Chapter 79 - I Hit Someone

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Chapter 79: I Hit Someone

Xie Qiao rolled her eyes at Xie Pinggang subtly.

He thought everyone was unromantic like him?

“Tell me, what’s happening exactly? You’ve just come to the Imperial City. How come someone sent you a letter?” Xie Pinggang thought he was being very gentle.

“No idea, I don’t know who it is.” Xie Qiao shook her head, pretending to be a good girl.

She had no idea who that was!

Giving 100 taels of gold to save a life? That person sounded rich.

Xie Qiao looked sincere and did not look like she was lying. Xie Pinggang frowned and said a moment later, “I’ll be accompanying you to the academy for the next few days. I suspect it’s from those hooligans out there. I’m worried that they’re trying to lure you with money, seeing that you’re young and just came from the countryside. They must’ve thought that you’re a poor girl who has never seen the world.”

They could only blame the Xie family for being poor. Every official family in the Imperial City knew that they were poor.

It was no wonder that these people thought that Xie Qiao, the Eldest Lady, was poor without silver.

Xie Qiao felt rather troubled.

If Xie Pinggang was protecting her, then she could not manage the matters at the store herself.

The store she was opening was unique. Her main business was dealing with the dead.

Meanwhile, Xie Pinggang…

He was hot-headed. If he found out, he might be angry.

However… Her health was unsuitable for her to manage some miscellaneous matters. She had to get someone to help no matter what.

She knew quite many people back at the Water Moon Temple during those years she had been living there. It would not be difficult for her to get someone to manage the store.

Xie Qiao said honestly after giving it some thought, “Sorry to trouble you, Eldest Brother.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Xie Pinggang shook his head.

“How come you didn’t go to the academy back then, Eldest Brother?” Xie Qiao suddenly asked, “No matter being a liberal arts scholar or martial arts scholar, if you studied at an academy for a few years, wouldn’t you have more connections?”

Xie Pinggang was 20 years old this year. The Xie family came to the Imperial City five or six years ago. Back then, Xie Pinggang could have gone to the academy. However, he had taken the imperial martial arts examination instead. He had been given the title of a martial arts scholar.

However, being a martial arts scholar was not as good as being a liberal arts scholar. The future of a martial arts scholar was dull as well.

Xie Pinggang’s cheeks flushed.

Nobody knew what he was thinking about.

Xie Qiao guessed and asked, “Can it be that Eldest Brother actually sat for the exam? Did they reject you?”

Xie Pinggang was rendered speechless. He figured it was not a good thing that his sister was too smart. He could not keep any secrets.

“You didn’t pass the basic entry examination?” Xie Qiao frowned.

She may not have been home these years, but she knew many things that had happened at home. Xie Pinggang had actually gone to school.

Xie Pinggang looked away and said casually, “I hit someone when we came to the Imperial City. I have a bad reputation now, so the academy rejected me.”

The incident had happened a long time ago, and perhaps many had already forgotten about it.

Xie Qiao looked at him in surprise. “Who did you hit?”

“A teacher at the Royal Academy. That man was mean with his words. He said that the people of our Xie family aren’t worthy of being officials. I didn’t know that he was a teacher back then. If I knew…” Xie Pinggang hesitated for a moment. “I would’ve hit him harder.”

Xie Qiao glanced at Xie Pinggang with sympathy. She knew very well of the Xie family’s situation back then.

Being bandits was wrong indeed. However, if they had a choice, why would they choose to be bandits?

Moreover, when her father had killed the barbarians back then, nobody had said that bandits could not fight. The battle was over, so how come the Xie family had not received any rewards?

“Great job.” Xie Qiao supported him.

Xie Pinggang was pretty happy to hear that.

He accidentally tore the note from the joy.

At the moment, people were waiting outside. However, they did not see Xie Qiao until the sky turned dark.

Not only that, on the next morning, Xie Pinggang sent Xie Qiao to the Royal Academy himself!