Chapter 58 - Killing the Chickens to Scare the Monkeys

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Chapter 58: Killing the Chickens to Scare the Monkeys

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The Sanskrit article was not exhausting to memorize for Xie Qiao. She was feeling fine after memorizing for a while.

Moreover, there was a great benefit at this academy.

There were many ladies in here, so the Yang energy was ample. She did not feel as uncomfortable as she was out there.

Mr. Xu sat in front while waiting patiently. He was waiting for Xie Qiao to look troubled and tell him that she could not do it.

However, an hour had passed as he waited and stared. The young lady had yet to get up, so he was rather confused.

‘Can it be that this girl is going to wing it?’

Xie Qiao stood up as he was thinking to himself.

Mr. Xu was secretly glad and lifted his head lightly, “Why? You can’t memorize it? It’s time you learn that you should be humble and gentle since you’re the daughter of an official. You can’t be barbaric like bandits!”

Xie Qiao looked at him in a surprised manner. “Sir, to be saying all this… Aren’t you even more unreasonable than bandits?”

‘Does she want to pass the examination or not!?’

“I’m done memorizing, and I don’t want to waste any more time. I’m passing up the question paper so that I can dictate it, right?” Xie Qiao said again.

“You’re done memorizing!?” Mr. Xu was shocked, “Impossible!”

Xie Qiao put down the papers directly, walked back to her seat, and ignored him.

It would be tiring to talk more to him.

It was so much better at the temple; it was quiet. If she did not feel like talking, nobody would force her to talk. Her master would even chase out everyone who disturbed her peace!

It was a day to miss her life back at the temple.

Xie Qiao sighed while writing.

Her movement was at a neutral pace, pleasing to watch.

There were men and ladies among the students who were watching out there.

Most classes separated men and ladies in the academy. Apart from certain classes, they would have to keep their distance at other times.

Naturally, even when they gathered, there would definitely be someone around watching.

Most of them who came to the academy were sensible. They dared not mess with the rule of having a relationship.

It was said that a talented, educated man liked a young lady, and they dated secretly in the academy. When they were caught, the dean was furious. The emperor ruled to put that young lady and the educated man together. They were fed poisoned wine, and they died together!

Killing the chickens to scare the monkeys. Nothing like this would ever happen again.

Even if one fell in love in the academy, they definitely would not dare to do something so shameless.

Therefore, even though they were gathered and laughing together now, the teachers would not really care as long as they maintained their distance.

Xu Mian thought it was odd as he watched Xie Qiao writing from one stroke to another.

[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@@=======

He thought about it and walked over.

He looked at what she wrote when he arrived at her seat…

Her handwriting was not nice, nor was it too bad. One could tell that she had practiced before, and it was considered to be passable.

However, Xie Qiao was sighing.

It was rather tiring to be writing strokes for her. It would be better if she could write cursive instead.

However, the cursive script was too over the top and attention-seeking. She would only practice it privately.

One must be low profile.

The handwriting aside, Xu Mian began to check the content.

The more shocked he was.

‘Nothing! She didn’t miss a single word!?’

“H-Have you read this Sanskrit article before?!” Mr. Xu asked instinctively.

What else could it be? How could a 15-year-old young lady be familiar with Sanskrit? That did not make sense!

Xie Qiao smiled and responded casually, “Yes, I used to memorize some.”

“Why did a young lady memorize such a thing?” Mr. Xu was confused at the moment.

“Didn’t you say it yourself, sir? Sanskrit is mostly used in scriptures. Copying the scriptures as well as paying respects to your seniors, can calm one down,” Xie Qiao replied with what he had told her earlier, with a facial expression not sure if she was smiling.

Mr. Xu’s cheeks flushed.

This young lady… was mean with her words. She used his own words against him!