him, I asked him if he wanted to give Xie Qiao some gifts. He said it was unnecessary. But perhaps she was destined not to live a long life,? so your Uncle Xie started to worry and care about her. It would be painful for him to see one’s child die earlier than oneself.”

Speaking of this, Ms. Lu sighed, “I wonder why I am mad at her today. Her weak body would not be a threat to you or me.”

‘Not only has she not received a good education, but she does not have a healthy body.

‘What could a daughter like her do after returning to the imperial city?’

“I only wish that she is well-behaved and sensible now. This is to make sure she does not tarnish our reputation as a Xie family’s daughter. In the future, you could also marry into a good family by relying on the name of Xie’s family,” Ms. Lu added.

Pei Wanyue thought so too.

But for some reason, after meeting Xie Qiao, especially after seeing her beautiful face, she felt a twinge of envy.

“Mum, do you know the young man who came in just now? He looked like a high-born with his exquisite features.” Pei Wanyue said again.

“He should be a businessman? There are many merchants in Floating Pavilion Town.” Ms. Lu thought for a while, and then quickly reminded her, “Daughter, no matter how good-looking this man is, it’s useless! A businessman might be rich, but he lacks power. In the eyes of the powerful, the rich are like fat sheep waiting to be slaughtered! Your Uncle Xie was also rich when he was young. But his family ran out of money just to help him to become an official! This was for the sake of future generations having a decent background and belonging in the upper class! The reason why I’m bringing you to the imperial city is not to betroth you to a mere merchant’s house.”

‘Her daughter excelled in so many areas. Even if she did not marry a nobleman, she should marry a small official, right?’

“Mom!” Pei Wanyue said awkwardly.

Although she was amazed by the handsome young sir she just saw, she thought of the discriminations she had gone through over the years, and that twinge of amazement disappeared into thin air.

Pei Wanyue was more interested in the package than the good-looking young sir.

After a while, the package was delivered to Xie Qiao’s house.

Xie Qiao sent the grandma and granddaughter out.

The ghoul stood in front of Xie Qiao in a well-behaved manner, looking very nervous.

“What kind of auspicious land do you want to be buried in? The afterlife is somewhat related to the life you led before. You were a slave and a servant when you were alive, so the burial place after your death shouldn’t be too good. Too much good luck would be harmful to your children and grandchildren.” Xie Qiao opened the geomantic omen map of the surrounding environment and took a closer look.

“I just wonder whether my children could be ordinary good citizens…”