Chapter 63 - She Was Being Truthful

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Chapter 63: She Was Being Truthful

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Xie Niushan looked fierce as if he wanted to beat someone up.

“This is authentic,” Xie Qiao declared immediately.

“Authentic? Where did you get it from?” Xie Niushan did not believe that at all.

He had heard of Master Yun Wei’s name, but he did not know him. Thus, he had little understanding of this master.

It had been so long since he had come to the Imperial City. He had learned a lot. The items that came from those who were called ‘master’ and ‘nobility’ would usually cost a lot of silver!

Moreover, silver was not the most important thing. One might not obtain a master’s creation with silver!

It was not that Xie Niushan did not believe in his own daughter, but he did not believe in himself. Based on his behavior, his children would not do anything great in life.

Xie Qiao exhaled. She was not going to say that it was her who had painted it.

Otherwise, the paintings might not sell in the future. After all, to the rest, Yun Wei was an old man who was dying. The old man was near the end of his life, so the price of his masterpieces would be much higher now. However, if people knew that it was a young lady who painted the paintings…

The price would definitely drop significantly.

“I bought it from a bookstore in Yunjin.” Xie Qiao gave an excuse casually.

“You bought it? How much did you buy it for?” Xie Niushan asked immediately.

She did not have to spend anything on it.

Ms. Lu could not help but secretly snicker.

The master’s creation was not a rock in a jade mine. One could not just pick up something casually and find something valuable.

‘How dumb is this girl?’

However, Pei Wanyue secretly pulled Ms. Lu’s sleeve.

Ms. Lu looked at her in confusion, and Pei Wanyue said, “This painting that Sister Qiao got might be authentic! Father, you might not know this, but Sister Qiao is loved in Yunjin. I heard that many people would give her things whenever she returned. It’s impossible that people would sell Sister Qiao something fake. Moreover, I heard that Master Yun Wei is from… Yunjin? There may be more authentic paintings over there.”

“Is that so?” Xie Niushan was stunned.

He had no idea where Master Yun Wei was from.

Ms. Lu understood now.

Whether it was authentic or not, this thing was definitely good, even if she did not have to pay!

“Since Qiao’er is giving this away, it’s definitely authentic,” Ms. Lu said.

Xie Niushan hesitated for a moment. “Eldest daughter, are you sure this thing is authentic? The people at the Royal Academy are picky. If this is fake, they’ll say something hurtful. Your skin is thin, so I’m worried that you can’t take it.”

“Don’t worry, Father. It’s authentic,” Xie Qiao was serious.

In reality, Xie Niushan was still not convinced. However, since Xie Qiao spoke so seriously, he gave it a good thought.

He could not help but recall what she had said to her out there today.

She had said that there was fortune coming his way today.

It was proven that his eldest daughter was right.

This girl was not a person who would spew nonsense. Since she had said that this thing was authentic with such confidence, perhaps… she was being truthful?

“Although we don’t have much silver compared to other families, we can’t be stingy with the silver that we’re giving the academy to send you in. You don’t have to be cheap for me, alright?” Xie Niushan said again.

Even Xie Niushan could not help but feel touched when he said that. Although he did not raise this child himself, she loved her father!

See, she was unwilling to use his money!

Xie Niushan looked over with grateful eyes, which gave Xie Qiao goosebumps all over her body.

He turned his head to look at Ms. Lu’s unwilling face. She could not help but frown again.

“How can I not want your silver, Father? I have nothing with me. I’ll use these 5,000 taels of silvers for something else,” Xie Qiao said.

Before Xie Niushan was done feeling touched, he heard that from his daughter…