Chapter 77 - Gathering Good Karma

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Chapter 77: Gathering Good Karma

However, since Xie Qiao had already said that, Xie Pinggang did not want to embarrass her. She was a lady, after all.

He explained, “He was buried in the suburbs. A woodcutter found him, and he was already rotten when he was dug out. There were nails mounted on a couple of spots on his body. It looked terrifying. The nails were removed on the spot. Twenty years ago, there was a big case in Qingzhou. An official had brought his family out, and the entire family had been killed. They were buried the same way as well, and the culprit hasn’t been found until now.”

Xie Qiao frowned when she heard that.

“He had nails on his body? How many?” asked Xie Qiao.

“Eleven, I think,” Xie Pinggang thought about it, while his expression changed slightly. “Don’t ask where the nails were mounted. I can’t tell you that.”

Some of the spots were rather obscene. A lady should not hear about that.

“Why not? Were they on his head, between his brows, throat, heart, belly button, abdomen, lower body, arms, and legs?” asked Xie Qiao.

Xie Pinggang looked at her with a serious face when he heard that.

Xie Pinggang asked directly, “Can it be that you know the culprit?”

Xie Qiao forced a smile. “Brother, the 11 spots are rather special. There are books like that back at the Water Moon Temple. I read about it.

“Humans have three ethereal souls and seven corporeal souls. Among the three ethereal souls, the Heavenly Ethereal Soul and Earthly Ethereal Soul wander around. The one that remains in the body is the Life-Destiny Ethereal Soul. The seven corporeal souls correspond to the Yin and Yang. They’re hidden in the body and form seven chakras.

“The Sahasrara is in the head, Agya between the eyebrows, Vishuddha in the throat, Manipura in the navel, Svadhishthana in the abdomen, Muladhara in the perineum, while Anahata in the heart and the four limbs. When the 11 spots are nailed, the Life-Destiny Ethereal Soul can’t leave, nor can it reincarnate. It should be a gravely evil curse.”

“Is there such a thing?” Xie Pinggang was in deep thought.

If that was the case, the culprit must have a huge grudge against Mei Ziwu and the official’s family members from 20 years ago?

Xie Qiao asked again, “What’s the direction you’re going about the case, Brother? Do you have any idea?”

“The case 20 years ago was difficult, but Mei Ziwu’s one has just shown up. There’ll still be some clues. This person bullied the weak and was scared of the powerful. However, he knew a little bit of martial arts. He was known to be a coward. Therefore, we suspect it’s done by someone he knew. Meanwhile, we still don’t know how many people killed him. We’re still investigating.”

In reality, he had a feeling that this case would most probably become a cold case.

This Mei Ziwu did not have a family, nor did he have many true friends. Nobody looked for him when he died.

He had done many terrible things. If it was not related to the case many years back, nobody would investigate his case even if he was dead.

Xie Qiao had a slight hesitation.

She had no idea how to say it.

The culprit had killed so many people. If the culprit was captured, she could definitely gather much good karma.

However, how could she tell her eldest brother that she could see ghouls out of nowhere?

“It could be a woman.” Xie Qiao’s voice was like a bell as she spoke casually. “Since this Mei Ziwu was a coward, I suppose only weak and harmless women could get close to him. Why don’t you investigate women who are in their 40s or 50s? Charismatic ones would be best. Moreover, those who are capable of doing such a thing must’ve read some special books. They’re different from ordinary people when they speak and do.

“Oh yeah, she can’t be poor. She must have some money.”

“I don’t know any women in their 40s or 50s, but there’s one who is 20. Mei Ziwu went to see a nice lady when he left his house the other day,” said Xie Pinggang.

“This person was very cautious. It’s impossible that he was killed by someone who was following him. Since that’s the case, you’ll have to investigate people who showed up close to that woman’s house. Maybe someone happened to see him and killed him since he matched a certain characteristic,” Xie Qiao said.

The 20-year-old lady had been detained and interrogated many times today.

She was pale from the scare. She was obviously not a person who had the ability to kill.

However, what Xie Qiao said made sense.