Chapter 76 - 76. Rabid moles

Birth of the Demonic Sword Eveofchaos 2022/9/21 8:15:26

Noah's mind had reached unimaginable levels of toughness for a fifteen years old man.

His transmigration, his mother's suffering, the bullying, the treatment of the Seven Hells, the pressure of a sleeping rank 5 beast, all these experiences piled up gave him a firm and sturdy mental sphere.

It wasn't surprising that he surpassed everyone there in that field.

The exchange of stares continued for a few seconds before the rest of their group recovered and opened their eyes.

Noah moved his gaze away and went toward the edge of the troop unsheathing his sabers.

He still felt the two different pairs of eyes on his back while he acted like he was inspecting the surrounding area.

Trevor then gave up on analyzing him and spoke with a loud voice.

"We better begin to search for a beast pack. My lords and lady, I advise you to stay in the middle of our formation."

Lena snorted giving another look in Noah's direction and then positioned right behind Trevor, while Fabian and Neil went obediently at the center of the composition.

The formation was set so Trevor chose a random direction and gestured to the others to follow.

Their pace was not fast but neither slow like the one they used while marching, Trevor was directing their speed so that they did not waste too much energy in the exploration.

However, even after a few hours of research, the only thing they saw was the endless grassland.

Trevor gestured to stop and gathered the descendants to speak.

Noah could vaguely guess the topic they were discussing.

'He is asking if there is some hidden information about this place.'

The report said clearly that this dimension was full of magical beasts so it was strange that they hadn't met any pack in all this time.

The only option was that there was some secret intelligence that the family didn't disclose with the guards.

However, even the descendants seemed clueless about that situation.

While they waited, small black figures became visible in the distance.

The group from the Balvan family became a bit excited at their sight but were disappointed when they discovered that the black figures were just the soldiers of the Noorge family running in their direction.

The man in their lead separated from his group and yelled toward Trevor.

"Nothing on your side?"

Trevor just shook his head in response which made the appointed captain from the Noorge family curse a little.

Noah continued to look at his surroundings when he felt a slight tremor in the terrain.

He tried to inspect the area below him but the dimension was made of "Breath" so there was a strong interference when he used his mental energy to investigate.

Noah decided to kneel on the ground to place his ear on it.

The two appointed captains noticed his behavior and their eyes lit up as they began to stare carefully at the terrain.

Noah heard some crawling sounds coming from the ground.

The noise was moving and it was nearing their position.

There was a moment of silence underground when the sound arrived right below him only to start again nearing at a speed much higher than before.

Noah was almost caught by surprise and pressed with his four limbs on the terrain to jump at more than two meters of height.

Meanwhile, a sharp nail had pierced the ground and moved in his direction.

Noah crossed his sabers in front of him and clashed mid-air with the gray fang.

The blow pushed Noah more in the air and he made a backflip to land inside his group.

His eyes were still fixed on the blade that came from the ground while in his mind he judged calmly the strength of the attack.

The young guards were about to panic when Tremor's roar made them come back in formation.

"Rabid moles! Set the formation, protect the nobles!"

The Rabid moles were a type of magical beasts that lived underground.

They used their extensible fangs to create underground lairs and to take their enemies by surprise.

As soon as Trevor yelled, more fangs sprouted from the terrain, injuring the soldiers in the Balvan's group.

The soldiers of the Noorge family stared with greedy eyes at the magical beasts that were crawling out of the terrain and moved to join the other group.

The first to kill the pack and their leader would enter the second stage before the other!

Trevor yelled orders relentlessly.

"Fight back, don't let them get you unprepared! Find the leader! We must secure the coordinates!"

The soldiers chosen for this mission were young, but they were still the strongest among those below twenty years.

After the first moment of surprise, they began to attack the beasts in brown fur that came out of the ground.

Noah had already jumped toward the rank 3 that attacked him and numerous clashes happened between him and the beast.

Noah maintained his cold face but internally he was ecstatic.

'Finally a battle! I've had enough of that confinement!'

His battle prowess had increased since the last time he fought.

The effects of the liquid stage were showed clearly in the might of his blows.

Noah attacked relentlessly, having solved the disadvantage of having a small amount of "Breath" available he was fighting at full strength with no reserves.

After more than twenty clashes, Noah sent a black wind slash toward the mole.

The magical beast tried to block the attack with its fangs but they were broken by the blow.

In just a few impacts, the weapons of a rank 3 magical beast could not endure any more the black sabers of the young man.

The slash hit the beast's body and cut deeply into it, yet no blood came out of the wound.

The Rabid mole screamed in pain and was about to charge ahead when Noah appeared at its side and severed its defenseless head.

The body of the beast fell on the ground and then turned into smoke that dissipated in the separate dimension.

'I see, so they are just a creation of this world. The more I learn about this place the more it surprises me.'