Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: Stop Fooling Around

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Imperial Bodyguard Zhou and the rest looked at each other, but it was not a good idea to drop their Young Master’s name.

Floating Pavilion Town was not too far from the county town. If that person were to rush on a whipped horse, two hours would suffice for a round trip.

And Ms. Xie was found this time.

When she entered the door, she was greeted with the sight of busy officials and… bones on the floor. Xie Qiao’s face immediately darkened.

Pursing her lips while staring at the bones, it looked like strangers were not welcome there.

The few nearby who knew Xie Qiao did not even dare to breathe out loud.

“Xie Qiao, why are you hiding a human skeleton? It’s really scary!” Pei Wanyue rushed over like she was going to pounce into her arms.

Xie Qiao dodged, leaving Pei Wanyue falling into an empty embrace.

“We are not close.” Xie Qiao mumbled. “You touched my things?”

“Xie Qiao… Mother and I don’t do it on purpose. We just thought that the things in there could be illegal. So we wanted to see, just to be sure. But we didn’t expect that… Xie Qiao, I know you picked this skeleton corpse by the roadside. All you have to do is to explain to the officials. No matter what you say, we will still believe in you!” Pei Wanyue quickly said.

Xie Qiao let out a cold laugh.

“You dare to touch anything. I’ve got to say that I’m almost impressed by your courage.” Xie Qiao’s eyebrows slightly raised.

“This thing… Really scared me…” Pei Wanyue’s eyes were still red.

She was truly terrified.

“Were you hiding this? Follow us for the administrative office!” The officer was direct.

“I am afraid not.” Xie Qiao walked straight into the house. Then she sat down.

“Xie Qiao!? It’s not like they want you to confess your crime. All they want is for you to tell them the origins of these bones.” Pei Wanyue hastily said.

Ms. Lu frowned. She felt that something was amiss somewhere.

Her daughter was being too reckless today.

They were going to be a family from then onwards. Now that things were spiraling out of control, her reputation will affect the entire family. It would not look good for anyone at this rate.

The only saving grace was that Xie Qiao has been raised away from the family this whole time.

“Xie Qiao, listen to me. Go to the administrative office, tell them everything, then you can leave.” Ms. Lu said too.

“What’s there to say?” Xie Qiao’s face was as hard as steel. “Don’t they just want to know the corpse’s identity and cause for death? I know that very well, so why do I need to go to the administrative office?”

“You… The man from just now said that this was a nameless corpse.” Pei Wanyue said.

“He was unnamed yesterday, but I suddenly remembered today. Wouldn’t that do?” Xie Qiao said coolly.

“Xie Qiao, quit fooling around!” Ms. Lu was angry.

Xie Qiao did not want to argue with the officials, and said directly, “This body’s surname was Lu, his full name was Lu Quanlin. Age… 38. Half a year ago, he traveled with his master. Along the way, they were robbed and murdered. He left behind three sons, his wife, and his father. His relatives are all in the imperial city.”

“A robbery case from half a year ago?” The official frowned when he heard this.

“That’s right. There were quite a few victims who died back then. You would know if you check. There’s also a servant who is still missing until now.” Xie Qiao added.

“Indeed, there was a case like this. The victim was patrol officer Master Lu.” The official quickly said.

This case had shocked the nation back then. Master Lu’s murderer was never found.

In the end, the investigator caught wind of some information and led to the arrest of the county magistrate.

Rumors had it that the county magistrate hired bandits to do it. Then only did this case come to a close.

However, they were government officials, of course, they knew that someone was missing from Sir Lu’s escort.

Sir Lu was out in disguise at the time. According to passerby accounts, there were three other people by his side. They should be two bodyguards and a girl as a coverup.

At the crime scene, they found only Sir Lu and two others.

There was still one left. The body still could not be found after searching for so long.