Chapter 36

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One of the brothers in arms could not help but mumble.

When Qin Zhi heard that, his face turned dark. “Bastard, if a Half-immortal could predict everything so accurately, why call her a Half-immortal? We should just call her a god. Half-immortal Xie had predicted that harm would come my way, but she did not predict the issues that would befall my family. Did she now? “”

“You are still stubborn. See here, she just saved your life.” Imperial Bodyguard Zhou shook his head.

Then he headed over to check out the well, pointing to the bottom. “See for yourself.”

Qin Zhi craned his neck over.

With a glance, his temple throbbed.

This was a dried-out well. It was not too deep. The bottom was covered in mush and weeds. Atop the dirt, there was an abandoned animal trap!

Even though the trap was already broken, the pair of razor-sharp blades reached up towards the sky. If he were to fall down into the well and his head landed on that…

Blood would definitely spray everywhere. It would be instant death.

“It’s a good thing you have fast reflexes, brother.” Someone patted his shoulder. “You just scraped through death.”

“I… was burned by the talisman. It shocked me back to my senses…” Qin Zhi’s mouth was dry. “Right. You know my capabilities well too. I’m more than qualified to take care of those three. But for some reason, ever since just now, I’ve been feeling off. Like someone strangling me…”

When he said this, his brothers in arms around him scooted backward.

They were avoiding him as much as they could.

“You guys are too much. I almost died!” Qin Zhi said wistfully.

“No, your words sound creepy. You better not have anything impure on you.”

“You said it yourself that it’s evil. How could you blame us for thinking this way? We are giving you an enormous benefit of doubt here. ”

“Qin Zhi.” Imperial Bodyguard Zhou’s face turned stern. “The grand immortal said that there are some big problems with you. We need to clear the problem from its root. Otherwise… trouble will eventually come knocking.”

When he said this, everyone took another step back.

There was a major problem. Would that mean that he was a goner?

“Zhou… Zhou, don’t frighten me.” Qin Zhi’s face was green.

Imperial Bodyguard Zhou huffed. “The half deity has set off for the imperial city. Later on… when we are done, let’s make a trip to Water Moon Temple. The Grand Immortal’s master can solve your problems for sure!”

Qin Zhi’s eyes shone when he heard this.

“That’s great. Let’s search around first. It’ll be hard to search when it gets dark later on.”

With Imperial Bodyguard Zhou’s comment, everyone continued back to work.

Zhao Xuanjing entered his private chambers. After a thorough search, there really was a stone tile. Underneath it, he found a square box.

His face looked troubled.

Now that he found it, Zhao Xuanjing gathered his men and promptly left.

Xie Qiao did not know that her gift had already saved someone. Even if she did, she would not think much of it.

Service in exchange for payment, goods were delivered, and the transaction was closed. Whatever happened next was not her concern.

The closer she was to the imperial city, the calmer Xie Qiao became.

She only spoke to Da Xiong every day, not even caring about the whereabouts of the Lu mother-daughter duo.

Ms. Lu’s company was rushing, and they did not seem to stop. Xie Qiao followed suit too. Secretly, she sneaked some extra silver to her coachman for their hard work.

The usual way to the imperial city would usually be at least one and half months’ journey. However, they had crammed it down one month.

When they reached the city gates, they sent a messenger to the Xie family in advance.

That way, by the time they reached home, the household would be ready for their arrival.

On the rare occasion when Xie Qiao mustered some energy, she no longer looked sickly.

She had left home for so many years. It was not nice to worry the family the second she walked home.

Xie Niushan was only a lowly fourth-grade general. He bought the house himself. It was also surrounded by other low-ranking generals’ homes.

“Miss, they have stopped up ahead. We should have arrived.”