Chapter 83 - 83. Deal

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Eccentric Thunder's words made Noah realize something.

'The map of the inheritance ground can be considered as a reward, right? Giving it to me should have been impossible if the rules had to be followed strictly.'

Noah came from a different world so he had two points of view on everything.

'If the separate dimension can be considered as a program that would mean that there are ways to cheat it.'

He thought of the potential loopholes that there could be in the dimension's rules and the cultivator's words gave him some ideas.

He arrived in front of him and asked in the most persuasive voice that he could muster.

"Grandpa Thunder, if you could, would you be willing to give me more prizes?"

Eccentric Thunder was a bit shocked.

The runes had shown him Noah's battle and the expression that he was making at that time was the complete opposite of the cold smiling one he had when he was fighting.

"Hm, well, yes, but as I told you: rules are rules, I can't help you with that."

He crossed his arms on his chest and looked away from Noah.

Noah continued his persuasion.

"What if you gave me more tests before I return to the first stage? Passing them wouldn't mean obtaining more rewards?"

Eccentric Thunder thought for a moment and then slowly nodded.

"Yes, that might work. But the diagram for your spell will be ready in the time it takes an incense stick to burn, you will never be able to clear one of the tests in that little time."

'Five minutes so.'

Noah thought for a little and could only find one solution.

"Mh, what if you set a new test that consists of simple questions? I believe that a mighty Senior like you could do that without much effort."

"Of course I can do that, but that would be giving you things for free. It is immoral! A cultivator has to earn his power!"

He raised his head to the ceiling to appear pure and virtuous but his enormous hat made the scene look a bit ridiculous.

However, Noah's next words made him turn abruptly with his eyes widened.

"What if I find you a worthy descendant?"

Eccentric Thunder stared at the young man and gulped, Noah could not help but remark the realism of the dimension.

"Do you know of someone that fulfills the conditions?"

Noah moved his gaze to the ground and shook his head.

"Well, not currently. But you must know that I'm planning to join a famous organization full of young talents even stronger than me."

He shrugged his shoulders and took out one of his sabers while sighing sonorously.

"However, the journey will be long and hard. There are guards waiting for me on the first stage from whom I have to escape. Then, I would have to travel alone for many months and all of this will be useless if I don't pass their entrance test."

He laid the saber on his hands and showed it to the cultivator.

"Look, my sabers are full of dents from all the battles I went through. My cultivation technique is a weak rank 1 technique that has no elemental requirements and my blood companion doesn't even fit me! I guess I will have to give up on escaping after all, I don't think I can manage in my mission with only a new spell."

Eccentric Thunder was about to respond but Noah continued.

"I hope you the best luck Grandpa Thunder. Even if your inheritance ground is occupied by the Shosti family and the entrance is under their control, I believe that a worthy heir will appear in this remote countryside sooner or later. Heaven and Earth can't be so unfair to you."

Noah seemed really disheartened when he spoke about the situation on the outside world making the worries of the elderly man increase.

Many years had passed, Eccentric Thunder had no knowledge of the environment outside his dimension.

He had set many entrances but until now only one had been discovered and the Shosti family had made it their biggest form of income.

However, what if they restricted the ingress?

What if his fated heir was among those that could not have access to the inheritance ground?

Eccentric Thunder didn't have much time to think about it since Noah was about to be sent out to the first stage.

A few seconds passed before the man spoke resolutely.

"Scoundrel, give me your hand, you have a deal."

Noah immediately raised his right hand toward him, he expected his approval since his conditions were good.

Eccentric Thunder held his arm and orange light began to shine on their handshake.

"Swear upon your dantian that you will do anything in your power to send a worthy young cultivator of the thunder element in one of the entrances that are on the map that I gave you."

Noah's smile disappeared replaced by his usual cold expression as he set a condition.

"A cultivator that I'm sure will not harm me in the future."

Eccentric Thunder looked for a moment deep into the young man's eyes and nodded internally.

'He sure has the attitude needed to reach a high level.'

Noah then smiled again.

The orange light condensed and inscribed a rune on Noah's arm that was then absorbed under his skin.

Information on the specifics of the agreement and on how to fulfill it entered his mind and he felt satisfied with them.

Eccentric Thunder let his hand go and thought for a moment before a rune appeared in front of him.

He was about to speak when Noah spoke again.

"Really simple questions, my knowledge is lacking."

The old man nodded and pressed his hand on the rune.

"Which one is the best element?"

Noah was a bit surprised.

He answered with a hesitant voice.

Eccentric Thunder smiled and the rune shined briefly.

"Good, good, since you were able to answer this difficult question you deserve this rank 2 cultivation technique of your element."

A scroll appeared in front of Noah and he hastily put it in his space-ring.