Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: Fill The Well

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This was absolutely unlike the Master!

They were ineloquent, and neither were their attempts to flatter decent. They only knew that this young lady was elegant. She was prettier than all the ladies in imperial city, any time of the day. She seemed to radiate light. No one could take their eyes off her.

The Wans carried Xie Qiao bamboo basket, whereas Chun Er carried the huge rooster.

The remaining belongings were not important, so she let the Xie family help her carry them.

They had discussed with the coachman earlier concerning the Floating Pavilion Town. Now that they have sent her here, they would turn to take the same road back.

“The master chose this courtyard himself. It might be a little far, but he says that the place is quiet. There are many pear trees in the yard. Soon, they will be ready to pick and eat. You would love this.” The housekeeper said calmly.

Compared to his solicitous manners toward Ms. Lu, his manners toward Xie Qiao were a lot more straightforward and casual.

Xie Qiao only hummed in response without saying much.

The courtyard was indeed rather far.

It reached into the farthest northeast corner of the Xie household.

The courtyard was already cleaned. It was very spacious. There were a few large open tanks with beautiful water lilies in them. The interior of the house was simple but adequately furnished. It was well equipped with green tents, new dressing tables, and an empty cabinet.

All in all, it was rather satisfactory.

It also saved them the effort of renovating and decorating the whole place.

Even though they did not need to tear down the whole place, there were still parts that needed some improvement.

“Is there anything not satisfactory to your tastes?” The housekeeper saw her glancing around and asked.

“Are there no wells in my yard?” Xie Qiao asked.

“There is. There’s a small kitchen at the side. You may use it at night if you are hungry. There is a well outside the small kitchen,” the housekeeper said.

Xie Qiao went over to study it. She could not help but frown. “Fill this well with sand. Dig up a new well on the place where I was standing on just now.”

Wells and stove should not be placed opposite each other. Also, this place was in the Oxen Position. Digging a well in this position would not bring goodwill to the harmony between the siblings. This place was rather remote, but since the family rarely came here, it did not matter anyway. However, now that she was going to move in for good, what had to be changed would be changed.

“Fill the well?!” The housekeeper was stunned.

The others following behind the housekeeper were also stunned.

They thought they were supposed to fill in the place with some flowering shrubs or greenery, but they had not expected this young lady to have the well filled up only to rebuild another.

“Miss, isn’t filling up a well too much trouble? Also, how does this well inconvenience you so?” The housekeeper frowned.

“How many silver pieces would it take?” Xie Qiao stared back at him.

The housekeeper was struck dumb. “Not much…”

It was just the building of a well. Even if the Xie Household was considered poor among the government officials, they were still government officials. How could they not afford to pay for minor expenses like these?

“Since it doesn’t cost too much, then do as I say.” Xie Qiao kept her words clipped.

Actually, she wanted to cut those two pear trees down too.

Theoretically, planting pear trees in the yards did not bode well. But in this case, the trees were in an adequate position, but not without a few caveats. Also, it was an act of kindness from her eldest brother. It was better to leave them as they were.

The housekeeper’s heart clenched. It was not his place to speak anymore, so he merely nodded.

“You were by my father’s side from before? Then, have you seen my mother?” Xie Qiao spoke gently.

“When I came under the master employ, the First Lady had already passed. The Second Lady was still around back then.” The housekeeper opened up.

Even though Xie Qiao had not been home for the past few years, she was still aware of the Xie household’s internal affairs.

The second lady, Ms. Lin was her sibling’s biological mother. She was pressed to enter the mountains and marry her father after her own mother died. After the father made a huge fuss over her, she disappeared after giving her father twins.