Chapter 99 - Depends On You

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In reality, Xie Qiao knew a little bit of everything. Buddhism aside, she even knew some of the passages from White Lotus that were popular among the folk.

“I heard you wrote Sanskrit for your entry examination,” Zhao Xuanjing said steadily while looking calm.

“That was me mastering the opposition’s language while you’re doing it intentionally. The meaning is different,” Xie Qiao said in an upset manner. She added slowly, “If you’re unwilling to be the guarantor, I definitely won’t save this person. Do you guys think it’s easy to summon spirits? It’s actually exhausting. I might harm my own life if I’m reckless.”

Zhao Xuanjing’s eyes were a little cold. “You’re doing so much when you’re weak. I think you’re seeking death.”

When he had “begged” her back then, his attitude had been completely different. He would call her Young Lady Xie all the time, and his face had almost been buried into the ground!

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Xie Qiao laid her head low and said softly, “You’re better at seeking death than I do, Your Highness.”

Imperial Bodyguard Zhou’s body tensed up.

‘No! Can you guys stop fighting!? There’s someone that needs saving at home. If you guys fall out now, we’re losing a life!’

“What do you mean?” Zhao Xuanjing was cold.

Xie Qiao did not hide it and pointed at the bamboo forest. “This, it’s unsuitable for you. It’s bad for your health to be living here for a long time.”

Xie Qiao lifted her eyes and smiled after she was done speaking.

That smile was warm and a little provoking. She seemed to be showing how kind she was. “If Your Highness will be the guarantor, you’ll have to pay if he doesn’t. If that’s the case, I’ll draw a chart that’s beneficial for your health. By then, get people to plant flowers according to the chart. I guarantee Your Highness to be as energetic as a dragon and tiger…”

Xie Qiao stopped as she spoke to this point.

She was usually slow when she spoke. She hardly spoke so smoothly like that and accidentally said something wrong.

However… that made sense.

Xie Qiao peeped at Zhao Xuanjing’s body discreetly. He was secretly hurt and suddenly a little furious now. What did she mean by guaranteeing him to be as energetic as a dragon and tiger? She was saying as if he was weak now!

“Young Lady Xie sure is daring to speak what she has in mind,” Zhao Xuanjing said, not sure if she was smiling.

“Stop teasing me, Your Highness. I’m inexperienced since I came from a Taoist temple…” Xie Qiao smiled awkwardly.

There were barely any men at the Water Moon Temple.

Her master was a rude drunkard. He would not talk about anything else apart from daily teachings. Moreover, she had sharp eyes. She would hold down her head as much as possible. When the Water Moon Temple was opening, all she saw was skirts.

It had been 16 years!

It was as if she had really become a monk, and she never had any thoughts on the worldly matter. She would think that she had done everything she could to honor her master. Now she was wronged to be peeping at a handsome man.

She was being humble, but Zhao Xuanjing kept thinking that there was underlying meaning in what she said.

He turned his head to look at the eerie bamboo forest. “Is there a fee for Young Lady Xie to fix the bamboo forest for me?”

“It… depends on you. There’s no obligation.” Xie Qiao looked serious. “However, it’s only fair to pay for fortune-telling, or you’ll attract disasters for owing too many favors. So I suggest you to… pay some.”

Zhao Xuanjing grinned. “Deal.”

Xie Qiao nodded in satisfaction.

Naturally, it was great to develop her business. It was not that she really wanted the Crown Prince’s money. She mainly wanted him to be the guarantor.

Initially, Xie Qiao had horseback archery class in the afternoon. However, since she had passed out, it was natural that she would skip the class. She was ready to get into the carriage to go to the address Imperial Bodyguard Zhou gave.

It was two streets away from the Xie residence, a mediocre-sized courtyard.

Imperial Bodyguard Zhou had arrived before she did. He waited at the door with a few comrades. They were smiling in a manner to butter her up, giving her goosebumps immediately.