Chapter 95 - Poor Soul With A Short Life

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Teacher Zhu found it inconceivable when she heard that. That girl had been majestic when she was dancing with the sword earlier. Nothing seemed wrong with her?!

However, she had suddenly seemed to have changed after stopping, as if her body had been emptied.

Master Lu was sighing.

The young lady was… hardworking. She was serious in the classes in the past few days. Master Lu had passed by her twice and noticed that this young lady had memorized what he had said. She was sensible and serious. If she was a man, she would score with flying colors even if she took the imperial examination!

‘I can’t believe that her body is so weak.’

Two young ladies from the Orchid Courtyard came over too.

They had heard everything the doctor said and were shocked.

Never mind that she was not loved and being raised outside despite being General Xie’s daughter, but now she was unhealthy and had a short life!?

They suddenly felt extremely guilty upon recalling they had been criticizing and wronging this Young Lady Xie!

Did they do something extraordinarily vicious?

When Xie Qiao opened her eyes, she noticed many people looking at her. They had strange expressions on their faces.

“Young Lady Xie…” Fang Muxue looked guilty. “I’m sorry!”

Xie Qiao was speechless.

She seemed to have fallen earlier due to her weak body, right? It was not someone who hit her, was it?

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Then why was this person apologizing to her?

Xie Qiao looked over in confusion, but she was not paying attention.

“Oh,” she responded faintly.

Fang Muxue felt very guilty. “Young Lady Xie, we deserve it if you’re blaming us. W-we didn’t know that your body was so weak. If we knew, we wouldn’t have… said those things about you.”

Xie Qiao understood now—these young ladies pitied her due to her weak body.

As the saying went, “The weak wins.”

Xie Qiao nodded and said in an indifferent tone, “What was said is in the past. It’s futile for you to say these now.”

Fang Muxue and the other young lady were stunned.

“Xie Qiao, your body is extremely weak, so you might not be able to attend swordsmanship class from now on. Not only swordsmanship, but you’ll have to quit all of the other martial arts classes as well!” said Master Lu.

“Teacher, can I just watch when I get to class next time?” asked Xie Qiao

Perhaps her body in this life was just too terrible. Therefore, she would think that she was lucky to be able to live one more day.

Back in the Taoist temple, she had not stayed idle for even a day, no matter how terrible she was feeling.

She would practice Taoism’s method of collecting souls when she could move. She would practice it for a little bit until she saw some improvement and read when she could not move.

If she felt uncomfortable using her brain, she would do something with her hands.

Just like that, she had been getting herself busy for days and years to make herself feel alive.

She did not want to wait for death in bed.

Moreover, her illness was different from others.

In the academy, her strength was pretty good, and she even excelled in swordsmanship. In reality, she was eager to learn, but her body did not allow rigorous practice. However, she could memorize with her head. She would play with the sword for a little bit when her health was better.

However, what Xie Qiao said became different when Fang Muxue and the rest heard it.

“There’s no need for you to earn silver beans in a rush. It’s bad for your health. We’ll help with the donation…” Fang Muxue said out of kindness.

Xie Qiao looked at her in an odd manner. “Young Lady Fang, and everyone else, is your dignity and kindness that cheap?”

Xie Qiao was not mad. On the contrary, she thought it was funny.

They said everything bad and good. So what was Xie Qiao to them? A lamb that was waiting to be slaughtered or a fish that was on the chopping board?