Chapter 89 - Luck

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When Xie Qiao saw the intense part of the sword dance, she thought it looked like the times when she suppressed ghouls.

In Taoism, people would obey God, be true to themselves, and show their power with the Taoist sword. If she could not even handle the sword in her hand, the ghouls would have devoured her.

Xie Qiao was weak in martial arts. Mo Lingzi had taught her the swordsmanship of the 13 Sword Techniques, representing the Bagua and five elements.

The five-elemental Bagua could transform into many things. Therefore, at the moment, each of the teacher’s movements was like a big, round plate. There was an extraordinary rhythm when she moved.

Xie Qiao had practiced the Living Sword in the past, the kind that contained no killing techniques, nor was it intense.

Fortunately, this Moon Dance was not exactly complicated.

“Alright, practice for a while, you guys. The competition will start 15 minutes later.” The teacher took a glance at Xie Qiao and left temporarily.

Most of them gathered to study the movements they were not familiar with.

Meanwhile, Xie Qiao was simulating the teacher’s dance performance in her heart.

She did not have much strength and did not want to waste any of it. She would stand still if she was not required to move.

‘Look at her. She’s standing there like a piece of log. She must be dumbstruck now!’ Xia Yayun was over the moon.

‘Look at her stupid face. She wants to dance the Moon Dance? Oh, she wishes!’

Many people came 15 minutes later.

Apart from the Orchid Courtyard’s swordsmanship teacher, there seemed to be other teachers as well. Also…

Xie Qiao glanced through at that man’s face and looked calm.

“Since Your Highness is passing by, why don’t you watch these girls’ sword practice? If you think they’re good, that will mean they didn’t practice this sword dance in vain,” the teacher said in a teasing manner.

Zhao Xuanjing glanced at Xie Qiao.

“Those who stood out are the participants?” he asked casually.

“That’s right,” replied the teacher.

Zhao Xuanjing was slightly stunned. Subsequently, nobody knew why he grabbed a piece of white jade with his left hand from his embrace. He tossed it onto the table, where the silver beans and hair accessories were, and said simply, “For luck.”

“Is this piece of jade from Your Highness one of the few that the dean gave?” The teacher was stunned too.

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“Yes.” Zhao Xuanjing gave a short response.

The teacher fell into silence for a moment and looked at the students. She seemed to worry that some of them did not know the importance of the jade, so she added, “There are only ten pieces of jade like this. The dean gave three of them to His Highness. As long as one has this piece of jade, you can take anyone as your master in this academy or pick one item from the library.”

This explanation enlightened Xie Qiao. The teacher meant they could become a master’s true disciple.

There were many capable people in the Royal Academy. As long as one became a disciple of any of them, it would be similar to having an additional father.

The connections, knowledge, and even the master’s reputation could benefit the disciple.

Moreover, there were some precious extant copies and rare books in the library that money could not buy.

If she could take one with her…

Xie Qiao was pretty moved. She could make quite some money when she sold the book after reading it.

“Alright, let’s begin. Step up when I draw your name,” the teacher said.

She began to draw names as soon as she was done speaking.

“First one, Hua Lirong.”

The few teachers and the Crown Prince were assigned seats. They were people holding umbrellas around them, worried that they would be burned by the sun. Even snacks were delivered a moment later.

Xie Qiao did not eat much in the afternoon, so she started drooling upon seeing the snacks.

Moreover… she was standing. Her legs would go weak from standing too much.

The more she thought about it, the paler her face turned. In reality, in her mind, she was being very strong at the moment. She had only used a little bit of strength, but those who saw Xie Qiao… were worried that she would pass out.