Chapter 88 - 88. Journey

Birth of the Demonic Sword Eveofchaos 2022/9/21 8:15:30

Evergreen forest was vast, it spanned for many kilometers in an uneven way.

Inside it, there were many danger zones and, in its depths, it wasn't unusual to find rank 3 magical beasts or large packs.

Humans were the overlords of the world but magical beasts had the advantage in the evolution process, their numbers increased in every place where humans were scarce.

Twilboia Cliff was one of those areas and there were many more like it in the world.

Generally speaking, the areas were humans lived had to be secured often in order to stop the developing of the magical beasts.

Most of Noah's mission back in the mansion had that purpose.

He was deep in the forest, hidden in an empty cave that he found along the way.

A week had passed since the events in the inheritance ground and all he did was running in a straight line away from the Shosti domain.

He was consulting a map at that moment, his clothes had changed to his usual black ones and his hair was combed in a simple ponytail.

'The academy's entrance test befalls four months from now. The city holding one of them that suits me the most is Ebonrest city at two months of travel from my position. It is quite far from Mossgrove city and the communications are scarce with the Shosti family due to Sheflan Mountain between them.'

Noah had prepared his escape routes long ago.

His space-ring was full of long-lasting provisions, new clothes, and all the useful means for a long trip.

His clothes were mostly plain gym suits that he managed to steal from the servants, he could not be found wearing the armors of the Balvan family.

'I can reach it in less than one month if I travel at a decent speed but that's quite useless. I'd rather use my time alone to raise my strength before the test.'

He still had to sort out the rewards from Eccentric Thunder and the bodies of the group from the Balvan family were still in his other space-ring.

He had a long process of arranging goods ahead of him and he had to destroy the bodies but he prioritized his escape in that week.

At some point, Noah nodded and put back the map in the ring.

'I will focus on traveling for another week and just spare some time for the Kesier rune in the meantime. After that, I will slow my march considerably, sort the goods, and return to a complete training schedule.'

He didn't feel safe.

Even if he left no proof of the battle in the first stage he still preferred to be as far as he could from his family's influence.

'Though, it should be pretty hard to investigate in the separate dimension. I bet that things aren't that good in the mansion.'

He resumed his march at a fast pace toward Ebonrest city, he was careful to avoid any magical beasts on his road, he didn't want to leave any sign of his passage.

'There is also the fact that even if they reach the conclusion that the group is dead, they can't possibly suspect me. In their mind I'm just a talented kid with no spells, never could they imagine that I have two of them which are incredibly strong.'

The blood companion had proved its value countless times by then and it was even of an unfit element for Noah.

The Demonic form, instead, was extraordinary even for him, he couldn't really imagine that something like that existed.

Not only it was a specific spell of a rare element so inherently stronger than the others, but it was also a top tier one.

'No wonder nobles are so wary of giving spells to outsiders. My battle prowess doubled with one darkness spell.'

He was finally understanding the advantage of belonging to a rare element.

Noah spent another week traveling at high speed.

He would run during the day, train in the rune for one hour, and then sleep, he did nothing else in that period.

When he felt that he had distanced himself enough from the Shosti's domain, he decided that it was time to sort the items in his space-rings.

He found a deep uninhabited cavern and sat at its bottom.

One body after another appeared in front of him as he inspected them and then threw them away in a corner.

A nauseous smell began to fill the cavern but Noah simply continued in his process.

The guards had nothing valuable, he couldn't take their armors since they were a signature of his origins and they had no storage methods.

Only their weapons seemed somewhat good so he chose to keep them.

Trevor's weapon and his reward were one tier higher in quality, especially the spear with inscriptions on it so Noah didn't hesitate to store them.

'It's time for the nobles.'

Noah's eyes lit up as the shiny items entered his field of view.

Fabian and Neil didn't have a space-ring but their weapons seemed amazing.

He tried to look for the item that created the protective membrane but there was nothing that resembled it.

Since he only had Neil's body, he inspected it carefully until he found a strange cracked pendant with runes on it.

'It should be this thing but it appears broken. Now that I think about it, Lena's ring survived my black smoke so why the protective items didn't?'

He had some theories but he knew too little to be sure.

He threw Neil's two halves and broken pendant in the corner with the other bodies and moved to Lena's space-ring.

She made her whip explode so the ring was the only valuable thing left from her.

Noah used his mental energy to inspect the space on the inside but he felt a wall blocking his probing.

Some runes illuminated on its surface.

'Is it protected? What if I destroy the inscriptions?'

His mental energy continued to assault the wall while black smoke rose from the hand that was holding the item.

The runes began to corrode until the ring was near its breaking point.

Then, the wall crumbled and his mental energy was free to inspect its interiors.

Dozens of bottles and pills were inside with a small scroll and some change of clothes.