Chapter 47 - Don’t Embarrass Yourself

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Chapter 47: Don’t Embarrass Yourself

Ms. Lu’s tone sounded sincere, and her eyes solicitous.

Xie Niushan liked Ms. Lu.

He had married three wives before. The first one…

That was the one that he had been in love with but was gone too soon. However, she was like a man who was crude and fierce. He had been like a foolish brother in the presence of Ms. Peng.

The second one was Ms. Lin… Although she had been gentle and adorable, she was not sincere to be marrying him. She hardly smiled as well. She would ignore him even if he was to grab the stars and moon for her. She had left after giving birth to their children.

He became an official later on, so it was ridiculous not to have a mistress in charge at home.

In reality, it was easy for a fourth-grade general to marry an official’s daughter. All he had to do was to look for a lower-level official, and he might be able to marry a wife from a reputable family!

However, he had just become an official from a bandit. Who would get on board with that?

Nobody thought he could do it for a long time!

Given that he was famous for killing barbarians and a few children with a bad reputation, nobody was willing to be with him.

None of the few blind dates that he had attended worked out.

He was pissed, so he went for ladies who were not from families of officials. He had his eyes on the Lu family. Ms. Lu had a daughter from her previous marriage. She had not managed to give birth to a son, so the family separated from the dispute.

The Lu family was a family of merchants, meaning they were not lacking in money. They could still afford to raise a daughter. Ms. Lu had been good the few years she returned home.

Xie Niushan had the opportunity to meet her.

Ms. Lu was not even 30 back then. She was considered soft-spoken and sounded gentle when she spoke. It was love at first sight for him!

He did not care whether she could give birth to a son or not since he already had two sons, who were good for nothing.

Since Ms. Lu had decided to be with him, it was only natural that he had to treat her well.

She never had any requests that were over the line these years.

Xie Niushan said, “It’s not a problem to add a daughter into the genealogy book—”

Before he was done speaking, Xie Pinggang took the piece of meat that Xie Niushan had taken earlier, put it in Xie Qiao’s bowl, and scoffed, “Did you even look at the meat before shoving it into your mouth?”

Xie Niushan was stunned. “Isn’t it deer meat?! What’s wrong? Can’t I eat that?!”

“There are only a few pieces. Eldest sister had been staying at the temple. She must not have been eating so well. Shouldn’t you be feeding her?!” If not for the fact that Xie Niushan was his father, he would have beaten him up.

It was not that he could not put Pei Wanyue’s name into the genealogy book.

However, he had to think about it.

If the Xie family did not have any daughters, it would not be an issue to directly put it into the genealogy book. However, there were two daughters.

If this outsider’s behavior was terrible, she would be the black sheep!

Xie Niushan did not think too much about it. He watched Xie Qiao shoving the piece of deer meat into her mouth and munching it.

Xie Qiao was eating, not bothering about anything else.

She did not care about her father’s desire to accept another daughter into the family for his wife’s love. She did not have the right to care.

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Although she had been listening to the Xie family’s matters all these years, the only matter that had something to do with the family’s future that she was involved in was getting Xie Niushan to fight the barbarians and obtaining the title of an official back then.

Ms. Lu was rather uneasy seeing Xie Pinggang speak, but she was unwilling to give up. She said in a testing manner, “It’s better to decide this soon. Yue’er is a grown-up now. She should go to the academy to learn more.”

“It’s difficult to get into the Royal Academy. The other two academies wouldn’t require that much money. Sister Pei is considered our family member. Given that relationship, 5,000 taels of silver should be enough,” said Xie Pinggang.

Pei Wanyue looked pitiful. She could no longer eat.

Xie Qiao was going to the Royal Academy, but she had to go to a regular one?

How big of a difference would that be?!

However, she should not be saying too much since she was depending on someone else now.

She secretly felt wronged.

“Eldest sister, I’m sure you didn’t study much back at the temple. Skip the examination, don’t embarrass yourself. Get father to look for the dean these days and get him to pay directly. Just go,” said Xie Pinggang.