Chapter 14: Shadow Assassin

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Chapter 14: Shadow Assassin

Xiao Ya heard what Fang Yu said. “What do you mean awkward?”

Fang Yu then explained the circumstances about healing Xiao Meng. Xiao Ya gritted her teeth and said “I will personally raze down the Zhou Clan once I have proof of their misdeeds!” She looked anxiously towards the direction of her sister and muttered, “I hope it will be a success now.”

Meanwhile, in Xiao Meng’s room, Feng Zun was already poised to cure his wife. He held the pill on his left hand and said softly, “Do not worry Meng’er, I’m gonna put it in slowly. I will make it as painless as possible” Wang Hao failed to repress his chuckle. Feng Zun shot him a look that made Wang Hao quiet down.

Fang Lin then heard these weird squelching sounds echoing from behind him. He can only play with his imagination to visualize on what has been happening.

“Ugghh, its so tight!” Fang Lin heard Feng Zun muttering this to himself. A few more awkward minutes punctuated only with these weird sounds passed by. “Hah! The pill already killed the roots! Now go rot! Wait, my body is being wrapped around by the tentacles, I can’t move!”

The trio inside the room immediately felt that something was wrong. When they looked back they saw that the tentacles fully abandoned Xiao Meng’s body. It was fairly obvious that she was recovering quickly from the onslaught of the poison.

Feng Zun however is in a bad state. The poison already lost its roots so it lost its ability to latch itself to the daoist, dooming it to die within minutes. However the vital nutrition it absorbed from Xiao Meng granted the tentacles peak Fifth Stage strength which was enough to tie down Feng Zun for a few seconds. It was then that a shadow flitted out of the vine.

“A Fifth Stage shadow assassin!” Meng Chao angrily exclaimed. “We’ve been tricked! Feng Zun is the real target!”

Yes, the assumed poisoning of Xiao Meng seems to be only the stage 1 of the plan. All the other obstructions on concocting the pill were just distractions to make Feng Zun not suspicious of the situation itself. Its fairly obvious now that the role of the TaiHen living poison was to tie down Feng Zun. The shadow assassin stayed hidden on the poison all the time, waiting for the chance to strike Feng Zun down while he was helpless.

Shadow assassins were those godly ascenders who had the affinity with the shadow element. This made them extremely good at stealth and assassinations. Its fairly obvious that the shadow assassin that appeared this time is a powerful one, given its patience on its target.

A wave of inky black darkness covered the room they were in. Long shadowy arms appeared and tied down Fang Lin, Wang Hao and Meng Chao on their tracks. Even though Meng Chao was also a Fifth Stage Immortal Cultivator, his domain was related on pill-making and will just be crushed under the shadow realm. Forget about the other two characters, they won’t be much of help here. Even though the shadow assassin can easily kill these two, the assassin ultimately chose to tie them down and it focused all of its strength on one strike to kill Elder Feng Zun.

“Divine Technique, Sundering Immortal!”

Fang Lin at this time cursed himself. Not for being weak but for being stupid and negligent, “If I just knew this would happen, things might have been different!” He believed himself to be an intellectual person who will resolve problems mainly with his wits. He refused to be a brutal alpha male. That trend tends to get boring in the future. Too bad he discovered that he was not yet smart enough.

He looked back to his master hoping to get some consolation, but what he saw instead was a shit-eating grin on Wang Hao’s face.

“Haha it’s time to have some fun! Hey Immortal God Sect Head, you can strike now!”

Actually, even without the arrival of Fang twins and Wang Hao, Feng Zun will still invite Xiao Ya as a dao protector. Feng Zun knew something was amiss and talked to Xiao Ya about it. He also made sure to not let anyone know about Xiao Ya’s presence except for those he could trust. With the poison not able to take root anymore, Xiao Ya immediately appeared inside the room. The poison already lost its ability to harm Feng Zun’s wife, so Xiao Ya can freely come in. She then looked at the astonished assassin and waved her hand.

Even though it was not meant to kill, Xiao Ya’s attack managed to deal some damage to the female assassin. The face mask worn by the assassin was also destroyed by that attack.

The face that Fang Lin saw was that of a 24-25 year old woman. She has this beauty that reminded him of the natives of the Northern Glaciers. White skin, pale lips and fluttering eyelashes. Her beauty seems to be only marred by a scar running across her left eye.

“Haha begone, thot!!!” Wang Hao exclaimed happily. He then suddenly saw that the assassin had been flung in his direction. He deftly caught the assassin and laid her face-first on the ground. That’s when he felt that the assassins’s body curves were extremely prominent and it has been accentuated by her tight leggings.

“Damn, you really are an ASS-assin!”