Chapter 68 - Wish

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If it was not that someone else was around at the moment, Xie Qiao would definitely not be beating around the bush.

She was not talking about the death odor on Xie Pinggang’s body.

What she wanted to say was that a rotten ghoul had been following Xie Pinggang and had entered her courtyard. However, it dared not come closer, squatting at the corner of the door. It was disgusting.

However, Xie Pinggang was still shocked.

Xie Pinggang asked immediately, “How did you know that?”

He was different from his father. His father was a fourth-grade general, while he did not have any capabilities.

He had taken the military officer examination before, and his grade had been pretty good. Initially, he would have been an eighth-grade official at the military base in the Imperial City. However, something had happened, making people think he had misbehaved. As such, his career as a military official had come to an abrupt end.

He had been demoted, and he was now working as an executioner at the Criminal Division.

As an executioner, he was responsible for interrogation or beating up the suspects. He would follow his superiors when he was required to investigate outside.

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He was a low-ranking official, but he was doing well at the Criminal Division due to his fierce looks.

Whether the case was major or minor, the interrogation would end faster with him.

Today, he had indeed seen a dead body when he was out for investigation…

Xie Pinggang stared right at Xie Qiao as if she had something to do with the case.

“Didn’t I already tell you that I can smell that?” Xie Qiao’s voice was soft, and she smiled lightly. “Eldest Brother, the stench is heavy. Can it be that something filthy followed you home? I heard people who died a sudden death are scary. Do you think he would step on you when you sleep in the middle of the night, attempting to strangle you to death?”

“Huh?” Xie Pinggang snorted. “Why would I be afraid of him? He died so recklessly, and his body was smashed into a pile of flesh. Even if he became something that could fly, he would still be a good-for-nothing!”

Xie Qiao was rendered speechless, and her eyelids twitched. She said in a pitiful manner, “It’s my fault to have underestimated your… bad temper.”

She tried to scare Xie Pinggang…

She must be dumb to have tried doing that!

She looked at the door again and noticed that the rotten ghoul was burying its head from the scare.

Xie Qiao was surprised and envious. How amazing would it be if she had such powerful Yang energy like her eldest brother did one day!?

He had scared the ghoul out of its wits just by speaking. That was… amazing…

Xie Qiao’s eyes flickered for a little bit before she turned her head.

The digging of the well stopped two hours later.

She calculated the time and asked Xie Pinggang to come again tomorrow at the same time.

However, after Xie Pinggang left, the ghoul that he had brought along stayed behind.

That was not for the first ghoul that Xie Qiao had seen. She was not afraid, but the ghoul was rather rotten and ugly. She felt like her stomach was twisting when she looked at it.

Theoretically, a spirit’s appearance was modeled after the moment they died. However, this one…

The ghoul arrived at the door of Xie Qiao’s house. “You can see me…”

There was something powerful in the house, so this ghoul dared not go in.

Xie Qiao frowned. “Stay away from my house, you disgusting thing.”

The ghoul’s cloudy eyes were wide opened now. “I have an unfulfilled wish. I won’t eat you if you fulfill it for me!”

“Huh?” Xie Qiao smiled lightly and retrieved a golden dragon’s head whip with a wooden handle from her sleeve. It looked more like a rope. She suddenly swung the whip, and a bang resounded.

The ghoul’s body immediately emitted sizzling smoke. It was shaking from the pain.

“Those who come for the first time usually don’t behave themselves. They’ll only learn after some pain,” Xie Qiao complained softly. It was tiring for her to teach the ghoul a lesson. Could those ghouls not have better manners!?

The ghoul was quick to react. After being whipped, it squatted while wrapping its arms around its head immediately and screamed, “S-spare me, Grand Immortal! I have silver! I’ll give all of them to you!”

Xie Qiao nodded and asked slowly, “What’s your wish? Tell me, as long as it’s not something illegal and unethical.”