Chapter 13: Pill Tribulation

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Chapter 13: Pill Tribulation

Fang Yu immediately blushed so she used her mana to clean her impurities and dry herself. Once she finished cleaning up, she kowtowed in front of Xiao Ya and said, “This disciple thanks Master for your guidance!” Fang Yu saw her master’s pleased face and she swore to herself, “I’m going treasure that precious smile!”

Upon stabilizing her foundation, she used Fang Lin to talk to Wang Hao.

“Master” Fang Lin said while they were drying themselves up. The bathing time of the Wind Scar Guards have already been finished so they donned their armors. “The Immortal God Sect Head took Fang Yu as her personal disciple.”

“Huh? When did she arrive?”

“Just around the time we got caught by the guards. Not only that master, but she is also a Demigod and she found my secret bloodline.”

“Crap! I forgot about the planetary approval. Do you think she is dangerous?”

“No master. She seems to be really fond of Fang Yu and she wants to keep my Yang persona`s identity different to prevent others from gathering clues about my bloodline.”

“She thought of that too huh. Is she hot?”

Suddenly, thick black clouds began to gather above the Feng Clan. It coalesced together and rumbles of thunder could be heard while flashes of lightning threatened to drop.

“What is happening?” Fang Lin asked worriedly.

“It’s the Pill Tribulation!” Ah’Mo, the guard who caught them earlier said. He laughed uproariously, clearly please upon seeing an omen of disaster. “Elder Meng Chao succeeded on concocting a pill to heal the Madam! This pill tribulation is a 5 by 5 lightning tribulation! 25 strikes will attempt to eradicate the pill! It’s a perfect Fifth Stage Pill!”

While the guards were cheering, Fang Lin saw that Wang Hao looked at the clouds with a hint of... greed. Wang Hao suddenly shouted, “Quick, bring me near the tribulation site! I need to get there as close as possible!”

Ah’Mo could only ask, “For what?” Wang Hao just replied, “You’ll know after I arrive there!”

This birth of the lightning tribulation was also sensed by Xiao Ya.

“Sister’s gonna be healed now!” She said with tears almost forming in her eyes. “As long as the pill survives the 25 lightning strikes the pill, sister will be ok!” She focused on the rumbling sounds emanating from the cloud. Her eyes narrowed as she saw the first bolt forming.

“The first lightning is dropping now. I am sure my brother-in-law can withstand it. Wait, what!?”

What Xia Ya saw made her jaw drop. Wang Hao stood up with his arms outstretched facing the lightning tribulation. As the first lightning smashed down, instead of hitting the newly created pill, it veered off-course and struck Wang Hao.

But what Xiao Ya heard were not cries of pain. It was more of pleasure.

“Oh, oh, oh yeah baby! That’s the spot! Hit me more with that! Choke me Mommy!” Fang Lin just put his hands on his ears in an attempt to drown out the lewd noises made by his master. The second, third, fourth, fifth until the last lightning were all absorbed by Wang Hao.

“What the hell are you doing Master?”

“You know, my years of imprisonment brought my energy reserves at all-time low. I need too grasp every opportunity to refill my tank even if I cannot use this energy yet.”

“Can’t you at least be more conspicuous?”

“My disciple, what’s the use of power if not for showing off? If used at the right time, it can give you countless benefits!”

“Benefits my ass!” This sentence were uttered by a furious-looking man. He gave this sort of old ascetic monk kind of vibe. He had a long black hair that reached on his foot. His purple robes seemed to be glowing under the shadow cast by the cloud. His long white beard however, was quivering in anger. “How dare you disrupt the tribulation! If not for Brother Zun’s intervention, the pill could have flown away!”

“That could happen Master?” With his limited knowledge on alchemy, Fang Lin did not expect that such things might happen!

“Of course it can!” The old man, who’s obviously Meng Chao waved his hands and said, “A tribulation lightning’s aim is to destroy not only the pill itself but its sentience! Perfect Pills from the Fifth Stage gain there own sentience and will attempt to escape. We alchemists use the tribulation to destroy only the pill sentience. But because you absorbed the lightning, Brother Zun had to use his domain to silence the pil!l”

“Ha, ha, I knew that Elder Zun will assist you with the pill, so I did not get shy. Besides, you should have seen that lightning. That’s not a normal 5 by 5 tribulation lightning. It was as if it was strengthened with the aim to destroy the pill.”

Meng Chao lost the angry look in his eyes as he looked towards Feng Zun who nodded gravely. Meng Chao then sighed and said “I thank Brother Hao for aborbing that maligned tribulation.”

Wang Hao nodded as he solemnly asked, “You think its the Zhou family?”

Bang!!! A nearby pillar was smashed into smithereens by Feng Zun. “Those bastards! Once I have enough evidence I will get them dead!”

Meng Chao hurriedly calmed down Feng Zun. “Let’s talk about that matter later. For now, let’s detoxify Sister Meng.” Feng Zun stilled himself and followed Meng Chao anxiously . He looked towards the mischievous pair and grunted “Oh you two runts, follow me. If you dare to do anything, just anything near my wife, I’ll break your necks!” Fang Lin and Wang Hao nodded meekly and followed Elder Zun inside the room.

Once inside the room, Fang Lin could not help but squint his eyes. He could barely see the silhouette of the person lying on the bed. Meng Chao turned on the spirit lamp and what Fang Lin saw made his blood run cold.

He saw a woman with tentacles wrapped all around her body. When Fang Hao squinted his eyes he saw that the origin of this tentacles were from her bloodstream. But what made him more surprised was that the largest of the tentacles were burrowing and moving itself on Xiao Meng’s ‘lady cave’.

Good thing Feng Zun warned them earlier because he almost cracked out the words roaring in his mind right now.

“This is tentacle porn!”

Feng Zun looked towards Fang Lin and Wang Hao sternly while cracking his knuckles, as if he is daring them to speak their thoughts out loud. Fang Lin was the one who broke the silence.

“You said she was inflicted with poison? What eroti- err, devilish poison is this?”

Meng Chao sighed sadly and said. “Its the TaiHen living poison. It sprouts itself from the blood vessels of its victims and suck the life out of them. Its considered a a poison because its usually only a liquid poison. Only due to some circumstances it could develop living traits.”

“TaiHen? That’s a weird name” Of course it was his master who murmured that. Fang Lin braced himself to see his master get beaten up.

But Feng Zun seemed to not notice his master’s remark and looked solemnly towards Meng Chao. Meng Chao nodded and put out his hand. A glittering green colored pill appeared.

Meng Chao stopped and awkwardly said, “This detoxifying pill needs to detoxify the TaiHen poison right at its roots. The roots of the poison are the largest part of the tentacles. But its buried inside Sister’s... you know. So we need Brother Zun to insert it in there.”

Silence rippled across the room.

“Do we really need to stay here?” Wang Hao anxiously asked.

“Of course you should. Once Brother Zun has inserted his hands on Sister’s err, cave. We three must be vigilant for any unknown circumstances. Those who planted this poison in sister must be not willing to lose their stunt in this way. I am sure they had something prepared, so we should all be vigilant!”

“But why us two? You can just ask others to guard here.”

Meng Chao shook his head sadly. “It’s a lot more complicated than that, and we cannot explain it to you two right now. As of now, just listen to us and guard here.”

Meng Chao then looked away from the bed and motioned the master and disciple pair to look away too.

Fang Yu, who was in the guest quarters muttered to herself “This is gonna be sooooo awwwkwaaaard.”