Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Sharp Tongued And Straightforward Half-Immortal Xie

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Now that the ghoul was angry, communicating with it would be difficult.

Because this was horrible.

It was like… a pure innocent person suddenly having their clothes pulled off and having their pathetic, bone-bare form exposed in front of many people. How could it not be angry?

The imperial bodyguard walked over and opened up the package.

Sure enough, the ghoul’s expression turned dark.

A taint of black smoke started spreading.

It was all Yin energy, the others could not see it, but Xie Qiao could. She did not like it. It was an eyesore.

This ghoul was not even a strong one. Although Yin energy had spread out, it was not a big problem. It was just a few days of bad luck; once you got used to it, it was fine.

The imperial bodyguard captain shuddered.

“Sir, these are human bones,” the imperial bodyguard captain answered promptly.

Zhao Xuanjing found this girl very suspicious.

“Miss, it’s late at night, and you are digging up bones here… What are you doing? Could you… be raiding tombs?” Zhao Xuanjing’s brows furrowed. His voice was a little cold.

But anyone with some sense would suspect if this lady had a specific fetish at this point.

Things like tomb raiding really did not match this lady’s looks.

“Sir, are you blind? This is a grave without a tombstone. And even if I wanted to raid the tomb, I wouldn’t look for a peasant who died such a gruesome death. Even though there may be a couple of silver, he died a violent death. I would still need to offer up the silver pieces as an offering for a few days to cleans them of bad luck before I could use them. Otherwise, they would bring misfortune upon others. ”

Her voice was soft as a whisper and seductively light, but the words that came out of her mouth were a little harsh.

The corner of Zhao Xuanjing’s lips curled.

“Since it is a grave without a tombstone, then how do you know he was a peasant? Since you are not here to steal, then why are you keeping these silver pieces? Miss, why does it seem like you are contradicting yourself?” Zhao Xuanjing cast a judgmental glance at her, but his tone sounded flippant.

“This was all from my calculations.” Xie Qiao was concise and comprehensive. She was as nonchalant as ever.

Zhao Xuanjing was utterly flabbergasted.

Just as he was about to continue his questioning, his gaze fell on the bamboo basket. It seemed to have some yellow-colored talismans in it. Besides that, there were compasses and similar stuff in there.

He was suddenly stunned. “You are a quack sorceress? ”

A quack sorceress this pretty? This was pretty rare, right?

She did not like being called this way.

The audience felt their eyes twitch.

Zhao Xuanjing’s eyelids twitched. Though he was rather calm himself, his gaze on Xie Qiao was full of doubt.

When Xie Qiao heard this description, she felt uncomfortable, but she still nodded unwillingly. Then she pointed at the bones on the ground as she said, “He died here. This location isn’t nice, so I want to move his bones and build a grave for him. Now that you have seen his bones, he will not be happy. So I will have to ask you to follow me back. All of you who have laid eyes on this will have to rebury him.”

Zhao Xuanjing did not believe it at first.

However, this girl was talking as if she knew her stuff, and she looked rather ethereal. Plus, she was dressed appropriately in Taoist robes. It certainly did not look like she was a tomb raiding thief. In fact, the way she carried herself was too flamboyant for that.

She understood. Just because she had the look of a swindler, people loved to say this when they consulted her for the first time.

“Deal. However… I will not do many. Today… I’ll only read the fortunes for only three persons and I won’t go too deeply into it,” Xie Qiao said.