Chapter 2358. Tremor

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Noah didn't know that, but he had already overcome his previous achievement. He had united what remained of the higher plane under a single banner to fight Heaven and Earth, and the same happened during the relentless offensive. Yet, his influence had unified multiple Mortal Lands at that time.

The scene was truly spectacular, but Caesar remained unfazed. Noah had pushed every being previously contained in Heaven and Earth's influence to evolve according to his ambition. The event filled Noah with potential, but he didn't notice that change.

As the new organizations expanded, new experts started to join the offensive. Heroes of lands far inferior to the higher plane left their homes to complete the journey through the world and reach the sky.

The army before the sky finally resumed its growth, and Noah's ambition intensified in the process. Every new expert joining the assault seemed to add power to his innate influence, and the world improved because of that.

Noah's influence became so thick that the very space-time array transformed. The world was already helping the weaker experts during their journey toward the sky, but it slowly gained a new resilience as the army grew.

The new resilience shrunk the areas occupied by the void and allowed the weaker experts to stand closer to the sky. The lands also became able to expand their atmosphere in that space-time array, granting the chance to creatures in the heroic and human ranks to explore more of the world.

The changes didn't end there. As the years passed, the space-time array created safe areas near the sky that shielded the weaker experts from the violent energy released by superior existences. Soon, even heroic beings could join the offensive without risking death in the process.

The Eternal Snake eventually became unable to stand that sight. It left its domain to approach the sky, and many new members of its species followed. The creature had expanded its pack during those years, but those magical beasts were now part of the joint offensive.

That trend never stopped. Every newborn born in the higher plane developed an innate knowledge of the situation and understood its higher role.

The magical beasts disregarded their innate aggression to push themselves toward that universal purpose. The humans and hybrids put aside their differences to learn from each other and work together.

New species meant to counter the sky appeared, and their mutations soon became a common sight in the higher plane. Their birth only accelerated the overall growth of those weaker lands and partially compensated for the withering natural resources.

The lands as a whole grew weaker. That process was unavoidable due to the increased number of lifeforms appearing in their environments, but Noah's ambition somehow delayed their death. It seemed that the very ground wanted to do its part in providing as many resources as possible.

The privileged cultivators could see how Noah's ambition had long since started to overcome its structural limits. That influence didn't affect pure materials anymore. Noah had managed to turn the very higher plane on his side.

The space-time array, the many new lands, and anything else inside the sky evolved in a specific direction. The world wanted to see the sky fall, and the join offensive was its only available weapon.

"Enough with this," Decumia announced when the first being in the human rank crossed the world to reach the sky and join the offensive.

"What are you doing?" Marcella promptly asked when she saw Decumia stepping forward.

"The world needs my chaos," Decumia declared before teleporting to an available spot of the joint offensive to begin her assault on the sky.

"Fool," Caesar sighed, but he didn't do anything to stop his companion. It was within Decumia's rights to pick a side.

Marcella studied Caesar's uncaring face for a few seconds before moving her gaze back to the higher plane. She couldn't completely blame Decumia. The sight was truly spectacular. Noah clearly was the best rank 9 existence in the world, but his opponent remained a rank 10 item.

Decumia's departure didn't go unnoticed, but the experts busy with the assault didn't say anything about the matter. However, her decision intensified the privileged cultivators' doubts, and some eventually decided to step forward to fight the sky.

Only a few privileged cultivators had to leave before the entirety of that group joined the assault on the sky. Marcella and Caesar remained alone, but they didn't say anything. Caesar radiated pure confidence, while Marcella was utterly captivated by the scenery.

Years continued to flow, but the trend never stopped. The world gave birth to lifeforms that evolved with a sole purpose. Noah's ambition only intensified as his army grew, and the lands soon started to change too.

Heaven and Earth had initially stuffed all their Mortal Lands and planes at the center of their cage, but they had unified into a single landmass in the following years.

Yet, that wasn't the end of it. As the migration toward the sky continued, the lands stretched toward the white layer to help their weaker children fulfill their purpose.

The landmass transformed into a spiked mess of immense lands that offered environments right before the sky. That allowed many beings in the human ranks to join the assault without giving up on their lives, granting constant growth to the army without sacrificing the overall birthrate.

The natural resources obviously suffered during that trend, and Noah's ambition soon became unable to keep up with that issue. Those lands were doomed no matter how intense his influence became.

It all began with a single patch of dry land. The ground in that spot lost too much energy and transformed into powerless dust that vanished into the higher plane.

That issue occurred more often until entire flourishing environments transformed into dried lands that crumbled under their own weight. Big chunks of the new world vanished, but the feeding process never stopped. Dying was worth it as long as the newborns could pursue their goals.

The process continued until the central parts of the new world completely vanished, leaving behind only the spikes that had stretched toward the sky. The array of inscriptions sent power in every direction to delay that shattering, but its energy reserves also ended at some point.

The giant spikes crumbled too. Nothing could stop that destruction. The world was on the verge of exhausting its natural resources, but no one in the army cared. Only the sky existed in their mind, and they wouldn't stop until it crumbled.

The disappearance of natural resources would typically give birth to a bloodbath. The stronger beings would kill those under them to secure energy that could increase their survival chances. However, nothing similar happened even after the last patch of land vanished in the vastness of the higher plane.

Except for Marcella and Caesar, every living being inside the sky became part of the joint assault at that point. Even the weakest rank 1 worm launched attacks toward the sky in an attempt to open a path toward the universe.

Caesar didn't say anything, but Marcella faltered inside her mind. She started to believe that the universe had to be utterly unfair to allow such a majestic effort to fail. Something told her that Noah deserved the tenth rank more than Heaven and Earth.

Then, something spectacular happened. Attacks fell on the sky as usual, but the latter didn't stay still. A tremor ran through its surface and released a thudding noise that spread through the entirety of the higher plane.