Chapter 17: Departure

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Chapter 17: Departure

Fang Lin stared warily at the assassin who was a child now. Of all the bizarre things he had seen in his life, this definitely topped his list. The child who noticed Fang Lin incredulous stare shivered. She then started to tear up while shaking.

“Muuuu, do you hate me master? I... I wil not misbehave! She said while standing waving her tiny little hands. “I will not let master down!”

Xiao Ya, even though she was surprised, walked in front of the child and lowered her knees to face her. She started pinching her cheeks and the little child made some noises of complaint.

“What’s your name little one?”

“I am not little! My name is Yao’er!”

“Un!” She nodded her head happily, clearly happy with her name.

“Do you remember anything else besides that?”

“Nothing at all! But what I know is that master will love and take care of me!” Yao’er smiled cheerfully. Fang Lin had to do his utter best to stop himself from hugging Yao’er right now.

“Hai, it seems like aside from her body, that explosion disrupted her memories too.” Meng Chao said with a sigh. He then looked at Fang Lin and said “But as long as you reach the Fifth Stage, she will regain her old body and memories back. So as for now, be sure to take care of her.”

Fang Lin looked at the cute Yao’er. He noticed that she was also at the Body Refinement Stage, but she was about to breakthrough to Mana Circulation Stage too. She needs only some guidance and Fang Lin can surely provide that given his experience with the Yin body. He smiled at the prospect of a powerful shadow assassin weaving her knives at his enemies while he stood at the back laughing like a villain.

“No, a villain is so generic. I could just be an anti-hero. It sounds evil, yet not evil!” He felt as if he was enlightened with the rules of main characters.

Wang Hao naturally heard all this talk. He smiled at Yao’er and said “I have some candies here. Mind to join me?” Yao’er immediately started to go pale and she turned into a shadow and hid behind Fang Lin. Or more exactly, she merged with Fang Lin’s shadow. Even without her stepping in the First Stage, it seems like she still has her innate shadow form.

“Hahaha even a little girl can tell you are a pervert Master!” Fang Lin laughed cheerfully at his Master’s crestfallen expression. Fang Lin then looked at Fang Yu’s master respectfully.

“Madam Xiao Ya, what should we do right now?” As of now, it was Xiao Ya that has the highest authority among them. What she decides will be the course of action that everyone will take.

Xiao Ya sighed and said, “Without any evidence we cannot make any moves. So, we will just let out the news that Sis Meng has been healed. We will also say that an assassin attempted to kill Feng Zun, but the assassin failed and was killed. Aside from those, all the other information must be strictly unknown!”

Everyone nodded and swore to keep the events of today confidential, even to their closest friends.

Xiao Ya looked at Fang Lin and said “Tomorrow morning I am going back to the Immortal God Sect with your sister. I will make sure of her safety, as long as she follow my rules. You understand?”

She looked deeply into Fang Lin as is she was reminding him to rein in Fang Yu. Fang Lin gave an embarrassed smile, clearly aware of what she was talking about.

Xiao Ya then gave Fang Lin and Wang Hao two wooden tokens. Fang Lin could see that the token has a symbol in front of it. At its back, a unique mark could be seen, and it seemed like this unique mark was recently engraved there.

“These are the identification tokens for the sect entrance examination next month. Whether you can meet your sister again as equals depends on your perseverance. I’m going back to my room now, Brother Chao, Brother Zun. Get well soon Sis Meng.”

She then disappeared, teleporting back to her room. The other people inside the room also started to disperse, heading back into their quarters to rest. Yao’er reverted back to her child form and said to Fang Lin

“I’m hungry master.” She pouted sadly as she rubbed her small tummy. Her eyes looked at Fang Lin pitifully, trying to put him into guilt.

The next day arrived and Fang Yu was with her Master Xiao Ya at the gates of the Feng Clan headquarters. Ning’er iwa currently crying while hugging Fang Yu. Fang Lin could not help but be happy at the feeling of those curves pressing on Fang Yu’s body.

Ning’er then looked up at Fang Yu, then she said “You might be leaving now but you will stay in my heart and I will wait for you to be back!” She then kissed Fang Yu deeply. Fang Lin of course felt Ning’er’s delicate tongue probing in Fang Yu’s mouth. The kiss lasted for almost a minute with neither the two of them backing away. Ning’er drew her lips back, looking a little flushed and then she ran back to her room, almost stumbling along the way.

The other people who witnessed what happened just smiled warmly at the romantic scene.

“I guess we shall go now.” Xiao Ya then put her arms into the petrified Fang Yu’s shoulders and together, they rode Xiao Ya’s spirit ship. The ship then flew away, with its destination at the Immortal God Sect.

Wang Hao then looked at Fang Lin “Now we have a month to prepare for the disciple selection. We are going to undergo the most strenuous training yet! It will be really hard for us, but we should succeed!” he said solemnly.

Fang Lin suddenly felt chills from this sentence so he could not help but say, “What is this training for?”

“WE are training to be Fatties!”